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Travis Bowman, Descendant of Peter Francisco On The DudeMaker HotLine

Interview with Travis Bowman – Part 1:

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – You may not know it, in fact, odds are you definitely do not know it, unless you’re a true American Patriot from Virginia or a perhaps a direct descendant of the dude this day is named after. You heard correctly, and what an honor it is to have Mr. Travis Bowman on the show, a 6th generation descendant of Peter Francisco – on Peter Francisco Day!

Travis explains to us how he is a descendant to the most famous private soldier of the Revolutionary War named Peter Francisco, and how coincidentally Peter was six and a half feet tall clocking in at 260 pounds when he enlisted in the Continental Army, much like Travis himself.

Throughout the interview Travis gives us plenty of detailed stories chronicling the life of the enormous sized man who was hailed as the “Hercules of the Revolution” or the “Giant Virginian”. Peter was known for a number of heroic acts on and off the battlefields, and in fact was complimented by the great George Washington with this quote: “Without him, we would have lost two crucial battles, perhaps the war, and with it our freedom. He was truly a one-man army.”

Travis takes some time to talk about his book entitled “Hercules of the Revolutionary War” and his documentary “The Peter Francisco Story: 10 Things You Never Knew About One Of Our Nation’s Founding Fathers”. Hear the whole KingDude interview with Travis Bowman below, it’s a true step back into history with the relevance of lineage and the story telling of descendants. Like the difference between college sports and professional sports – there’s more heart.

Check out Travis’ website here!

KingDude Interview with Travis Bowman – Pt. 2:

KingDude Interview with Travis Bowman – Pt. 3:


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