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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Let’s go to our Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to our very much anticipated guest today, Ms. Marjorie Dannenfelser.  Marjorie, help me out.  Are you the president?  Are you the director?  Are you the coordinator of the Trump Pro-Life Coalition?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s go to our Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to our very much anticipated guest today, Ms. Marjorie Dannenfelser.  Marjorie, help me out.  Are you the president?  Are you the director?  Are you the coordinator of the Trump Pro-Life Coalition?

Marjorie Dannenfelser:  I’m the mother.  I am the chairman of the Trump Pro-Life Coalition.  I’m the president of the Susan B. Anthony List.  And I’m the mother of five and wife of one.

Mike:  Wife of one, mother of five, mother of Trump Pro-Life Coalition.

Dannenfelser:  I love a show that can make the connection between Aristotle and St. Francis and going door to door to get votes for the next President of the United States.  I think you just did that for me.

Mike:  I’ve been a long-distance admirer of yours and your entities for quite some time.  I don’t know if you know this, but during the 2014 campaign, when Bill Cassidy was running against Mary Landrieu, I searched and searched last night and could not find the transcript or the email confirming that she was going to be on the show, but whoever the young lady was that you sent down to Louisiana to be in charge of those volunteers that knocked on – folks, get this – 122,000 doors to advise Louisiana citizens that Mary Landrieu was a proponent and supporter and ardent member of Planned Parenthood.  Do you remember her name?

Dannenfelser:  It was probably Mallory Quigley.

Mike:  That’s it.

Dannenfelser:  She’s fabulous.  Isn’t she wonderful?  I hope she’s listening right now.  She is so humble and so effective, taking that truth to homes and people and souls throughout Louisiana, and also North Carolina and Arkansas about those particular problems in those particular states.  It really did make an enormous difference.  It’s back to that person-to-person interaction which is just everything.  It’s everything in politics and life.  It’s what you were just talking about, about Russell Kirk.  How do you have those conversations that really matter?  You first have to know what the facts are.  For so long no one knew what Mary Landrieu’s actions were.  They knew what her words were but not her actions.  Thank you for saying that.  I really appreciate that.

Mike:  The Susan B. Anthony List, there’s all these heretical lists out there.  There’s Emily’s List.  I’m not going to mention any of the other ones, but there are always lists out there that exist to raise funds so they can donate it to these diabolical merchants of death at Planned Parenthood.  I didn’t even know – this is how malinformed I am.  I didn’t even know that there was a Susan B. Anthony List.  I certainly didn’t know what you guys do.  Can you tell the audience how the Susan B. Anthony List came about, how it was founded, and what you do?

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Dannenfelser:  We came about because we wanted to put the true woman’s voice at the middle of the abortion debate, and to really win elections for unborn children and their mothers.  That was the big missing piece in the pro-life movement when we began, and we really have, with God’s grace and great people, been able to really do what we set out to do.  We’re continuing to do it now, which is to chase this argument directly to the people and win elections for pro-life candidates.  The only reason you would ever do that is to pass laws that will save lives.  For instance, the Hyde Amendment that keeps taxpayer money out of abortion.  If it’s turned over by Hillary Clinton, it will result in 2 million taxpayer-funded abortions.  That’s how many the Hyde Amendment has saved.  They’re concrete legislative actions for electoral wins.  That’s the only reason we do it.  If you wonder why Susan B. Anthony, it’s because Susan B. Anthony and all her compadres understood that abortion was the ultimate exploitation of women, that it did nothing to liberate her.  What it achieved is to put despair on top of despair, difficulty and insult on top of a horrible thing.  Modern women have got it totally wrong.  We decided to take this pro-woman message into the political arena and win elections to save lives.

Mike:  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  Just imagine, if we actually have to live through the horror of a Hillary Clinton presidency, just imagine that maybe one of her first actions might be to tell the Treasury Secretary: You know this Susan B. Anthony coin you guys got?  Don’t mint any more of those.

