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Thursday Red Pill Diaries-To Serve Man Is The Only Possible Reason John Fetterman Is Still Running

todayOctober 27, 2022 5

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HEADLINE: “To Serve Man” – The Only POSSIBLE Reason John Fetterman Is Still Running For Senate by Mike Church 

  • Does anyone remember this episode of the Twilight Zone?
  • So the humans are trying to translate this book given to them that says it has ‘all the answers’ in it.
  • No one notices that the people that leave to go to this planet never come back, the Kanimit.
  • The final scene is the secretary of the scientist screaming – I’ve broken the code…I know what the book says…..IT’S A COOK BOOK! 
  • Isn’t this basically the playbook of the left at this moment in time?
  • The Democrat party does serve man, through a ‘cook book’ of sorts.
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