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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – When you first started, you say we, us, we’re the infidels, we export this and that and they hate us for our way of life, and all the other things we’ve heard.  I simply tried to ascertain whether or not anyone else was hated to our degree because of their religious fervor.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Hello, George, how are you?

Caller George:  Mike, what’s going on, bud?  How are you?

Mike:  I’m good, thank you.

What Lincoln Killed flyer
Hear the story of the United States AFTER the Constitution like you’ve never heard it before

Caller George:  I just basically wanted to comment real quick.  A little background on me: I come from a special operations community on the Marine Corps side.  I’ve got five combat deployments, three to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.  I’ve been embedded in both Iraqi and Afghani villages studying the Quran and the Hadith, etc.  I can tell you what I know from experience.  There’s a fundamental difference that you guys haven’t identified yet.  You were speaking previously about the allegiances and alliances we form with other countries that might contribute to the terrorist attacks that we’re receiving.  The real difference that you guys are overlooking here is pick up the Hadith and pick up the Quran and read through it.  We’re hated because we’re the infidel.  I don’t use that word lightly.  It’s on everybody’s T-shirts nowadays in 2013.  We really are the infidel.  The Americana that we export, the way of life, the religious freedoms, the religious tolerance that we have in this country, that’s the reason why we continue to sustain these attacks.  The jihad that’s been waged against us by these terrorist organizations is not going to stop.  It’s an everlasting thing and we might as well buck up and prepare to deal with it, unless we change our policies and the way we want to do business.

78,000 U.S. Military Troops Are Stationed In South Korea And Japan

Mike:  Why didn’t we have to deal with it back in 1791?  They must have been able to read, because I know they were reading our texts.  When they learned of our First Amendment, why didn’t they launch flotillas and come over here and begin attacking the infidel then?

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signCaller George:  Real easy: technology.  The world was huge back in 1791.  Nowadays it’s much smaller.  The technology, the modes of transportation, cyber terrorism, cyber-attacks, chemical agents, all that stuff has been developed as a result of the technology we’ve developed.  That’s why we’re not getting attacked more, with a broader scope of weapons variances, from cyber terrorism, chem-bio agents all the way up to dirty nuke threats —

Mike:  Pope Francis I is a man of South American descent, I believe.  He comes from a very largely and religiously devout part of the world.  Talk about religious freedoms.  Talk about expressions of infidelity.  What about the South American and their hedonistic devotion to Catholicism?  Why aren’t they being attacked, or are they targets, too?

Caller George:  If you’re an infidel, you’re an infidel.  I don’t mean infidelity.  I mean infidel —

Mike:  I know what you mean.  I’m just saying that that means the South Americans are going to get theirs, too.

Drones, Like Nuclear Technology, Can Be Used For Good Or Evil

Caller George:  Terrorist attacks aren’t strictly in the United States.

Mike:  That’s what I was trying to get you to say.  When you first started, you say we, us, we’re the infidels, we export this and that and they hate us for our way of life, and all the other things we’ve heard.  I simply tried to ascertain whether or not anyone else was hated to our degree because of their religious fervor.  Jeremy is in New Jersey, speaking of.  Jeremy, how you doing?

Caller Jeremy:  Very good, Mr. Church.  How are you today?

Mike:  I’m well, sir, thank you.

Caller Jeremy:  Just a reply to the serviceman who was just on before, a lot of the hatred of the infidels didn’t really start until after 1953 when we overthrew Iran.  We started meddling in all their affairs in the Middle East.  We did a lot —

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtMike:  Hey, buddy, we’re not introducing facts into this argument.  Stop it.

Caller Jeremy:  We’re going to bomb them into democracy like we do everywhere else.

Mike:  I am not going to allow you to introduce facts into this argument.  We must go with we have to do this because if we don’t no one else will and the planet and the world and the universe all the way to the ice world of Hoth are not safe as long as there are Islamic clerics out there.  You know this and I know this.  There is nothing you can say that can get in the way of “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here,” Jeremy.  Come on!

Caller Jeremy:  You’re correct.  I forgot the company line.  Also, this morning on Zero Hedge, there’s a great piece about what the United States did and some other countries did post-Soviet breakup in 1991.  Chechnya was a very big part of it.  There’s a lot of Caspian oil that is supposed to flow through there.  Again, we’re looking at reasons why these guys did what they did.

DeceptiCONS Seem to Forget That We Have TWO GIANT OCEANS Protecting Us

Mike:  Hey, stop with the facts.  Look, we all know that we’re hated and these guys are coming to kill us and we need to raise bigger armies and have bigger defense budgets, and we need to have more reporters on Fox News to cover it, too.  I’m going to give you one more chance to get it right.  Go.

Caller Jeremy:  They hate us for our freedoms.

Mike:  Fantastic, Jeremy.  Best call of the day, sir.  Thank you very much.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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The Marine has a point that I believe was overlooked, and not fully looked at. Yes, we are hated by the Islamic terrorists because of what has happened since the 1950’s, but you can go back to after WWII and look at the formation of the current state of Isreal as another reason. You could go back to colonial times and say that they are mad at all European or descendants for colonialism that took place throughout the Middle East and Africa. You can go back to the 1095 at the start of the crusades. Basically the Islamic radicals do not like us because of a combination of all of this. When I interacted with Iraqis, common words that always came up were crusades, crusaders, and such. So the mindset is not just present day since the 1950s, that is part of it, but not all of it. We have to look at the fact that we are not them, and anyone that is not them, they won’t to kill them. We are seen as the largest representation of Western society, so we are hated and attacked. Israel is attacked as a small representation of us and an easier target to get to. Why did they not start attacking back in the late 1700s you ask? It’s called colonialism. They were all typically either British or French colonies at that time and were too busy resisting British and French rule to worry about what we were doing. If it was just about the USA, then it doesn’t explain all the attacks in Africa and why the French have had to send troops to Africa. Why Islamic terror in the Phillipines? Why Britian and Australia, and other European countries being hit? Why do they kill other Muslims? This issue can’t be explained simply by looking at just one area, or just one time period. This also has to do with the Imam control over who gets educated and what is taught. There are so many facets to this. Mike is correct about the agitation that we have had on the situation since the 1950s but the Marine is also correct in his explanation of the infidel and how they are taught to not except any other religion. Neither one on it’s own is totally correct, but both are parts to the correct answer.
I love your show Mike, but your are very closed minded when it comes to this subject and while you are brilliant at American history, you seem to be over looking much of the history that has formed and shaped the Middle East and the mindset that has caused the mess we see today. It starts way before the 1950s. You could go all the way back to Abraham’s sons and who receives their fathers blessing to really pinpoint when the feud started.

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