Dannenfelser:  We don’t need more of those.  I think what she would do would be much, much, much worse.  She has promised what she is going to do.  She will definitely – she will take 40 years of common ground over our taxes not paying for abortions and upend that.  That’s probably one of the most popular things in the Hyde Amendment.  She wants to overturn that.  She’s for abortion, as Donald Trump has said, up until the hour before birth.  On the other hand, she says she is for some restrictions.  The hard thing about Hillary Clinton is making sure everyone knows what she really thinks.  You can’t find a better ally for Hillary Clinton than who she says is her top ally, and that is Planned Parenthood.  They are joined at the hip.  We should be very afraid.  There are moments to actually be afraid, and we should be afraid of her presidency.  We should be acting to prevent it.  It really is the moment that we’ll wish we had if we don’t do it now.

Marjorie-DannenfelserMike:  I threatened to move to Stronsay Island off the coast of Scotland and join the Alpine Redemptorist Order if she’s elected.  I will lose my political action in the United States and I’ll go do it in the United Kingdom.  That’s how afraid I am.  I’m afraid for my daughters.

Dannenfelser:  And you’re not a fearful guy, I know that.

Mike:  Let me ask you some questions about Mr. Trump.  Have you met him personally?

Dannenfelser:  I have, yes.

Mike:  And before you accepted the position as the 2016 Trump Pro-Life Coalition, before you accepted the position, did you have any trepidations?  Were you concerned about anything?  If you were, and when you asked him about them, what were they and how did he address them?

Dannenfelser:  Sure I was because I’m real.  From the very beginning of the primary, those questions that we’ve had about what his views are, we’ve asked of him and every other primary candidate.  We got solid commitments from him and all the others as the primary continued.  It all culminated after he clenched the nomination, in asking him to put in writing, in his own words, what his commitments are.  Not only has he done that, but he has really made this central in his day-to-day operations by appointing people all around him, affirming those commitments and the people that he has around him all throughout the campaign.  What matters more than anything else are these commitments that he has made.  They are pro-life Supreme Court justices.  That is the most important one.  That is defunding Planned Parenthood, passing the five-month, very modest Pain-Capable Bill on the federal level, and protecting the Hyde Amendment.  That’s the latest one.  This is in his words.  He doesn’t have people writing this for him.  We draft something.  I’m not going to pretend like he just made it up.  He affirmed all of these commitments.  He insists that they be always in contrast to what Hillary Clinton’s position is.  If you go on his website, he has a whole section on Catholicism and religious liberty and why it’s important.

What I like about the guy, throughout this whole time, is that when he decides to do something, he doesn’t do it in a usual political way.  He actually does it.  He says pro-life justice not constitutionalist, strict constructionist, but pro-life.  He realizes that’s the consequence of his opinion.  He doesn’t care if people don’t like the verbal formulation.  That’s why I went from trepidation to a complete commitment to electing this man and making sure that every voter knows those commitments.  Every pro-life voter needs to know that, and well-informed people don’t seem to know that.  That’s why we’re going door to door again, like we did in Louisiana, in battleground states right now making sure that pro-life people know what those commitments are and what her commitments are.

Mike:  Marjorie Dannenfelser is the president of the Susan B. Anthony List and the mother, as she just told us, of Trump Pro-Life Coalition 2016.  Can I tell you my thought about Trump and his pro-life credentials?

Dannenfelser:  Please.  I’m looking forward to it.

Mike:  I received significant pushback on this.  I always say to people: We want conversions, you idiot!  If we’re not doing this for conversions, then why are we doing this?  I was won over to his pro-life creds during one of the debates, I think it was in February, the GOP debates when lying Ted Cruz or one of the other candidates brought up, might have even been Santorum: You used to be pro-choice.  You went on Meet the Press and you said this and you said that.  Trump then proceeded to tell the story of how a couple that he and I assume his current wife knew who had some kind of unintended pregnancy.  They discovered something about the kid, maybe it was going to be sick or something.  They were thinking about having an abortion and they confided to Donald and Melania.  Trump had told them: Well, you know, it’s legal and you can still do that.  If that’s your decision, we’ll support you.  Then he said they decided not to get the abortion and that kid is a great kid today.  I love that kid.  They love that kid.  That changed me.  I took him to be telling the truth.  There’s a beautiful conversion story that you want repeated a hundred million times.  If it’s repeated and sways a hundred million people, then this holocaust of 53 million dead is over.  What do you say?

