Trump Is Not The Moron The Media Makes Him Out To Be

todaySeptember 9, 2016 1

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Revolt_Heather_t_hirts_displayMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I don’t know the entire details of the story, but I do know that there is something to the charge that the judge is out of control, or that the judge has not been acting in the most prudent and unbiased manner.  Remember, he’s a judge.  He’s supposed to have a blindfold on.  He’s not supposed to be able to see anyone.” Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Donald Trump is being – now, somebody is going to say, [mocking] “Oh, so now you’re all in with Trump again.  I see how it’s going to be.”  No, it’s not an endorsement for Trump, nothing of the sort.  But that doesn’t mean that Trump is always wrong.  It doesn’t mean that Trump is always out of control.  It doesn’t mean that Trump is always a whacko.  It doesn’t mean that Trump is always not correct and that he’s an extremist and he overreacts and he’s being dramatic, etc.

At a campaign rally last Friday, I believe, as the lawsuit that has been filed against him continues to drag on and Trump University – if you know anything about the lawsuit, it’s ridiculous.  It’s preposterous.  It’s an ambulance-chasing lawsuit without the cars.  There were no cars involved.  No one actually crashed into one another, but it’s the same thing basically.  The suit has been pursued and dragged out to the point where last May, at the behest of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, the federal judge in question released to the Washington Post what Trump and Trump’s attorneys thought was confidential info that is part of the lawsuit.  This is where Trump’s claim that they haven’t gotten good rulings and they haven’t been treated very well, that’s where this comes from, from that.

I don’t know the entire details of the story, but I do know that there is something to the charge that the judge is out of control, or that the judge has not been acting in the most prudent and unbiased manner.  Remember, he’s a judge.  He’s supposed to have a blindfold on.  He’s not supposed to be able to see anyone.  He’s not supposed to know that it’s Donald Trump that’s in there.  He’s not supposed to know who the plaintiff is.  He’s just supposed to know the facts and let’s get to the bottom of what the actual facts are.  Were there any laws or statutes that have been broken?  If there were, what are the damages?  Then you go from there.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

The narrative has been posited that this ultimately boils down to whether or not Trump is capable of distinguishing between the good Mexicans of the Mexican race – now how ridiculous is this?  [mocking] “This is obviously racist.”  Have you seen the judge in question?  Have you seen the judge, physically looked at the judge in question?  Does he look much different from Donald Trump himself?  [mocking] “Mr. Church, please, you’re missing the entire point.  The reason they’re saying it’s racist is because he says the judge has Mexican heritage or whatever the case may be.”  Again, where is the racism?  Donald Trump has not denied this judge any access to anything.  We have no evidence that he kicked him out of a Trump resort or Trump hotel or denied him a round of golf at a Trump golf course or took his meal away from him or prevented him from catching a cab or anything of the sort.

The Minority Report-Philip K DickAgain, our definition of racism has no racism in it.  This is the key point: merely having the thought is punishable.  All you have to do is have entertained the thought and you’re guilty.  You don’t have to have acted upon it.  You don’t have to actually have done anything.  You don’t have to have implemented anything.  You don’t have to have caused anyone any grief directly or physically.  All one has to do is think it.  It’s kind of like Descartes, as warped as he was, in reverse, or on steroids.  I thought about it, therefore it was.  Instead of I think therefore I am.  Channel Descartes: I thought about racism, therefore it was.

How many of you have read the Philip K. Dick novel or short story The Minority Report?  What do we find in The Minority Report?  What is at issue?  What’s at issue in The Minority Report are these people called the precogs.  What do the precogs do?  The precogs are in the division of Precrime.  What’s the division of Precrime?  They believe that they have perfected a method in which they can predict people’s thoughts.  They know what people are thinking and they know how people are going to act upon the thoughts that they have, so they act to intervene before the actual crime can take place.  When Philip K. Dick was writing this in the late 1970s, early 1980s, he couldn’t possibly have known the technology that we would have today.  He couldn’t possibly have known that an algorithm of sorts may be fed into a computer and that this precrime stuff may actually be possible.

Even if we don’t have the computer, today, in ‘Muricah in 2016, we basically have multiple offices of precrime.  This is the court in which candidate Trump finds himself today, because he said something about someone that is of a nationality that he is not of, and because that nationality has brown people in it, if you add the two together, that means he meant to deprive the man of something purely and specifically because of his race.  Of course, the person in question is as pure as the wind-driven snow.  I can just hear the snow.  You can just hear the beautiful breeze blowing those little flakes of flurries all about the pristine countryside that is the judge in question, or the person in question’s character and fiber and mettle.  Gentle and smooth and wonderful and totally above board this person is.

Why is that?  Because the narrative is that if you have not taken the matrix cable pill, and if you have not completely swallowed it and done everything that the matrix cable pill dispensers tell you that you must do – one of them is you’re not allowed to see any race other than your own.  If you see any race other than your own – of course, this only applies to white people, of course.  I’m not supposed to say this.  If you see any race other than your own and you are white, then you obviously have condoned thoughts that are bigoted and diabolical and malicious.  You have the intent to act upon them at some point in time, and that makes you evil and disgusting and despicable.  That leads us to today’s story.

asks the same question that I’m asking just now, which is: How do these clowns purport to know what it is that Donald Trump may or may not be thinking?  How do they know that the judge in question has never cottoned the thoughts that Trump says he has cottoned?  We’re programmed to say: No, if they’re a minority – again, hear the snow blowing, purest wind-driven snow.  It conjures up just how white and beautiful and pristine everything is around you, right?  That’s what it’s supposed to.  You’re the guilty one.  You’re the one that’s impure.  You know why?  You have dared to question the status quo.  You have dared to question what has been pumped into the back of your head via the matrix cable.  For doing that, you are automatically guilty.

