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Tuesday New Christendom Daily-The Constitution Bans The Bills Of Attainder, The Regime Is Going To Serve Trump

todayMarch 21, 2023 3

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Donald Trump Upcoming Arrest?

HEADLINE: Arresting Trump: An End-Of-America Watch Party by Eddie Scarry 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Washington DCbike racks being deployed around the Capitol complex.

Bills of Attainder

  • Why is this in the US Constitution?
  • Sect 9 of Article 1
  • His property could be ceased and he/she could face imprisonment or execution.
  • Adam Schiff finally said “I got the phone call and Trump was going down.” 
  • He convinced Nancy Pelosi that this call was legit.
  • He completely lied about what the call was if you remember.
  • September 2019 Nancy Pelosi – she held press conferences telling reporters “we know that he will not be in that office on January 20, 2021.”
  • QUESTION: How could she have known that then?
  • He survived 2 impeachment attempts, he survived the January 6th committee too.
  • QUESTION: Why do these attempts always fail?
  • This is something I love about Trump.
  • He has bested all his peers that he graduated w/ in business. 
  • Even if Democrats really were concerned about our convoluted election regulations, no serious person thinks New York’s district attorney has a case against Trump.

HEADLINE: “America’s Got Trump”: Get Ready for a Truly Made-for-TV Prosecution by Jonathan Turley 

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Written by: TheKingDude

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