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Tuesday Pile of Prep-Maxine Has Gone MARXine As The Violent Left Rises

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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2017 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas -But if we do revive and pursue the pagan ideal of a simple and rational self-completion we shall end–where Paganism ended. I do not mean that we shall end in destruction. I mean that we shall end in Christianity.”- G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

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The SJW Mobs Are Coming To A Restaurant Near You – Member of The House of Representin’, Marxine Waters, has said a lot of incredibly stupid and offensive things in her 3 decades representin’ her Southern California district but here harangue this past Saturday is the Michael Buffer show stopper of all-time. Waters exhorted a flash-mob to seek out members of the Trump Administration’s cabinet, in public, and, well, watch for yourself.

David French warns that what the unhingers are doing these days ultimately leads to Waters’ restaurant-grocery store mob, finding out where you live and invading your home to mete out their “justice”; its already happened. Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi was confronted at a showing of the film Mr. Rogers and tells the tale of how the libtard bullies tried to taunt her into a violent response.

We have been warned dozens of times now by Our Lady that unless God is restored as the center of Christian civilization, there will be nothing to restrain men from turning on one another and the “living will envy the dead.” Its beyond time to take her warnings seriously. One way to do so is to join the confraternity I’ve formed The CRUSADER Knights of the Holy Rosary.

An Assault On “Brown People” Is An Assault On Liberty – I’m not what is in the water in South Carolina but I am sure that it is there and Lindsay Graham is evidence of it. Michael Shindler wonders when Lindsay Graham and his ilk will run out of justifications for the following.

“America’s military has over 800 bases worldwide, more than any other nation or empire in history. In order to staff, equip, and maintain this body, the U.S. spends more on defense than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, and France combined—to great effect.”

DOn’t hold your breath Michael, Graham et al have successfully convinced President Trump that more is still needed and the beating of what few plowshares remain, into drones, has begun.

FROM CANON 212  DOT COM: The Purge Must Begin Now So Real Men of God Can Answer God’s Call – Donald McClarey sums up what many are thinking upon learning the news of Cardinal McClarick’s pereverted life. “For too long the Church, too often, has not been ordaining men but rather craven careerists who will do anything, anything, to protect their phony baloney jobs. They are not only unworthy of being priests, they are unworthy to be called men.” Indeed, the purge needs to start in earnest and will accelerate once the faithful withdraw their support from those who supported the new inconoclasm that produced “priests” like McClarick.

Kicked Out Huckabee Sanders Saga Shows Libtards Realizing The Power of Private Property – Say what you want about the owner of the Red Hen Restaurant in rural, NOVA, but she acted upon her rightful ownership of private property when she asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave her restaurant because of the owner’s “moral objections” to POTUS. According to the Washington Post he restaurant’s owner said this about her decision.

“I would have done the same thing again,” she said “We just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions. This appeared to be one.”

So, Ms. Wilkinson can “live her convictions” on her private property – her restaurant – and she is an approved, SJW hero but if a Christian tries to live “their convictions” by refusing a specific service, they must be coerced to subdue their “convictions”. Recall Rachel Maddow’s interrogation of then candidate for the GOP nomination to run for senate in KY. Maddow ambushed Paul with a harangue about how he could reconcile “privater property rights and the 1964 Civil Rights act.

Has Hollywood Taken A RIGHT Turn At Albuquerque? – First there was the undeniable pro-life messages delivered by Avengers-Infinity War and now comes the sanctity of life being promoted in Jurassic World. The dinosaurs are still the stars but there is a subtle yet unmistakable recurring theme in the film: nature has a way of mkaing and continuing life, messing with it produces monstrous results. This includes *SPOILER ALERT* the revelation that the new teenage heroine the franchise is developing is actually a clone-the product of the same DNA tampering that produces the dinosaurs.

I Thought Farm Aid Was Supposed To Save Rural ‘Muricah?! – Vincent David Johnson has done us the signal favor of traveling to photograph the ghost farms of the great, ‘Murican countryside and there are a lot more of them than we are told about. Johnson:

“Little did I know that when I started, the 1990s in many ways would turned out to be a pivotal decade for small farm towns and rural America, almost the beginning of the end. Just over a century since millions of people rushed onto the Great Plains, the ’90s would mark the beginning of a time when the quantity, size, and labor of farms in America would flatline.”

