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Trump “The Killing In Ukraine Must Stop!”

todayJuly 19, 2023 6

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump w/ Sean Hannity – Ukraine/Russia War

You have hundreds of thousand dead people and cities absolutely demolished. You are gonna’ find out later just how many people have actually died. I’m for one thing very simple: I want to stop people from getting killed, and I’ll have it stopped fast. 

  • There is a strong anti-war sentiment running deep in these people in the GOP running for the highest office.
  • The appearance and general messaging from the campaigns come from the base.
  • The lefts candidates want war, murder, abortion etc
  • The red meat craving base of the GOP wants 1. real votes actually counted 2. no war on any front w/ any country
  • Any candidate like Mike Pence, he is done.
  • He is a neo-con and he won’t make it.
  • QUESTION: Is there a cult of Zionist?
  • Why don’t we get any news anymore about COVID and the jab experiment they had in Israel?
  • Why don’t we see what happened what the death rates are now or anything?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump w/ Sean Hannity – On Impeachments

They impeached me over a phone call, a perfect phone call so why aren’t they impeaching Biden for receiving tens of millions of dollars?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump w/ Sean Hannity – Ballot Harvesting (do you embrace it now)

I do but I have to say they create phony ballots. For some reason Republicans all want to go out on that one day and vote. They don’t want voter ID b/c they cheat. The one thing we have to be careful of is them creating the ballots. 

  • By and large the people that vote for the Republican party are honest people.
  • This leads them to think everyone else is also honest and we know this simply isn’t the case.
  • Mail-in ballots shouldn’t count and we don’t need them.
  • COVID is over so the absentee/mail-in ballots should be over. 
  • There is fraud simply baked into them.
  • If Trump isn’t on the right path, why do the left want him in jail so badly?
  • For some reason they have some doubt that the ‘fix’ isn’t 100% in for the Democrat candidate


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