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Thursday Red Pill Diaries-The Demonic Left WILL Escalate War If The The Threat Of Roe’s End Remains, BELIEVE Them!

todayMay 5, 2022 4

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HEADLINE: The Scotus Leak: Cui Bono? by Rod Dreher

  1. Scenario One: The fact that what’s been leaked is a draft from months ago might suggest that a leaker on the conservative side hopes to freeze a wavering justice — Kavanaugh being the obvious candidate — into their initial vote, by making it seem like the very credibility of the court rests on their not being perceived to cave under external pressure.
  2. Scenario Two: As the court has moved rightward, the climate in the left-leaning part of the elite legal world (which is to say, most of it) has become much more self-consciously activist and anti-institutionalist than the climate among, say, Federalist Society types — meaning that if you were betting on a big act of institutional sabotage right now, you would bet on it coming from the left.
  3. Scenario Three: You can imagine various possible rationales for a liberal leak. At the most basic level, there might be the hope that seeing the inevitable backlash unfold now, while the ruling can still change, could make a figure like Kavanaugh waver further, rather than locking in his vote.
  • So how do you prevent the CLERKS from leaking information?
  • We know the judges all takes oaths. 
  • Inside the court building there are 67 people that could have possibly leaked this draft.
  • Or a modern day equivalent of a Non-disclosure Agreement.
  • Now that is a BINDING agreement – they couldn’t get out of that if it was in-fact signed by the 67 people in that building.
  • The left has been wanting this to all come to a head.
  • This is going to lead to a shooting war.
  • 330 million souls now have a stake in this ordeal.
  • Whether you like it or not, the person that leaked this believes that the over turning of Roe is so profound that 330 million people should fight over it.
  • This is profound, it is Biblical.
  • “Who Benefits” = Cui Bono (latin)
  • John Brown failed – who was Lincolns sneaky leaker? 
  • He sent a fleet of Navy sailing vessels down to SC Charleston Harbor.
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