This tragedy is one of our elite ruling master’s making. The very idea that a civilization must grow the food needed to sustain itself should guarantee the endurance of the farms that grow that food, enter the agri business cartels.Our food isn’t grown anymore, its “processed” and you don’t need many Old Macdonald’s to produce the staple crops to do that. Johnson’s story is a sad one but it doesn’t have to be a requiem… people still gotta eat.

“What Lies Beneath” And Who Cares!? – Have you ever stopped to wonder what greenery or aged building once occupied the space where a Mickey D’s currently sits, belching out its menu of compacted and processed obesity? Was there a forest or a “5 and dime”? Did someone make a home or a vocation or both in the location? In almost every case imaginable in today’s modern hysteria, A. we’ll never know because B. no one is asking the question or put differently, thinking philosophically about the question; David Warren gives it a shot.

Did The Makers of Jurassic World Just Go Carmelite & Choose Life Over Lesbians?The word on the street is that there was a lesbionic smooch fest in the new Jurassic World film, out today, that was edited out, and has drawn the ire of the usual suspects at Mashable. Maybe, just maybe, dinosaurs eat lesbian flesh the same way they eat flesh in a state of grace with the exception being the sinful flesh tastes like diseased frog and the graceful flesh like organic chicken |*satire*|.

The Parents of Alfie Evans’s Are About To Confirm What We already Know – The Cult of Death claimed the life of baby Alfie Evans, this we already know. What we don’t know are the details; details I told you Alfie’s parents know but were sworn to secrecy to protect the Industry of Death. The Evans’ now say they will reveal all, something I’ll believe when I see/hear it. If they have life insurance policies, they better make sure they are current.

Make Mexico Great Again!? – Before the #MAGA faitful and President Trump can “make Mexico pay for the wall” they’re threatening to build there will be an election for the Mexican presidency and the candidate leading in the polls is promoting….? you guessed it: Make MEXICO Great Again. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO for short, is campaigning as a cross between the industry promoting socialists of the past and a populist Trump like, Make Mexico Great Again future, and he will probably win. Michael J Ard offers this nugget of insight about AMLO.

“Much of the progress the United States has made with Mexico on security cooperation will probably be jeopardized. It’s hard to believe that AMLO will endorse the close relations that the DEA, the Pentagon, and the intelligence community have forged with their Mexican counterparts in the war on drugs.”

You mean someone may actually get to say “no” to the ever rapacious and expanding ‘Murican police state!? Say it is so!

The Demons Are Ascendent And They’ve Come For The Priests – “Gird your loins”. Joe Biden once said this when he was running for the Dumbocrat nomination against John Kerry in 2004. Biden was referring to the impending failure that was to be called the “troop surge” but easy Joe’s warning can just as easily be applied to the Catholic Church of today of which he is a member. The Church is poised for the greatest embarrassments and humiliations she has ever see and the near certain conviction of Cardinal McCarick is just the tip of the spear. McCarick is accused of career spanning acts of homosexual perversions, so prolific, GLAAD can make him a poster star. It must be stated that it was Saint John Paul II who made this deeply troubled man a Cardinal and there’s every reason to suspect that McCarick isn’t the last “shoe to drop”. What are the faithful to do while embroiled in this widening sea of what will become incriminations “why are you still a member of that church that has so many perverts as….” as if the Church Militant can just be shuttered because a prelate, who was now, obviously, not a true member, has been revealed as an unrepentant victim of The Fall!? Pray the Rosary with The CRUSADER Knights, that’s what. Then there’s this: Rod Dreher knew of this scandal for years!

Why Do I Properly Call Parents of  Sexually Confused Kids, TrannyMammy’s™? Ask The Atlantic – The Atlantic Magazine’s latest cover story delves into the cases of two children who thought they were the “wrong gender”. One was prevented from “transitioning” while the other proceeded with physical mutilation of her body; the results are disastrous for the successful “transition.” This should serve as a cautionary tale to help parents counsel their children against mutilation but the aforementioned TrannyMammy’s™ will have none of that. You MUST promote transitions regardless of the results and take it from the TrannyMammy™ pimps of “successful transitions”, they’re current experience is all that matters. David Marcus is spot on in reporting on the TrannyMammy™ hissy fit this story has produced on Twitter.

