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Tim Loves the State, Wants ALL of Romney’s Personal Info

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – Caller Tim thinks that Romney should open up his books for the entire world to see, that he should tell us about every thing he’s ever purchased because he’s a politician and he’s an open book.  Well Tim, it sounds like your love affair with the State continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year and that you have no respect for a citizens privacy.  Have a problem with your kids 4th grade teacher? Time for some surveillance, right Tim?


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Tim is in Pennsylvania next.  Hello, Tim.

Caller Tim:  How you doing, Mike?  I appreciate it.  You there?

Mike:  Yes, sir.  I’m right here.

Caller Tim:  Just wanted to say I think as a presidential, as any politician, they need to open their books up and open themselves up by saying, “This is what I have.  This is how much I have and this is where it’s at,” the governor or the president.  That way it stops people from accusing him of embezzlement or something like that.  If you hide the money from the government, that’s one thing, but don’t hide it from the people.  As a politician, you’re an open book.  You need to reveal your sources and say, “I own this.  I own this.  This is what I have,” so that when they leave the presidential or governorship, we know he got this money honestly from working hard, not from stealing it from the people.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, saying to open his books and open his accounts and showing — the taxes, of course he owns a business, therefore he’s going to have tax deductions to not pay taxes.  As far as the Cayman Islands and that little thing, it’s been revealed and people know about it, but I don’t think it’s wrong for us to know.

Mike:  It’s not hidden anymore.

Caller Tim:  But he redefined it.  He never revealed it himself.  He should have opened himself up at the very beginning of the presidential nomination saying, “Look, this is what I’ve got.  I own this home.  I own this money.”  He shouldn’t have backed down examination against him.

Mike:  Do you know, Tim in Pennsylvania, what bank James Madison banked with?

Caller Tim:  Do I know what bank he banks with?

Mike:  Yeah.  Do you know what bank James Madison banked with?

Caller Tim:  No, I don’t.

Mike:  Do you know where he had his family fortune?

Caller Tim:  No, I don’t.

Mike:  Why not?

Caller Tim:  Because he didn’t reveal it.

Mike:  We should know that though, right?

Caller Tim:  Yeah, we should.

Mike:  Madison should have disclosed that.  He would have been a far better president if he had disclosed that.  You know where Jefferson’s money was hidden?

Caller Tim:  No, you don’t because they don’t reveal these things and then it comes back to bite them in the butt.  You got this money when you were president, that money or you did this.  Like the Cheney thing with KBR, if Cheney were to have been up front with the people, none of that would have come back to bite him in the butt.  I think if you open up — we know he’s a good man.  We know he’s a good businessman, but I’m just saying it shouldn’t have been out by Harry Reid.  He should have revealed it ahead of time.

Mike:  How do you know what Harry Reid found?

Caller Tim:  Harry Reid said he found money in the Caymans.

Mike:  I knew he had money in the Caymans in 2008.

Caller Tim:  Right, you did, but the general public —

Mike:  I am the general public.  I don’t have a pipeline.  I don’t have Harry Reid’s sources.  I can’t speak to the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny like he can.  I knew Governor Romney had money in the Cayman Islands.  My question, Tim, is who was he hiding the money from?  You think he’s hiding it from you.  You could say that as a condition —

Caller Tim:  He’s hiding it like I am, hiding it from the federal government, but there’s been many jobs that I’ve had in law enforcement and government that they’ve said you need to reveal your sources.  They do a credit check on you.  They do a banking check on you and that sort of thing.  They know when you’re going to —

Mike:  Tim, thank you very much for revealing the size and scope of the surveillance state and your love affair with it.  Everybody is in love with the state and all the wonderful things that we can learn about each other if we just turn all of our private information over to the government, or we turn it over to whoever it is that’s asking for it.  Got a problem with a fourth grade teacher?  No worries, the FBI will find out about it.  Had an issue there on the playground when you were nine years old?  You don’t worry about that, bucko.  We’ll interview everyone that was involved and we’ll get to the bottom of it.  If we need to press any charges after the fact, we will.  People’s love, you could just hear it drenched in Tim’s call, just drenched in it.  [mocking] “This state makes me so safe.  If it weren’t for the state and if it weren’t for the government compelling me to reveal everything that I know, everything that I have, where it’s at, where I got it from, what the sources are, thank God government is here to protect us from ourselves.”

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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