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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Tucker Carlson Achieves Thrill Of A Lifetime With This Hatemail

Tucker Carlson sucker punched all of the mainstream media and the Libtard Demoncrats.  Since he announced his interview with Putin, the MSM have gone out of their way to discredit Tucker as a journalist.  The “journalists” quickly jumped in front of their cameras with their Media Mattes talking points and launched barrage of attacks at Tucker.  After that initial salvo, the trotted out the M.O.A.L. (Mother Of All Liars).  Hillary Clinton quickly took to the media to say that Tucker is a tool for Russia and Putin.  She also called him a useful idiot and she was certain that he would come back to America and work for some Russian news outlet.   This tells Mike Church one thing.  Tucker is over the target. Mike expose all the dirty antics of the mainstream media and Hillary’s lies, why he is a just a hair jealous of Tucker. Listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily to learn more about this interview with Putin. 


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