Amazon Granted Seat At $4.5 Trillion All You Can Eat Buffet – The D’FAANG just got awarded a no-bid, seat at the $4.5 TRILLION, all you can eat taxpayer financed buffet served up everyday in Mordor on The Potomac. Amazon will now have sole control over the DOD’s “cloud computing services” and will become a haven for “military workers” to “move into the private sector” by going to work for Amazon and this new “service”. This is as good an example as you will ever see of why the MIC cannot be dismantled and why the growth of the super-state cannot be stopped unless there is a catastrophic series of events that defangs this monster. Bruce Fein puts a point on it “The Pentagon’s crony capitalism never sleeps.” True ‘dat.

Trump And The Chirping Sectaries – Senator Rand Paul remains the last, best hope for Libertarian/Tea Party Man and in the age of Trump, libertarian objects are principally met by accident, not by design. Kevin Welch at Reason sounds the call to abandon the GOP ship.

“Libertarian policy goals will still sometimes be met under Trump, some of them intentionally, some not. He will continue deregulating and appointing some good judges, may yet contribute to genuine peace on the Korean peninsula, and has proven surprisingly malleable on marijuana enforcement and prison reform. But as an organizing body, particularly anywhere near the levers of federal power, the GOP is an increasingly unreliable ally to libertarians.”

It is truly an amazing feat: the GOP is nearly ubiquitous in its control of the legislatures of ‘Muricah, save for a few exceptions like California, yet the government continues to grow, consolidate and become more menacing and sinister at the same time. Like I always say, “an entity is either religious or irreligious and the more of the latter it becomes the more antagonistic it becomes of the former.

Trump Is Actually Trying To Make Hoth Great Again – It used to be a joke on the Mike Church Show that ‘Murican military power extends “from here to the Ice World of Hoth, around the Motara Nebula, through the Stargate and back”, now President Trump is trying to make it a reality by launching the U.S. Space Force. This has to be the most bone-headed fit of star spangled awesomeness ever conceived of. Think of it, chanting “USA! USA! USA!” in a lifeless vacuum to all the prospective bombing targets below, above, left, right; “is that an asteroid or a Chinese cruiser over there!? Phasers set to vaporize!” Peter Wimer, a European peace activist pleads with Trump to resist committing an “international crime”.

“It is in the interest of the United States and the rest of the world to make sure that space never becomes a war-fighting domain. We can achieve that by continuing to make sure it is neither permissible nor opportune. The next logical step would be to agree that war in space is an international crime.”

Daniel Larison is predictably not impressed either but I think the biggest reason for disappointment is that this move highlights an extraordinary lack of imagination in our elite ruling masters. I’ll wager that Trump’s thought is that this will spur imaginations into fits of creative wonder over the possibilities but the truth is the only possibility is an increase in death and the field upon which it can be pursued by “patriots”. Pitting ‘Murican Man against all of mankind, from outer space is a surrender of the imaginative high ground in exchange for the blood soaked grounds of Iraq, Afghanistan and Antietam; we need and deserve better.

The “Small Is Still Beautiful” Come sTo The Citizens of Libtardia – I have been quoted as saying that “the only thing standing between conservatives and a life of conservatism was conservatism”; by this I mean embracing the value of the small because it is part of the good, True and beautiful. ˇNow comes the news that those “sanctuary cities” we keep hearing about are actual attempts at federalism and localism…. “Mitter Chur I have heard your say this a million times!”. Bingo, but does that mean that leftists are moralizing traditionalists? No, it means that the beauty and efficacy of Christendom can be universally accepted and implemented. This story at the American Conservative misses that point but is still a good read.

Fake, TV Fathers, Do Not Know BestRead the most compelling yet sickening essay about a baby girl named Christine Monroe. Christine is the product of a culture that is now so possessed with the importance of its own material accomplishments that it no longer even attempts to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong. These have given way to profitable and not profitable; top-rated (as in TV ratings) and “cancelled” and all the while, children have now become a marketable commodity that Americans will pay to watch being manufactured for the joy of sodomites. Where are the feminists defending Alexandra Trent?

“Alexandra Trent certainly understands that now. The reality star is upset that Trent’s lawsuit might “tarnish the most amazing experience of [his] life,” which was watching the girl he paid a clinic to manufacture be evacuated from the womb he rented while cameras rolled and he mused about the birth mother’s substandard grooming. He paid good money for that girl; that womb; that experience. He “thought this was over,” like any other temporary contractual relationship.”

Making babies is now a “contractural relationship” that anyone who has the money can become a party to. The demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the children and now no one is telling them no. Can the chastisement promised by Our Lady at Akita be far away?

