The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Thursday Red Pill Diaries-Young “Conservatives” Aren’t Reading Reagan, It’s Augustine, Aquinas & Chesterton.

HEADLINE: Old Men Forget: What Is Now Hallowed Was Once New & Shocking by David Deavel 

  • Conservatives avoid the temptation of the ad hominem fallacy. 
  • Conservatives even of the hated Sixties often assumed that we shared the same general mental and spiritual world as those who were on the other side of issues. 
  • We assumed that the classical liberalism that we wanted to preserve in practice, if not entirely in theory, was still operative.
  • This is a pretty good screenplay of what is happening today.
  • The Youth – They are much more open to rethinking things in a very large-scale way because they see that much of the institutional and procedural life we have now is either collapsing or has collapsed already.
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