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Trump is RIGHT About The Mohammedan, But For The Wrong Reasons, Here’s The Truth

Andrew Bieszad mentioned the story of St Fernando fighting the Muslim hordes and we carry James Fitzhenry's wonderful biography of Fernando, autographed by the author.
Andrew Bieszad mentioned the story of St Fernando fighting the Muslim hordes and we carry James Fitzhenry’s wonderful biography of Fernando, autographed by the author.

(image above: St Francis of Assisi, trying to convert the Moahammedan horde)

Mandeville, LA – The Judgement Pornosphere™ has vaulted into overdrive over Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s proposal that all Muslim immigration into the USA should be stopped until we can “decide what’s going on”. The result of this common sense has been hysteria on a scale not seen since Don Imus and the dubious “nappy headed ho” dustup. The hyperbole thrown Trump’s way has been the usual condemnation of topics that involve whites talking about what George carlin called “brown people”. But few of our anointed blogging and bloviating masters have bothered to actually explore the question: Is Trump Correct? Thus, I volunteer for the task. So, here’s the answer: YES, Trump IS correct but not for the reasons Trumpzilla-ites will think.



The linchpin of the Truth on the matter is that ISLAM is a Christian Heresy of the highest and deadliest order for both the corporeal and spiritual world. Christians CANNOT live in religiously “plural societies” with Mohammedans and anyone who obstinately doubts this is a historically ignorant, imbecile who should be banished to a Muslim/Sharia law country AS a Christian to discover why. Among the tens of thousands of historical and scholarly proofs of this, one succinct case for the above comes from Professor Paul Stenhouse.

The four-hundred and sixty-three years that elapsed between Muhammad’s death in 632 and the calling of a Crusade to free the Holy Places in 1095 was not a time of ‘peaceful co-existence’ between Muslims and European or Byzantine Christians. Nor was it, for Christians living in Muslim-occupied territories. They enjoyed ‘peace’ only by keeping the lowest possible profile, paying the jizya, or head-tax, and accepting nonperson status in lands that had been Christian before the Muslim invaders arrived.

The new millennium saw the situation go from bad to worse. In 1009 the Fatimid Caliph of Egypt, abu-‘Ali Mansur al-Hakim, ordered the destruction of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The edict of destruction was signed by his Christian secretary ibn-‘Abdun. The Muslims destroyed the Tomb of Jesus, the Dome and the upper parts of the Church until their demolition was halted by the great mound of debris at their feet. For eleven years Christians were forbidden even to visit the rubble or to pray in the ruins.

Shocked by the destruction of Christendom’s holiest Shrine, Pope Sergius IV appealed for help to go to Palestine to rebuild it. His appeal fell on deaf ears.

At the beginning of the fifth century, two hundred years before Muhammad appeared, there were seven-hundred Catholic bishops in Africa.[14] Two hundred of them attended the Council of Carthage in 535 AD. By the middle of the 900s there were forty left. By 1050, as a result of ‘peaceful coexistence,’ there were only five left. In 1076 there were two. We learn this from a letter that Pope Gregory VII, ‘Hildebrand,’ wrote to Cyriacus, Archbishop of Carthage in June 1076. As three bishops are needed for the valid consecration of another bishop Gregory asked him to send a suitable priest to Rome who could be consecrated assistant bishop, so that he [Cyriacus] and Servandus, bishop of Buzea in Mauritania, and the new bishop could consecrate other bishops for the African Catholics.[15]

Gregory VII, on his deathbed in 1085, dreamt of forming a Christian League against Islam and said, ‘I would rather risk my life to deliver the Holy Places, than govern the Universe’.[16]

It seems to have been the Seljuk Turkish capture of Jerusalem in 1076 that finally swung the balance, exhausted the patience of the European Christians, and fulfilled Gregory’s wish. Pilgrimage to the Holy Places had became more difficult; a poll-tax was imposed on visitors. Those who dared journey there were harassed, robbed and some even enslaved.

At the Council of Piacenza summoned by Pope Urban II and held in March 1095, Byzantine delegates emphasized the danger facing Christendom from Muslim expansion, and the hardship facing Eastern Christians until the infidel be driven back.[17] They repeated an appeal made by Emperor Alexius to Robert of Flanders asking him to return to the East with some knights to assist the Byzantines in their struggle with the Muslims.

Towards the end of that same year, Urban II, at another Council held at Claremont in France, took up the suggestion, and urged Europe’s Christians to ‘Take the road to the Holy Sepulchre … let each one deny himself and take up the Cross’. The Assembly rose to its feet and shouted ‘God wills it’.

Muhammad died on June 8, 632 AD. It had taken four hundred and sixty three years for Europe’s Christians to combine their forces and rise up in defence of themselves and of their Faith.

Trump’s instincts are correct on the Muslim ban and we better start working on a strategy to convert then raise a 1 million man army of Franciscan/Cistercian and Dominican friars to begin the theologic battle. Meanwhile, embracing the real purpose of the Second Amendment while building Mosque Free, Catholic-Christian ruled zones needs to begin in earnest. The belief that re-invading Mesoptamia while allying with the Ottomans is as suicidally bone-headed as anything Dick Cheney ever conceived of. Say what you will about Trump’s vanity, but he’s no Dick Cheney.

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