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Trump Indicted! Biden Will Go Down In History As Muricah’s Cesar

Government Appointed Agencies

  • 2nd day of debate in the 1st House of Representatives
  • Washington then decides he needs to appoint an Attorney General.
  • Edmond Randolph was then appointed.
  • There doesn’t have to be a Secretary of State, a Secretary of Transportation, the EPA director.
  • All of these are agencies created by the Congress.
  • The President could in-fact fire them all.
  • I want to drill down and focus just on the Attorney General of the US.
  • He wields the power of the President…plain and simple.
  • Why is this important?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on wielding the power of the DOJI have never once, not one single time, suggested what the DOJ should or should not do relative to bringing a charge or not bringing a charge. I’m honest.

  • He even did the Bill Clinton finger while stating this.
  • This is projection – your AG that works for you…is YOU.
  • He does YOUR bidding.
  • If Trump were to go out there and say when Bill Barr was the AG, I told Bill you work for me!
  • Trump fired Jeff Sessions – why b/c he wasn’t doing what Trump wanted him to do.
  • Merrick Garland is discharging a power that belongs to whomever holds the office of the presidency.
  • In a state the AG is voted on but can be fired at any point by the Governor.
  • The AG does NOT have to exist for the US.
  • That Sec is discharging a power that is assigned and belongs to the President so what Biden just said was an out right lie.
  • Merrick Garland can’t do anything w/o Biden’s consent.

HEADLINE: Democrats’ Indictment Frenzy Isn’t Just About Taking Out Trump, It’s About Eliminating Wrongthink by Jordan Boyd

QUESTION: Why did Nancy Pelosi seek impeachment of Trump in 2019? What was the primary driving force behind this impeachment?

ANSWER: They said this was about our precious Democracy that he was attempting to take out Biden. They claimed he tried to use his position as President to take out Biden, a political rival.

  • That was the OFFICIAL charge.

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