Dannenfelser:  That’s right.  I’m a convert to this.  I used to be a very pro-choice Episcopalian.  Now I’m a pro-life Catholic.  That happens a lot.  Why does it happen a lot?  It happens a lot because of real stories and getting down to the question of – everybody has to be forced at some point to answer the question: What is an abortion?  What is that thing that’s happening?  What’s the upshot of it?  What’s the consequence?  Trump described the upshot of it.  The upshot of not doing it is what he saw.  But I don’t think he ever understood – he never was forced to think about what was the upshot of having it.  I think now he has.  I believe this very strongly.

What I respect about the man is he’s not somebody you trust to have it both ways.  If you don’t like what he’s saying, okay, don’t like it.  He’ll say what he does think.  What he says is: Okay, this is what I am.  Because this is what I am, I’m going to make all these commitments.  I’m also going to get Mike Pence as my VP.  I’m going to get Kellyanne Conway as my campaign manager.  He has Marjorie_Dannenfelser_smallrecruited the best pro-life talent that is out there anywhere to run alongside with him.  That says a lot.  I’m just glad that you’re talking about this and you and I have made these steps, probably in tandem not even knowing it.  There are truly well-informed people don’t know this and seem to be okay thinking they can sit on the sidelines, when the consequences for this are the death of thousands and thousands and thousands of children.  That is no exaggeration.  It is certainly no small thing.  The beginning of the end of our religious liberty will be the election of Hillary Clinton, without question.  If you care about either of those things, there is no sitting on the sidelines.

Mike:  There is a woman out there.  She has a blog.  She has about 100,000 followers on Facebook because she wrote something to the effect, and I’ll paraphrase here: I’m Catholic and I’m pro-Hillary and here’s why.  I wrote her back twice.  It’s still on my website at  I said: No, you’re not Catholic.  You may be pro-Hillary but you’re not Catholic.  I’ve been telling anyone that will listen that the most important thing we can do while we suffer under this menacing hulk of the federal judiciary and the rest of the federal government implementing Obamacare, torturing and going after the Little Sisters of the Poor, for example, and all the other things that we’re doing is to stay true to the faith and to the message.  Life begins at conception.  Anyone that will make allies with us, we need to make the alliances.

When I saw that you had accepted the position, I think in July, I went: Hmm, Susan B. Anthony is in on this?  Wow.  That’s when I began to think of Donald Trump as a real pro-life candidate.  Then you sent the letter out and I read the letter.  What I’d like for you to do is – people that may be on the fence about Donald Trump, I think you’ve already done a pretty good job of it, but what is it that he has asked you to do in leading this coalition?  What does the Susan B. Anthony List, what would a typical – Hi, Mr. Smith.  I’m with the Susan B. Anthony List.  What does that conversation, after knocking on the door, sound like?

Dannenfelser:  Very often it is predictable, very often it is not.  We do have something to get done there.  What we say at the door is we go over the – we want to make sure that they understand what – first of all, we make sure they’re with us.  You can’t take somebody from zero to hundred in a 60-second conversation.  We’ve found that almost all of them are already with us, Hispanics, Democrats, Republicans, that’s who we’re talking to.  Then we say: Do you know that this is Hillary Clinton’s position and this is Donald Trump’s position?  Then we ask will that affect their vote and what their plans are to vote.  [unintelligible]  What’s more interesting is the substance of those conversations.  They almost never go like that.  There’s a connection made between the canvasser and the person at the door.  That is what we know about the Holy Spirit, right?  This is where politics and faith collide, and where they should collide.  Very often there’s a real conversation.  Very often somebody has had an experience and is still in pain.  Nobody has ever brought it up.  This is not about tax deductions [unintelligible].  This is about something really intimate and personal.  We have today 400,000 [?] people having these conversations in Ohio, Florida, and in North Carolina.

