Time To Revolt Over Mordor-Enforced Abortion?

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Mordor on potomacMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The idea, though, to keep showing up at these things and electing Republicans to go to Mordor and we’re going to fix the abortion problem, to me, is preposterous.  This is the exact same monologue I gave on the exact same day one year ago.  You have no evidence whatsoever to support this, none.  Now, does that mean that you stop trying?” Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The idea, though, to keep showing up at these things and electing Republicans and we’re going to fix the abortion problem, to me, is preposterous.  This is the exact same monologue I gave on the exact same day one year ago.  You have no evidence whatsoever to support this, none.  Now, does that mean that you stop trying?  No, I think the effort — I’ve always thought this, and I’ve always wondered as well why no one else thinks this.  The effort to end slavery in the United States in the 1830s, ‘40s, ‘50s, and then we know it ended in the 1860s, but before it was made mandatory by the War of Northern Aggression and then a few acts of Congress during and afterwards, people that were opposed to the institution of slavery railed against it and called for abolition.  They wanted to abolish the practice.

Fast forward 110 years and the people that are now clamoring and calling for an end to the ghastly, murderous procedure known as abortion, made legal and held hallowed and sacred under the aegis of the U.S. Constitution protest against abortion.  They were for abolition, against abortion.  Two similar words, both starting with an A, one practice as ghastly as the next.  From the time the ink was dried on the ratifying votes of the conventions of the states, there were always people that were against the U.S. Constitution specifically because it had made slavery legal.

This is one of the points that few of Lincolns and his acolytes and few of those oh so haughty and arrogant and so sure of themselves citizens of libtardia will never ever admit.  Hell, there are few people who call themselves conservatives that will ever admit this.  Whether you like it or not, it is a historical fact that the U.S. Constitution was drafted and then ratified and made legal, indeed made protected, the peculiar institution, as it was once known, of slavery.  People have a hard time grappling with that.  [mocking] “No, it didn’t.  That’s not the way!”  Oh, yes, it is!  That’s why an amendment was required to do away with it, silly.

Back to Roe v. Wade, as we read these stories of what happened yesterday with the March for Life — and I’m heartened to see so many people still so dedicated to the cause and showing up — I take you back to a piece that was written by Professor Dr. Kevin Gutzman.  This was posted at probably January 5th.  I think I was just out of vacation or was still in for a day or so and Kevin sent me this.  The title of the post is “Justice Scalia and the Failure of the Reagan Revolution.”

In this essay here, Kevin Gutzman covers the evolution of how Ronald Reagan rode into power, and how much of the electoral success that he had come about because of his opposition to abortion and the tens of millions of evangelical Christians who had been animated to political ramparts, where before they had no interest in such things, to try to combat and try to undo Roe v. Wade.  They put all their faith, all their energy, all their time, all their money, and they’ve been doing so, for the most part, ever since.  Reagan was the first big chance that there was to knock the judiciary down and to undo the genocidal damage.  Of course, we all know that that effort has failed.  Why then do we continue or do we persist in an effort here that we know is going to produce nothing more than heartache and a continuing of the same policy?

It seems to me that the only way, in the current climate of things, and operating under the judicial tyranny that the states and the people in the sovereign states currently operate under, that the only way you’re ever going to be able to deal with this problem, if indeed this is a life-or-death problem — and I think it is and I think many of you think it is — then why are we sitting around here talking about it?  Children are being killed today, will be killed today.  They’ll be sacrificed on the altar of choice today.  It’s going to happen and it’s going to happen today.  It’s going to happen in some states where every effort and every public act has been made to try and make it illegal, yet it’s going to happen.

It’s going to happen because we have courts that will tell the people of sovereign states, [mocking] “Yeah, we understand you have your silly little moral codes and what have you, but we got laws.  Guess what?  We’re the lawgivers.  If we say you can’t ban this and you can’t make those little girls go and get counseling before they do this and that and the other and the parents have to be involved, if we say the Constitution denies your state the right to do this, then you must obey.  You will listen to your almighty federal overlords, you peon, you peasant.  You will do our bidding or we will sic our minions on you.  You don’t want us to sic our minions on you.”

How do you get around that?  What do you do?  This is a question that seemingly is never asked.  Instead of asking the pertinent questions, most “conservatives” talk about, [mocking] “I’ll tell you how we’re gonna fix that, we’re gonna elect the right Republicans.  They’re gonna get in there and they’re gonna fix the judiciary.  We’re gonna have the right people in there.  If we get the right people in there, they’re gonna overturn this and we’re not gonna deal with this anymore.  You just wait and see.  You just wait and see, Mitter Church, Scott Brown and his buddies are gonna do it.  John Boehner is gonna do it.”  Over and over and over again it doesn’t get done.  Yet the pile of bodies just keeps growing.  How, then, do you stop it?

Well, it seems to me that if there’s one entity, Mordor, that is causing the problem, and if marriage to that entity is what keeps the problem current and in their jurisdiction, then one would have to seek a divorce in order to deal with the problem.  For example, what if an ultimatum were issued to the federal overlords?  What if a convention of pro-life states were to meet?  Delegates were chosen from amongst the people or from amongst the precincts that elect state representatives and a convention of pro-life states were to meet and draft a series of resolves, kind of like the Virginia and Kentucky Resolves.  Then they were to go back to their sovereign states and, if necessary, were to get the sanction or the approbation of the legislatures therein, or, as an added step, could get the sanction or the approbation of the people therein.

The resolves could say something to the effect of: The Constitution of the United States is a compact.  Compact means that the parties to the document are voluntary.  Each party has within their power and their sphere the power of determining the extent of the compact’s power.  The entity that currently believes and acts as though it is the determiner of the extent of its own powers must be stripped of this power and order must be restored in order for the compact to be valid.  Therefore, the citizens of [insert state here] do hereby declare and resolve that if — then you make your case of: We’re not going to let you tell us what we can do about the unborn in our state ever again.  Try it and you’re going to start something you’re not going to like.

At least in that instance you would then at least be on the record and would have served notice: We mean business this time.  We’re not messing with you guys anymore.  You little federal judges in your little federal jurisdictions that just happen to sit inside our states, you better beware, buddy, and you better beware, ma’am, you are contravening the wishes of the people of this fine state, and we believe you are contravening any power ever extended to you under the U.S. Constitution.  We’re just not going to recognize that power anymore.  Not only that, we’re going to enforce our point of view, if we have to, by using whatever means necessary.  In other words, if you try to come in here and make us do otherwise, we are going to resist.  We are going to officially resist.

Now, you tell me, does that not at least have the benefit of actually making a giant leap toward ending the death by abortionists that is currently happening every single day, in every state in the union, and in most instances legally and made legal by the federal magistrates and by the power of that document so many of us are so committed to and so sure that order can be restored if we would just obey it, the U.S. Constitution?  So, ladies and gentlemen, at the end of the day, 41 years after that monster was let out of the cage, it is still in effect, it still preys upon the innocent.  Why haven’t the good people stepped in and done what is necessary, not what is on the 3×5 index card, what is necessary to end it?  Answer that question.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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