The Lack of The Irish: Compulsory Abortions Coming To Ireland? – Wesley J Smith is an ethicist who has been a guest on the Mike Church Show several times. His book Culture of Death, is the definitive takedown of the death industry and its diabolical origins. Smith is now warning that the legislation the Irish are considering to make abortions “safe and legal” will actually force Catholic doctors to perform the procedure over their own objections and that’s not all:

“Forcing every institution that receives public funds to perform any legal medical service means that if Ireland legalizes euthanasia — under discussion post referendum — Catholic hospitals will be required to allow sick patients to be killed in their wards. Sex-change surgeries will also have to be provided. Ditto sterilization, not to mention abortion.”

Congratulations Ireland, Canada and the rest of Huxley’s Brave New World, the death industrial complex now owns you. What do you think will happen when that industry deems you no longer “productive” or even “cooperative”?

Staring, Courting and Dating Are Now Illegal At NetflixYou just can’t make this stuff up, folks:

“Senior staff went to a harassment meeting to learn what is and isn’t appropriate,” an on-set runner told the Sun. “Looking at anyone longer than five seconds is considered creepy… You mustn’t ask for someone’s number unless they have given permission for it to be distributed. And if you see any unwanted behaviour, report it immediately. Don’t give lingering hugs or touch anyone for a lengthy period of time…Don’t ask out a colleague more than once if they have said no… Steer clear of a colleague once they have said they are not interested in you… Don’t flirt…. Shout ‘Stop, don’t do that again! if a colleague has been inappropriate.”

From the company that is now actively producing 2 animated shows that feature child pornography and children “transitioning” into “drag heroes”, is any of this a surprise. Maybe Netflix should do a show about being Christian and working at Netflix (if such a creature exists!)

Canada’s High Court To God: Drop Dead, We’re In Charge NowIt is now official: no religious institution can profess to teach Christianity to Canadians, private or not.

The TV Fathers Who “Knew Best” – If you had to pick one TV show dad as your favorite who would it be? For me its a tossup twixt the all-too-real Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neill and, believe it or not, Homer Simpson… “Homer Simpson, Mitter Chur…PLEASE!!” Well, Homer has remained married to Marge for 25 seasons of the show, remained faithful to her, and even went to Church with Marge and the kids a time or two (that’s about as good as it gets, these days). Homer also, with all his imbecility and bungling, does make you laugh at his inability to surmount nearly every problem he faces and yet he remains undaunted in his pursuit of them. Telly Davidson has a very detailed rundown of TV Dads to reminisce by.

Speaking of Fathers… Read “Cheap Sex & The Decline of Marriage in today’s WSJ. Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life, sums it up.

“Trinity Western, like any other private institution, is entitled to hold its religious views including those on the biblical understanding of sex and marriage. Tragically this decision states that there is no room for religious diversity in the public sphere.”

Again, I hate quibbling over terms but we must get the small things correct: the Bible says 0.0 about sex and marriage, God, speaking directly to Moses and Our Lord speaking directly to the Apostles, said all that needs saying, these commands were recorded and included in The Bible, which is not an authority on its own. Still, I concur that Canada has just killed “religious diversity”, so, what now?

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs – The Oscar nominated film 3 Billboards apparently (I haven’t seen it) contains the suicide of a small town’s police chief, played by Woody Harrelson. The suicide and the reasons for it left in the Chief’s note say a lot about the suicide epidemic sweeping ‘Muricah today. Casey Chalk has seen the film and is not impressed with Hollywood’s “life sucks, get a gun and end it all” take on suffering.

“Suicide is also front-and-center in this story. After coughing up blood on McDormand’s character and being carted away on a stretcher, the police chief determines to make the most of his final days. He takes his family out into the countryside, helps his daughters go fishing, and then sneaks off with his wife to some secluded place for a little marital intimacy. Later that night, he walks into his barn, puts a bag over his head, and shoots himself. His letter to his unsuspecting wife, written tenderly and lovingly, explains that he wanted to spare her a slow, agonizing death.”

This “spare others the pain of your death” nonsense can also be put another way “spare others the chance to pray for your soul’s redemption and sentence them to knowing for the rest of their life that your soul was damned and is burning in Hell.” Great! Let’s get busy writing those suicide notes and giving the opioid industry the real patients they need!

