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Tuesday New Christendom Daily-Look Up In The Boston Commons! It’s A Turd, It’s A Dong, No, It’s MLK’s Embrace

todayJanuary 17, 2023 2

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HEADLINE: The Christian Transcendence of the Right/Left Dichotomy by Sean Domencic 

  • Remember the doctor that was traveling to pro-life states and performing abortions?
  • Doctor Leana Wen was her name.
  • NPR did a big write up about her and her ‘work’.
  • She is a sociopath. 
  • She feels no remorse for murdering all these babies.
  • Clearly, the Right cannot be reduced to a penchant for monarchy or integralism, industrialism or imperialism, racial castes or traditional sexual ethics. But what is common to the kinds of things Rightist movements love and defend is that they are all hierarchies, upheld in the name of nature, tradition, and order. Burke and De Maistre may disagree about how powerful the monarchy should be, but they agree that a fundamentally unequal relationship between ruler and ruled is in harmony with human nature, an enduring historical form of antiquity, and part of finding our place in the cosmic order. Because of this love, Rightists, whether Metternich or Guizot, the American Confederacy or the Anti-bimetallists, the European Fascists or the NATO Anti-communists, all hate the forces of revolution and chaos, precisely because they rebel against (various) hierarchies, that is, necessary and natural systems of unequal power. This rebellion, wherever it appears as an intentional, political effort, the Right calls “the Left”—their ultimate enemy.  

Boston MKL Embrace Sculpture

  • This thing looks like a giant turd being held by hands.
  • Imagine how much could have been done for the poor, for children for the elderly in the city of Boston w/ that $10 million.
  • Why don’t people see this as wasteful?
  • It certainly isn’t art.
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