Some people aren’t buying this, among them Pat Buchanan.  Here’s what Buchanan writes, “Trump Sins Against the Liberal Catechism.”  I’m going to demonstrate to you during the course of this segment here that not only is this a sin against the liberal catechism, this is a sin against the federal catechism.  This is a sin against the federal catechism and the catechism that is buchanan_pat_605_ap‘Muricah, which is: Look, we have a way of doing things in this country.  One of the way of doing things is we all go out and find lawyers, hire lawyers, retain lawyers, and we sue people.  We sue people because that’s an appropriate and approved method of actually making and earning a living.

How many of you know someone whose life has nearly been ruined by a lawsuit that was filed against them, of which they were, for all practical intents and purposes, nearly completely innocent?  Say, for example, a traffic accident that you had no material part in but someone was driving your car?  Someone else will make the claim: It was your car.  You shouldn’t have let them drive your car.  Obviously you trusted your car to someone who was totally incompetent and now it’s all your fault.  Would an ambulance-chasing attorney facing a jury filled with people that have previously chased ambulances side on behalf of the plaintiff?  Yeah, that makes sense.  In a sane world, no, they wouldn’t.  We don’t live in a sane world anymore.  That’s why ethics matters.  What are the ethics behind the lawsuit that was filed against Trump University?  Go read the narrative of the suit, and I think you’ll find that there aren’t any ethics behind it.

You know what’s really disturbing here, though, is to see the usual suspects in the Republican Party all line up and march in lockstep with their media ruling masters.  If David Gregory says, if Jake Tapper says, if Ashleigh Banfield says, if Bill O’Whiney says, if whoever on Fox News says that obviously this is a sin against racism and Trump is guilty of it, then so be it.  The media has had its trial.  It’s conducted its trial and he’s guilty.  He’s guilty.  He’s gone.  Why do we take their word for it on this when we take their word for it on nothing else?


Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge?

Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, how many of you know anything about the group called La Raza?  What does La Raza do?  Why was La Raza formed?  Go look into the founding and the formation of the group called La Raza and inform me of what is it that La Raza wishes to accomplish or re-accomplish?  Go ahead.  Go read up about it.  Why isn’t that a news headline?  Why should a federal judge be joining a group – I thought a judge was supposed to be impartial.  How can he join a group that’s called “The Race,” which is what La Raza means in Spanish?


State Succinctly, Donald Trump said [Mike: Why? Because the federal judiciary is corrupt. Ethics? Please.] U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to him. And the judge’s bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican descent.

Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific?

[end reading]

Mike:  That’s the question that everyone has asked and has arrived at the conclusion, a predictable one.  No, there is no defense.  I watched Jason Chaffettz – folks, do you know – boy howdy, you talk about being infected with nominalism, I watched member of Congress, after member of the United States Senate, after Newt Gingrich, after John Kasich, after anyone that they could stick a microphone in front of talk about Judge Curiel.  [mocking] “Well, it’s obvious that he’s an American.”  Obvious that he’s an American, what does that mean?  Jake Tapper kept bringing up that he was born in Indiana.  Why isn’t he an Indianan?  Why is he American?  Why?  Because we’re all nationalist, jingoistic members of some future iteration of a copy of the Nazi Party, that’s why.  Because we must all pledge allegiance to that flag, that’s why.  There is no pledge to the flag of Indiana.  There is one to the union, the corrupt union of America, isn’t there?


Think about that.  Is anyone else out there in broadcast media even going to plant the seed that maybe we are thinking about the whole thing incorrectly, that the logic being employed is flawed and that’s why most of the imbeciles out there come to the same conclusion, which is the one that just happens to promote the jingoistic, nationalist point of view?

Folks, I’ve been asking y’all to take eight weeks of daily doses of the Founding Fathers Red Pill, unplug the matrix cable from the back of your head, claim your philosophia perennis thinking skills, and become members of the self-governing people of these Christian United States – it’s not a job, it’s a way of life – for almost a decade now.  Apparently there’s a very, very extraordinarily small and not growing very rapidly group of people that have done so.  Why?  Because you get the hashtag on Twitter #liferuined, thanks, Mike.


Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific?

[end reading]

Mike:  Just think about this.  What do the decepticons tell us is the reason why we have to go into the third world and bomb everything that moves back into the stone ages?  Why?  Because they may be covering for ISIS.  They may be in with Al-Qaeda.  They may be thinking about jihad.  They may be future terrorists.  How do you know?  [mocking] “Mr. Church, please, we know because look at them.  He’s got a turban on.  Look at him.”  Oh, so that’s fine.  You’re allowed to think like that when it comes to Founders-Pass-Logo-1920_1080one of them, but here in ‘Muricah, we’re not allowed to think about anyone and their predispositions to do certain things based upon the way they look or what race it is they belong to, not that Mexican is a race.

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I contest, again, that – where is the evidence that Hispanic is an actual race?  If you are actually a descendent of the native peoples of North America, in other words the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Incans, etc., you may have some claim, or the Iroquois or whatever, the Mohicans or the Sioux, you may have a claim as to a racial distinction.  That’s a question that an anthropologist would have to answer.  For our purposes here, we need to have these race classifications so we can divide ourselves, so we can be divvied up.  But we can all be reunified, after we have been divided, under one giant umbrella, and that is the umbrella of the welfare state.  That is the umbrella of the monitor state.  That is the umbrella of Mordor on the Potomac River.  It unifies, it sanctifies, it purifies.  It is our civil religion.  It does all.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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