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Tuesday Pile of Prep – GOP Is About To Blow An Election So Easy Even A Caveman Could Win It

Hodierna Verba Veritatis et Sapientiae

“the left-wing playbook is based on two pillars: the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home, the January 6 ‘insurrection’ investigation—and selective daily leaking about both. Between the raid and the star-chamber House inquiry, we are supposed to forget unaffordable gas and food, dangerous U.S. cities, over 3 million people swarming the border, and the Afghanistan debacle. Yet if the Republicans advance a coherent national plan of action to restore a pre-Biden America, if Donald Trump will focus positively on national issues and not take the bait to obsess on the wrongs done to him, and if grass-roots conservatives this time around prepare to preempt massive left-wing vote harvesting, they will achieve their blowout.” – Victor Davis Hanson,Will Republicans Really Win Back The House?

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The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

A New October Red Revolution Approaches

The TrannyMammy™ Zeitgest Has Set Up Shop At Boston CHILDREN’S Hospital

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

Republicans Don’t Get It – Julie Kelly AND Victor Davis Hanson explain the reckless way the GOP and Trump are handling Bidenflation and an upcoming election that is so easy to win, “even a caveman can do it”


Macaroni Grill Charging $2 Extra Per Check, Line at Bottom of Bill Explains Why – This is happening everywhere I have traveled of late and one of our favorite sushi joints now has a 5% upcharge if you use a credit card

Trump Calls For An Electoral Do-Over!

‘If Trump is indicted, there’ll be riots’: GOP Senator Lindsey Graham threatens unrest if ex-president is prosecuted and says – The perp walk of Don John of Mar-A-Lago is inevitable and soon with Biden saying “we’ll let the INJustice Dept. Handle whether “nationals security was at risk”!

After Proclaiming The Opposite, Medical Pros Quietly Admit Mutilating Trans Kids Doesn’t Fix Depression – The University of Washington “Medical” Center lied about their study on the “benefits” of mutilating children who have been conned into believing they are in the wrong “gender”

An Energy Company In Austria Is On The Verge of Bankruptcy Because It Bought Energy Futures It Cannot Now Pay For – EVERY gubbmint in the EU is proving that it is populated with ignoramuses who are going to bring about the death of millions this coming winter

Former AG says Trump preferable to Left, but that conservatives who want real change need a better champion – Dreher joins #NeverTrump campaign (again) and completely discounts that Don John was the only “conservative” EVUH, to actual deal the death blow to Roe.

Nearly 3 out of 4 British pub owners don’t think their businesses will survive the winter – The news coming out of the EU and UK is awful and self inflicted: the coming winter will be one filled with much suffering and death 

Catch 22: As Covid Vaccine Cult Is Backed Off Cliff, It Seeks To Blame Trump Administration For The Vaccine Catastrophe – I have been talking about this since January that this was a completely unforced error on Trump’s part to continue bragging about the FrankenJab™ and now the Great Reset Cult of Death is taking advantage of it, this may be the thing that takes Trump out of the 2024 picture

A New October Red Revolution Is Coming And We Are On The Menu!

Canada to return turbines for Russian gas – The EU KNOWS that millions will be without heat and electricity this winter and are now trying to walk back their roach cake fed, frozen winter scheme

Details about assassination of ‘Russian world’ ideologue’s daughter revealed – Who was the daughter of Alexander Dugin? This was her and what happened to her

Forgiving Student Loans: Budgetary Costs and Distributional Impact – Bolshevik Biden’s latest imitation of Stalin will cost Boobus Americanus up to $1 TRILLION

Six months into Ukraine’s collapse, the world has changed forever – Pepé Escobar is back, explaining how Mossad, The CIA and MI6’s stranglehold on power is in its sunset and that the pivot “to the heartland”has begun and is UNSTOPPABLE

Told Ya So: Garland Is A Biden Bootlicker Who Did What He Was ToldMerrick Garland is a career hack and doesn’t have the stones nor the authority to order araid on Trump’s home, but in his dimentia Biden thinks he does and he ordered it, just as I told you 2 weeks ago

Weaponized Compassion & The Culture War – Back in the early 80’s, sodomite “culture” hadn’t yet produced AIDS and life expectancy for homosexual males in their mid-40’s so EVERYTHING “gay” had to be accepted and promoted to preserve the sin’s acceptance. This is EXACTLY what’s happening with the TrannyMammy™ Zeitgeist.

They’re Baaa-aaaaack! The IRS is coming for EVERYONE Who Has An Online Sales Account

Boom. And so it begins, corporate ‘Muricah is selling the middle class scrappers out. This will only get worse if people try and hide their sales. Watch out.

Told Ya: Merrick Garland Is A Stooge Who Did Biden’s Bidding 

The shoes are now dropping from The Biden Regime’s Bolshevik inspired raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago: Biden ordered the DOJ to ignore Trump’s Executive  Privilege and search his Mar-a-Lago home!

Fauci Lied, Millions Died

The rats are fleeing the bad ship Covid, from Celia Farber’s Substack:

I asked Mr. Kennedy, by text, if he would give me a quote, (and to please not hold back.)

”Why do you think Fauci resigned now?” I asked.

He replied:

“All the lies are starting to unravel.

“Even Dr. Fauci’s propaganda commissars at CNN are asking why our country, under Dr. Fauci’s helmsmanship, had the world’s highest Covid body counts.

“His hand picked investigator on the Lancet Commission, Jeffrey Sachs, is now functionally accusing Dr. Fauci, and his minion, Peter Daszak, of helping to create Covid in the Wuhan lab, and of lying incessantly to cover their tracks.

“In recent days, his key and most loyal subordinates: Robert Redfield, Robert Kadlec, Christian Hassel, and Lawrence Tabec, have all distanced themselves, trying to get clear of the splatter zone.

Even Birx and Wallensky are doing Mea Culpas. The rats are leaving the ship. The Omertà is collapsing.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,



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