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Thursday Red Pill Diaries-If You’re For A New Murican Union You Should Be Watching Putin Biden 1 Very Closely

todayFebruary 24, 2022 1

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Ukraine and Russia

  • What did Ukraine do in response to these two regions for seceding?
  • They sanctioned them.
  • The Ukrainians have been bombing these two regions since then.
  • The Russian parliament should have recognized them formally and diplomatically 8 years ago – Vladimir Putin
  • This is really important information here folks.
  • You won’t get this information from the MSM b/c they want a war with Putin.
  • The Ukrainians are trying to force these 2 republics back into the Ukraine country.

HEADLINE: Scholz Caves on Nord Stream While Putin Throws Donbass a Lifeline by Mike Whitney

HEADLINE: Donbass republics ask Putin for military help by RT 

  • So why are the Americans arming Ukraine?
  • “Ukrainian aggression is increasing,” Pushilin wrote citing the alleged increase in artillery bombardment targeting critical civilian infrastructure and reportedly leaving 300,000 people without water after the republic’s main waterworks were hit. The DNR leader claimed Ukraine is continuing what he called a “genocide” of the civilians, which apparently has forced the evacuation of over 40,000 people so far.
  • Moscow had long refused to recognize the two republics, pointing to Minsk and calling the conflict an internal Ukrainian matter. On Monday, however, Putin said that Kiev had openly refused to comply with the Minsk agreements and signed a decree on the “long overdue” recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk.

HEADLINE: Russia closes airspace as Moscow confirms strikes against Ukraine by RT

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