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Time To Restore The Queenship of Mary In NOLA, The Speech

[remarks delivered by Mike Church at the CRUSADER Knights of the Most Holy Rosary, Rosary Rally for Life. Delivered publicly in New Orleans, 22 June, anno domini, 2019]

Good afternoon,
I want to thank all of you for coming out today on this beautiful, yet hot Saturday afternoon in June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose we are gathered for here today is to pray for our beloved city of New Orleans and our beloved homeland, our state of Louisiana to become Catholic once again. Some may wonder what I am talking about, New Orleans, home of Bourbon Street, Catholic!? Yes and there’s much more to our history than Sazerac’s and Superbowls.

German prayer card to the Sacred Heart, clearly showing the Pelican and her 3 chicks, as eucharistic symbols. The same Pelican is the central image of the Louisiana State Flag.

The city of New Orleans has a magnificent history of being one of the most Catholics cities in all the United States! In fact before she was known as the “Crescent City” or “The Big Easy” she was known “as the cradle of the Catholic Church in the Mississippi River Valley.” She is home to the oldest standing Catholic Church on this continent. She is home to the oldest still functioning school, a Catholic school, Ursuline Academy. It was here that devotion to The Holy Face was approved for use outside of Tours France. And it is here that the most famous event the world over is observed every year, Mardi Gras. In its origin as a Catholic feast day it is properly called “Carnival” which comes from the Latin “carne vale” or “goodbye to meat”!

Today there is an event five blocks from here called “Just Cause-a boozy bake-sale”; the event plans to raise thousands upon thousands of dollars to be donated directly to Planned Parenthood and New Orleans Abortion Fund which directly funds the killing of the soon to be born. As of this morning there are over 45 restaurants, bake-shops, bars and taverns, that call New Orleans home, that are donating their time, their services, their food, their beer and wine and cocktails and their talents to raise funds that will ultimately be used to snuff out the life of a future, precious child of God, that will also become a citizen of the city of New Orleans.

The participants of this “boozy bake-sale” claim that their effort is in response to the legislature of the state of Louisiana‘s passing of six pro-life laws including a heartbeat detectable abortion ban and the soon to be voted on the Love Life amendment which will be affixed to the Louisiana state constitution. It must be noted that these acts were signed by our governor, John Bel Edwards a Democrat; it must also be noted that the heart beat detectable abortion ban was put forth in the legislature by Sandra Jackson Carter, she is a Democrat from this city! My point in bringing that up is that Republican, Democrat, and independent Louisianians are all by and large pro-life! We process today in Honor of Our Lady of Prompt Succor that that may never change!

Some may wonder, why have a Marian procession instead of a counter “protest”; its a fair question and here’s the answer. In October 1938 the city of New Orleans hosted the Eighth National Eucharistic Congress of America. At the conclusion of this magnificent, Catholic event, which concluded just a few paces down the street from where we stand; there was a Eucharistic procession that made its way down Canal Street. It is estimated that over 100,000 New Orleanians including 35,000 Catholic school children, marched in or watched this magnificent procession of the Sacred, Blessed, Body, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the spirit of that Eucharistic Congress’s Procession, today we, my brothers and sisters in Christ, whether you are here in attendance whether you were listening or watching this anywhere in the world will proceed and in a like manner, be led by and for the honor of Our Lady the mediatrix of all Graces and by our Lady of Prompt Succor. We humbly pray, that by our efforts today we might begin the process of rightfully restoring Her as the Queen of New Orleans as the Queen of Louisiana and as the Patroness of both!

To those who are participating in the “boozy bake-sale” our message and purpose for today is simple: we simply implore you to not make a public spectacle out of the taking of innocent human life, that every abortion performed in this state and in any other, ultimately carries out. That you not not make a public spectacle out of raising resources to be used in the taking of innocent human life. We are not your enemies we are fellow citizens of this city and of this state and we come in peace. We do not come out of anger. We do not come out of pride; we do not come seeking personal gain. We only seek the Peace that our Lord Jesus Christ promised to all who follow him; and we seek it for expectant mothers and their babies.
That peace reigned over this fair city from the time it was established up until the revolutions of the 1960s. We implore Our Lady of Prompt Succor today, to restore it.

In conclusion, as a visible and physical symbol of the fact that we come in peace, we are led in our procession today by a replica of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, as she appeared to three Holy children in Fatima Portugal in 1917. As a further sign of peace we bare Our Lady of Prompt Succor also a symbol of peace for this city. We want you to know that every decant of the Holy Rosary that we will pray today is an act of calling upon the Queen of Peace to bless this city with her Peace and the Grace of Charity and with the peace we were promised by our Lord Jesus Christ if we follow him. Each one of us will also bear in our procession the intention of praying for the conversion or reversion to the Catholic Faith of all those participating in this event or any other like it anywhere in our state or in this country today. We ask those listening or watching anywhere in the world today to pray along with us and offer up your prayers for this effort, to bring peace to the soon to be born of this city and that our efforts might be pleasing to Almighty God. May Our Lady of Prompt Succor bless us and guide us on our journey on this day and every day forward and may she once again reign as Patroness of the City of New Orleans in the State of Louisiana;

Notre Dame Prompt Succor oremus.

Faithfully submitted, this day, 22 June, anno domini, 2019, Mike Church.

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