The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Trump Speech: Boots on Mars, Military Bases On Hoth Run By Over-Paid Women-Yaaaaay Populism

State of The Trump Speech: The Good, The Bad & The Feminine Unreal.

Mandeville, La – For a first effort, this was a clear winner for the USA! USA! Trump voter, who got the ill-advised red-meat, biggest military in the history of the universe, promise they wanted. They got the USA! USA! $1Trillion New, Stimulus, Succubus, Porkulus “Infrastructure” project they howled for tonight but booed and protested for 3 years when Obama/Pelosi promised then executed it. I am left holding the bag of reality and asking: “Are you f**king people cheering this , f**king nuts!? There are NO $$$ to “rebuild the military”… and “fund $1 TRILLION in ‘infrastructure”! If Hillary proposed this we’d be talking about millions of ex-patriots being created and how righteous they are.

For the rest of hopeful, Reality-Based ‘Muricans, the Era of Trump may have just ended in co-opted infamy.
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