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Tucker Carlson Is A Few Ave Maria’s From Becoming A Catholic Distributist

Mandeville, LA –  Wow…just wow! Watch this monologue from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and, for the moment, imagine you’re listening to Hilaire Belloc deliver the same, oh so juicy and enlightening screed.

OK, Fantasy Island time is over, Carlson is not Belloc but he is but a few Ave Maria’s away and we should all pray for him (really). What Tucker has written and then voiced is Fox News first and only, what I will call, Saint John The Baptist Moment (SJBM): he is a lone voice crying in the wilderness that is MSM TV. Carlson has apparently seen a lot more vapid greed and vainful pride whilst inside the bowels of Faux News then he ever saw while editing The Daily Caller and only seeing these lost souls at arms length. Here’s a few nuggets from Tucker’s monologue I really like and applaud.

Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones, or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China are going to make us happy? They haven’t so far. A lot of Americans are drowning in stuff. Yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot.

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Near the end of Tucker’s monologue, comes the SJBM, I sense that Carlson knows his call is going to be sneered at by the elite he hopes to convert, and he’s to be praised for this intent, and this is why you and I should pray those Ave Maria’s for Tucker’s conversion to The One True Faith; what an apostle for subsidiarity, solidarity and oh yeah, Distributism he will make. Ave Maria!

What will it take a get a country like that? Leaders who want it. For now, those leaders will have to be Republicans. There’s no option at this point. But first, Republican leaders will have to acknowledge that market capitalism is not a religion. Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster. You’d have to be a fool to worship it. Our system was created by human beings for the benefit of human beings. We do not exist to serve markets. Just the opposite. Any economic system that weakens and destroys families isn’t worth having. A system like that is the enemy of a healthy society. [emphasis mine – MC]

Our Blessed Lady of Sorrows, oremus!

Tucker then goes to take on what sounds like the enemy of true vocation and economy – which begins in the home – usury.

Our mindless cultural leaders act like it’s still 1961, and the biggest problem American families face is that sexism is preventing millions of housewives from becoming investment bankers or Facebook executives. For our ruling class, more investment banking is always the answer. They teach us it’s more virtuous to devote your life to some soulless corporation than it is to raise your own kids. They should also speak out against the ugliest parts of our financial system. Not all commerce is good. Why is it defensible to loan people money they can’t possibly repay? Or charge them interest that impoverishes them? Payday loan outlets in poor neighborhoods collect 400 percent annual interest. We’re ok with that? We shouldn’t be. [emphasis mine-MC]

They should also speak out against the ugliest parts of our financial system. Not all commerce is good. Why is it defensible to loan people money they can’t possibly repay? Or charge them interest that impoverishes them?

If Pope Francis took 2 paragraphs from this monologue and delivered them in a daily homily or even better, included them in a Papal bull, most of us would be so inspired and excited, if the nearest Mass was a N.O. clown Mass, we’d go and worship, filled with praise, and maybe wrapped in a minor ecstasy. I pray you’ll share this one with your neocon, Hannity-Levin addicted “republican” friends… and then pray some Ave Maria’s for them.

Ave Maria, Oremus!

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