Being “Fit” Now Means “Being Gay”!? The GayStapo Claims Another Christian’s Career – The company Crossfit has terminated the employment of Russell Berger, the company’s spokesman and a “lead trainer” because of his praising of an Indianapolis Crossfit Gym’s refusal to host a “Pride” workout that I assume would have featured “humping jacks” and men running on “headmills”as a display of “Pride in Action”. Seriously, the Gaystapo has now so fully integrated the boardrooms of nearly every ‘Murican corporation I have to wonder when it will become offensive to celebrate baby showers because they are offensive to those who choose just the sex and not the procreation it is intended for? For his part, Mr Berger took his sinful sacking in stride and used it as an opportunity to evangelize…if only there were Catholics with Mr Berger’s faith!

“As a Christian, I believe everyone, myself included, is guilty of breaking our moral obligations to God and deserves punishment,” he said in a text message to The Post. “But by turning from our sin and trusting fully in Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven and reconciled to our creator. I love those who the LGBTQ community represents, and want them to know Christ, and reveling in sin is a heartbreaking obstacle to that. I use the word ‘sin’ to describe pride events, and the sexual lifestyles associated with them, because that’s what God’s Word calls it, and I believe that God’s Word is true.”

I might quibble with the phrasing “because that’s what God’s WORD calls it” because it is simply God’s word, recorded by Man meaning His Word would still exist regardless of whether it was written down or not…small potatoes. Pray Mr Berger finds vocational work and is not further materially injured by the demonic hordes.

More Reasons To Tune In The CRUSADE And “Rip The Knob Off” – Did you know that a Pulitzer prize has been awarded to rapper Kendrick Lamar for his “album” DAMN which contains the following lyrical masterpiece from the song Humble.

If I quit your BM, I still ride Mercedes, funk
If I quit this season, I still be the greatest, funk
My left stroke just went viral
Right stroke put lil’ baby in a spiral
Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note
Its levels to it, you and I know, bitch, be humble

Wow, I am dazzled and left wondering why The CRUSADE Channel is not playing this masterpiece as a rotating track in place of the Mike Church Show Band’s satirical ramblings; “got vinyl, yo!?”

Chris Ferrara Is Out of The Running For Pig Pen Cloud BearerRead Ferrara’s report on the rise of The Mass of The Ages (in Latin) that is happening in Italy. You might see that glass half full!

It’s The Sun Stupid – The giant, flaming fireball in the sky we call the sun, turns out to be the most significant factor in “climate change”…who knew (I did)!? This piece titled Why The Sun Controls The Climate And CO2 is Meaningless, reveals the truth that human common sense already knew.

“No matter how the climate alarmists want to spin this con, no matter how desperate they want to believe, no matter how much lipstick they want to put on this pig, there is no way the actual physics behind the GHG Effect and the CO2 molecule will ever support their claims that CO2 is the cause of the oceans, and in turn atmosphere warming. It all is simply a big lie. The introductory graphic of the cleaning of the atmosphere is the cause of the warming. More visible warming radiation is simply reaching the oceans. CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

‘Nuff said.

Did President Trump Just Make M*A*S*H An Anchronism? – The various reports are mixed but the thrust is universal: President Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was the boldest foreign policy move since Nixon went to China. Daniel Larison writes that there’s enough diplomacy in the written statement of the meeting to send John “Bombin” Bolton into collusion fits with the Deep-State to end the talks before they can bear peaceful fruit. One thing is clear, Trump has elevated this campaign against his own war-hawk advisers to a level previously reserved for domestic policy staffers who remain unemployed.

CANON212.COM: Tucker Carlson’s Advice “Have More Babies!” – Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has become the anti – O’Reilly (whose time slot he assumed at Fox), serving up a steady, TV diet, of boilerplate common sense on war and domestic life. Sometimes, Carlson, unlike O’Reilly, sounds positively, dare I say, Catholic (he is known to be an Episcopalian). Watch this video for some off the cuff remarks on these subjects, proving what Chris Ferrara said about Carlson on my show back in February “he’s as close to having a practicing Catholic on mainstream news as we’ve seen this century.”

