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Thursday Red Pill Diaries-Biden’s Controlled Demolition Of Muricah And The Coming Summer Of Satan, Rosary Up

todayJune 16, 2022

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HEADLINE: The Road Less Traveled: Hope In The Time Of Satanic Medical Tyranny by Celia Farber 

  • Hope is way more agile, fluid, and bio-luminescent. Hope is a spiritual transformation, not dependent on any kind of success in the material plane. It actually means one has reclaimed one’s soul’s purity and memory. 
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: My best offer this this: The Mega-Plan can’t succeed, because it is too big, too grandiose, too cumbersome, too detestable, and too impossible to fulfill. “Globalism” can’t succeed if countries continue to behave as countries—rooted in family, tradition, love of culture, etc. From where I am now, the south of Spain (Granada) the scorecard looks abysmal for Mr. Global. I see none of his, or its values, anywhere here. Just flamenco, classical music, grandmother castanet orchestras, (all of this taking place outdoors, after 9 pm, well past midnight, and with masses of people looking perfectly happy. Together. Many generations.) 
  • “Covid” is a rare and vulnerable tyranny that requires the mental participation of all its would be conquered. That is one heck of an Achilles heel.
  • #LifeRuined 
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