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Tradition Is The Foundation Of Your Christian House

todayJuly 18, 2023 3

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Peter Kwasniewski 

Website – https://www.peterkwasniewski.com/


  • I never ever repeat talks on a lecture tour.
  • So there will be new information at each destination.

Sulphur – Lessons Catholics can learn from the history of the Popes.

Lafayette – Elevated by the past, the normative role in traditional life.

Covington – Poets, Lovers, Children, Madmen and Worshipers.

New Orleans – The genius of Christianities Roman Rite.

  • A lot of what happens have practical reasons too.
  • They had a natural habit of wanting to attach symbolism to them.
  • Like washing the hands, it is a Ritual Purification – symbolic value.
  • Lifting of the chasuble – in the beginning it was b/c they were very heavy garments.
  • The Roman chasuble when it entered it is a much simpler and cut down shape.
  • It is almost like a sandwich board and it is extremely easy to elevate the Host but we would never give up the ‘tradition’ of this.
  • The Priest is acting as Christ – so it must be like the woman in the Gospel that touches Jesus’ garment to be healed.
  • It isn’t contrary to anything it just ADDS to the symbolism of the Mass.
  • The Catholic worship has always been deeply rooted w/ Jewish worship and structure.
  • Christ was a Jew, His apostles were Jews – obviously they took what they knew from that and inserted Catholicism.
  • Into the Passover Ritual – 


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