Misery & The City – 20 years ago this week, HBO brought the idea that women “could have sex like men” to television in the form of the show Sex And The City. Nevermind that men shouldn’t have been “having sex like men”, HBO’s gambit was that liberating women from traditional rites like marriage and chastity before wedlock “stifled” women’s “growth”, enter Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex And The City harlots. Now, 20 years later, many women who took the show as serious life advice have regrets. Isn’t it amazing how nearly every deviation from the practice of Christianity, when viewed over the long-term, creates human suffering, misery and the assurance of an unhappy death? Maybe God actually does know what he’s doing when he issues commands like “Honor thy father and thy Mother” and “do not covet thy neighbor’s wife”?!The LePanto Institute Highlights

• Demons Are Ascendent – LGBT-pushing Fr. James Martin to speak at Vatican’s World Meeting of Families

“French Catholicism” Isn’t Dead, You’re Looking For It in The Wrong Places – My friend Chris Ferrara has informed me of the spectacular turnout to this year’s pilgrimage to Chartres that included Marion Mérechal, niece of Marine le Pen. Mérechal, you will recall, stunned the CPAC DeceptiCONS with a speech loaded with Catholic doctrine and condemnation of the secular EU. This year, almost 20,000 Catholics including 3,000 or so ‘Muricans made the 75 mile walk from Notre Dame to Chartres to hear Cardinal Sarah speak of the “First daughter of The Church’s” stunning comeback. Meanwhile, Rod Dreher channels Orthodox author Jeane Claude Larchet in lamenting the “autopsy” of French Catholicism, proclaiming the old-girl dead and ready to be buried. French, traditional Mass goers might have something to say about that.

Good Food Isn’t The Same As God’s Food – Anthony Bourdain was a very talented tour guide and telecaster. He traveled the world in search of the corporeal realm’s Good, True and Beautiful, found it and presented it to the world via TV. Yet Bourdain missed out on the greatest and most beautiful food there is: the bread and wine offered during the celebration of The Holy Mass. There are writers and mourners who want to say this but just cannot bring themselves to the being unfriended on Facebook this will cause; but it might also cause the fallen away, lukewarm or reprobate to examine their conscious and turn or return to that buffet. Dusty Gates comes close to hitting this target.

“Anthony Bourdain’s death was a reminder that good food is not enough. Good atmosphere, good conversation, and good meals can take us a long way towards joy. But they are never substitutes for joy. Those things only give us true joy if they are accompanied, or, perhaps more accurately, preceded by a relationship with the Lord who gives us all these good things, and provides them with their significance.”

Bourdain missed the significance of this beauty and this bounty, let us pray his suicide brings fans to that realization.

What Happens When Christians Go Facebook “Viral” And Then Rely On It For Traffic? – The short answer is you are at the mercy of Mark Zuckerburg and Larry Page at best and at worst all of FANG. The reality of our digital age is that if you cannot navigate the FANG waters you cannot grow an online business or presence. Trust me. I have tried to do this for 2.5 years now and we are suppressed at every turn. We’re even giving a car away-a viral, buzz creating event if there ever was one-yet the only “bump” we get is through direct, one to one marketing. The gentleman that started the Babylon Bee can bear witness to this phenomenon.

“These two experiences helped bring about a disturbing epiphany for me. Here’s the short version: Facebook and Google are extremely liberal and they have massive control over what information reaches billions of people every day. Facebook the company is structured so Mark Zuckerberg—liberal Silicon Valley billionaire—has nearly complete control. Google the company is structured so Larry Page and Sergey Brin—liberal Silicon Valley billionaires—have nearly complete control. These are not co-ops. Facebook has hooked the world onto their service and now controls what information we see as we mindlessly scroll through our feeds all day. Google has a monopoly on search and controls what information we see when we ask any questions about anything. Almost everybody knows this, but it isn’t until somebody starts talking about it that people consider the implications.”

This is why The CRUSADE Channel as an independent broadcasting concern and friends of ours like Canon212.com are important-we are the resistance and that’s not hype.

A Quiet Place: Are Ascendent Demons, Coming For The Kids, The Monsters? – I saw the new film A Quiet Place on Friday night last and I can tell you it is a very special piece of art. A.C. Gleason has a review of it here and I generally agree with what he says about the film with some important additions. For the first time in years, John Krasinski presents a loving family as a single unit with a very strong father at its head. In 2018 this is no small achievement and Krasisnski gets away with it because of the novelty of silence he introduces in the film. I don’t want to spoil the plot but the family schemes to thwart the ravenous creatures that cause the silence from feasting on the family’s newest addition: a baby. There’s so much to like about this film I plan a full review later this week. This is 4 Reagan movie-making here, go see it!