Mike:  Really?

Dannenfelser:  I would say pray for them.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be in the middle of those conversations, and that they be brave.

Mike:  Marjorie, some of our Evangelical and Protestant friends may think this is corny, but I have a hashtag, #rosariesforTrump.  I also have one for Mrs. Clinton.  My thought on that is, what a magnificent act of the Holy Ghost to prevail on her and get her to renounce Planned Parenthood.  Now that’s a conversion.

Dannenfelser:  That’s a conversion.  Why not pray for what we want?

Mike:  Exactly.

Dannenfelser:  Who are we going to ask for what we want, the guy at 7Eleven?  He can’t give it to us.  The guy who made her can change her.  I’m enough of a practical political person to know that you can’t bank on that for the future.  What we can bank on is what they’ve said.  However, we can never give up on what you just described.

Mike:  Folks, this is Marjorie Dannenfelser.  She is with the Trump Pro-Life Coalition 2016.  I know we only have a couple minutes left and you’re a busy woman.  Give the folks the number again of volunteers – you mentioned Ohio and Florida?

Dannenfelser:  Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.

Mike:  That’s where you’re concentrating?


Dannenfelser:  That’s where we’re concentrated.  We intend to add 100 canvassers in the next few weeks.  We so far have knocked on almost 700,000 doors.  So 700,000 homes have been visited by our people.

Mike:  It shows in the polls.

Dannenfelser:  Yes, I believe you’re right.  This is the only pro-life effort – let’s put it this way.  No one has ever done this.  We’re already doing it together.  We’ve already got the operation up and running.  What we do need is people in t hose states, or people willing to go to those states, to go door to door.  The number to call if you really are able to help with this in any way is (202) 223-8073.  That’s really hard to remember.  Just Google Susan B. Anthony List and you’ll get right to us and be able to figure out how to get to work.

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Mike:  I guarantee you some people are listening right now and they’ll listen when the podcast is uploaded.  We’ll make this publicly available so that you ladies can use it at your desire.  You’re going to get some volunteers out of this.  I’ll give you one final thought and one final question.  When the professional pundits, when the punditocracy was on television on various shows, they were Veritas_earbuds_listensaying: Trump doesn’t have a ground game.  Mrs. Clinton’s got a ground game.  I was thinking to myself: This guy doesn’t like to lose.  There’s something going on here that you idiots don’t know about, because Trump is not a loser.

Dannenfelser:  From day one that’s been true.  I was one of the idiots.  I’m not going to assume this over and over and over again.  After a little while, someone gets the message.  He knows what he’s doing.  I’m not saying he’s going to win on his own.  I’m saying you’re right.

Mike:  You are the ground game.

Dannenfelser:  I think we’ve got some great results so far.  He doesn’t have to do it all.  He’s going to do what he’s doing well.  We need to do what we’re doing well, just like Mother Teresa said: I can do what I can do, but I can’t do what you do.

Mike:  Susan B. Anthony List, what’s the website?

Dannenfelser:  It’s www.sba-list – just Google Susan B. Anthony List.  It’s the first thing that’ll pop up

Mike:  Folks, if you’d like to volunteer, go door to door, pro-life, make the connections out there, I think many people would benefit from this.  Many people that get talked to and convert away from being what’s called pro-choice will benefit as well.  Look Marjorie up and the Susan B. Anthony List.  Contribute as you can with your time and your efforts.  Marjorie, thanks for being with us.  I really appreciate it.

Dannenfelser:  I’ve loved it.  I’ve really been looking forward to it and now I know why.  I hope we can do it again.

Mike:  We’ll definitely do it again.  Pick a day when you’re not busy, that’s not going to happen, not busy ten minutes before the election for one more final call.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate it.

Dannenfelser:  God bless.  Thanks.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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