Why You Need To Listen To The Pearcing Truth’s Series On Economics As If Families MatteredThe Federalist headline screams the current state of our civil, “economic” affairs. Yo, Big Business: Money Doesn’t Give You A Right To Manipulate Politics. It doesn’t? Then are you ready to begin implementing a system of Distributism, solidarity and subsidiarity? While ‘Murican Government has become the national religion, business and the exchange of money for pleasure and profit have become her powerful parishioners. Since we rarely know the people who grow or make our food or anything else for that matter, business has become a ubiquitous, requisite agent for exchange of what we want, mildly tempered by what we are willing to borrow to get it. Micro systems of barter exchange are gone, save for the rare entities that have carved out niche markets serving the locals, folks we used to call friends and neighbors. My ongoing feature series with the author of Small Is Still Beautiful, Joseph Pearce, delves heavily into this subject and is MUST LISTENING for anyone truly interested in avoiding Amazon et al from controlling the food supply and thus what is acceptable, secular behavior to get it. Download all 4 Episodes here.

The book’s stories are harrowing from the point of view that bodies and lives are being physically altered with no chance of repair. This is being done, allegedly, to bring about a more fairer world in which those born into the bodies of the sex they believe is not for them. But what is fair about having your breasts cut off while being doped up with drugs that get you banned from any professional sport? This is the work of Beazelbub and the boys and the poor souls who undergo these mutilations are the prizes.

Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!

The Religion That ‘Murican Politics Has Become – When Donald Trump as President, shows up at a rally to commemorate or promote something, the event takes on a religious tone; think about it. Before the President – the priest – enters the temple – the speaking stage – prayers are recited in unison – the Pledge of Allegiance – then an opening canticle is chanted – the National Anthem – then the priest makes his procession to the altar – the dais with the holy crest of the office of the President – then the priest begins “the mass” – making the political pronouncement and explaining why it is good for the congregation. When “the mass” is finished, the choir strikes up a driving beat of a “patriotic song” which serves as the post communion hymn and then the congregation takes leave to go and evangelize the gospel they just took in to unwashed masses – let the conversions begin! Michael Davis writes of this and makes the proper conclusion: All Politics Is Religion.

“Movement conservatism, meanwhile, is a kind of Protestantism. The Constitution fills the role of the Bible. It is immutable, if not infallible, and we must hold it, as Hamilton said, in “sacred reverence.” Like Protestantism, this conservatism defines itself by what it isn’t—monarchism, socialism, etc.—just as Protestantism is a blanket term for those Christian sects that arose in opposition to the Catholic Church. Jefferson and Adams are like Calvin and Luther: united by a common enemy more than a common creed.”

Armed with my description of a ‘Murican “Conservative Church” service, next time you see this transpire on Fox News and the propagandists for the faith wait breathlessly for the priest to arrive and mass begin, see if my description above is correct and if it is, know then what the takeaway is: The Faith has been replaced in most ‘Murican’s daily lives by the faith (sans caps intentional) in ‘Murica.

It’s June 2018 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limits. I have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”

Donate_to_our_CRUSADE_mutt The MIKE CHURCH SHOW and the Veritas Radio Newtork’s CRUSADE Channel are 26 months old this month. To see another 26 months of life, please support our crowdfunding effort, become a Founders Pass Member, place an ad or much more. Click SOS our Mascot for details!

The Tragedy of Post Christian, Philosophia Perennis Devoid Thinking – Read this piece from AmConMag writer Noah Millman to get a closeup view of why Philosophia Perennis is so desperately needed to corral the erroneous thinking Men are sure to engage in when NOT grounded in the eternal quest for True Wisdom i.s. Sapientia. The issue Noah, is not whether “only the Saints” can live by the Magisterial code, it is that by God’s Grace the Saints DID live the Tradition WHILE receiving the Graces needed to do so. You cannot approach Grace as zero sum, mathematics, as in if I do ______ I will receive ______ “Grace credits” but if I do ______I will have deducted ______ Grace Credits. Grace is present in the world and we are given the supply needed at Baptism, the suffering of the Christian Faithful is simply to maintain the state you enter at Baptism, using the Gospels and the Traditional Teaching as MEANS to that END. As Padré Gaetano tells us in Humility of Heart: “And has not a saint abundant reasons, from the thought of his own weakness, to live always in a state of great humility, when he knows that from one hour to another he may lose the grace of God and the kingdom of heaven which he has merited by years of laboriously-acquired virtues? “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”

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