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Tuesday Pile of Prep-Public Works By Congress Are STILL Unconstitutional

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to 2015 Edition. Today’s  edition explores the now perfunctory discussion of the Federal Monstrosity building and maintaining “public works”. Why does this get rubber stamped as acceptable by “conservatives” who only haggle over the $$$ amounts? Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.“If the West had judged the then US government which marched into Iraq without a resolution by the UN and without proof of the existence of weapons of mass destruction by the same standards as Putin today, then George W. Bush would have immediately been banned from entering the EU. The foreign investments of Warren Buffett should have been frozen, the export of vehicles of the brands GM, Ford, and Chrysler banned. The American tendency to verbal and then to military escalation, the isolation, demonization, and attacking of enemies, has not proven effective. The last successful major military action the US conducted was the Normandy landing. Everything else – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan – was a clear failure. Moving NATO units towards the Polish border [with Russia] and thinking about arming Ukraine are continuations of Washington’s policy of relying on military means in the absence of diplomacy.” – Gabor Steingart, Publisher of Germany’s largest independent newspaper Handelsblatt

Followup to yesterday’s post of James Madison’s veto of a “public works” bill in 1817. President Monroe vetoed nearly identical legislation 6 years later and explained his reasons similarly

The latest “crisis” the Leviathan State is being implored to act upon (by “conservative” Rod Dreher) is the curious rise of the “anti-vaxxers”, parents who do not immunize their kids against disease like Measles and Polio. The misunderstanding on theology at work here, like most of the falsities brought on by the continuing revolt against The Faith. A Christian is obliged to avoid vaccines that have been made with the cells of aborted babies or other unethical procedures. Does Mr. Dreher know that ALL the Measles and Rubella vaccines are made from the carcasses of aborted babies? The fact that drug companies are making millions on these vaccines adds to the sickness of the culture of death: death pays.

DeceptiCONNED: All Ukraine is saying – to U.S. war-hawks, is Give Peace a Chance. What Ukraine needs is more peace and less John McCain, and the usual DeceptiCON suspects. Buchanan “America has never had a vital interest in Crimea or the Donbass worth risking a military clash with Russia. And we do not have the military ability to intervene and drive out the Russian army, unless we are prepared for a larger war and the potential devastation of the Ukraine.”

Nationwide Insurance fields thousands of armchair AdMen via “social media” over their “Dead Kid” ad that aired during the SuperBowl. Nationwide says it wants to start a conversation about childhood accidents leading to death. I agree, so why don’t we have a conversation about how to better prevent all those “unwanted pregnancies” that lead to the death of soon to be born children?

Are you ready for 3 Parent Babies? That’s right, the mad scientists from the UK NIH have concocted a process where unwanted DNA can be removed from a woman’s egg and replaced by preferable DNA from another mother.

How bad were the Super Bowl ads that regaled a now reported 114 MILLION who consumed yet another celebration of all the rot we have become

Can conservatism be relayed to the masses by an allegory involving forest creatures? Well, read this Imaginative Conservative essay and decide for yourself

President Obama proposes $478 BILLION in road/bridges etc. “public works projects” which will be “opposed” by Republicans, not because it is just another in a 140 year continuation of unconstitutional abuse of power by Congress as was explained eloquently by President Madison in his veto of Henry Clay’s “Bonus Bill”

DeceptiCONNED: Now that Mitt Romney is out of 2016 “race” Jeb Bush emerges as the coronated “front runner” for GOP nomination

The Superbowl is in the record books and there will be another bone next year, unfortunately there will also be another State of the Union

Mike Huckabee affirms what should be obvious to all but apparently requires ad campaigns: Christians should have the “right” to oppose “gay marriage”

NEWSFLASH: There actually IS a group called “Democrats for Life” (as in pro-LIFE), who knew!?

Since when have the Measles become the equivalent of ebola?

Dear Leader has the American Sheople on his side if he wants to avoid having Bibi Netenyahu, John Beohner and the War Caucus pull him into a war with the Iranians.

Memo to the LDS: If you think making “deals” with the pushers of  radical homosexuality will win you their loyalty or even a 1 day “ok, you’re not a bigot” pass, think again. Like the Terminator, their boss, Beazelbub, “…doesn’t sleep, doesn’t feel pity or remorse…and absolutely will not stop EVER, until your career is dead.”

Spyin’ Eyes: Did you know that the goons at the DEA have figured out how to monitor and track the movement of nearly every car in the U.S.!? Yeah, and of course, this is going to “like, you know, like, win the drug war, man”. Sure it is, man, just ask Nancy Reagan.

Jack Trotter asks whether The Culture That Produced Hump Day Camel Worth Saving? [emphasis mine-MC] Citing the work of Charles Murray, interviewed by Mike Church on this very subject here, Trotter concludes “… it is questionable whether the size and diversity of present-day America, without massive authoritarian intervention, would allow the formation of such a culture, and especially any attempt to restore a Christian moral order.”

Notice a trend? The Clarion Call to Christians to put their Faith BEFORE their politics is getting louder and can now be seen over a growing number of media outlets and on the hearts and minds of the Church Militant. Nomocracy in Politics has a straightforward take on this: “In sum, Pera contends that, unless westerners start to (re)consider themselves Christians in terms of culture if not creed, their societies will quickly cease to be liberal, united, or moral. ”

The definition of the term “conservative” continues to be assaulted by Republicans with “far right” members of the U.S. House forming the “Freedom Caucus.” This makes little sense from the conservative point of view as the act of conserving things, tradition, institutions & co. requires real work, scholarship, composition, oratory and actual construction and maintenance, what is “free” about that?

Mike Church asks you to support children with pediatric brain cancers through the 7th annual Hogs For The Cause Pork Bar-B-Q festival his Death Chefs team will be competing in. Buy your tickets here or score great Death Chefs merchandise, signed by Mike with proceeds benefitting Hogs

The heroic work of “Awed” a mother/blogger who has penned a piece encouraging Christians to NOT say the Pledge of allegiance. She is in good company here as I have encouraged ALL Americans to refrain from loyalty oaths to secular institutions including the Pledge of Allegiance

“Social media” was created to facilitate communication because we apparently weren’t talking enough and not nearly enough famous people were spending long nights chained to keyboards to apologize to those offended by use of terms like “colored people” which is apparently the new “n-word”, just ask Benedict Cumberbatch

The pornography masquerading as popular music has no greater performer than Beyonce, I fully explained this last year over the course of a few days in May. Now Mike Huckabee is being criticized for doing far less by the hosts of The View who proclaim her as THE role model for our daughters. Yo

READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

My recurring subject of Americans being social engineered into hurtling metal boxes, cars, so we can use the fleet of cars we must maintain to maintain our incomes and multiple flat-panel TVs, is gaining traction as researchers discover that “peak car” was reached back in 1996 and the decline in driving continues

Common Core is succumbing to populism and may be the first issue that the sheople have been able to derail that was conceived by our elite, ruling masters

BEING PRO-LIFE ISN’T JUST ABOUT ABORTION –  The culture of death has made acceptable the ghastly practice of organ harvesting by changing the definition of death and more specifically “brain death”. If that article doesn’t make you squirm, then this one will and will begin your journey to understanding just how possessed of Death our society is. (N.B. These articles are from the New England Journal of Medicine)

PRO-LIFE AUDIO: This lecture will explain WHY it is imperative that Christian, pro-lifers renounce their “organ donor” status

Really!? The oldest idea under the political sun, the tax increase, promises to make the already perfunctory SOTU, a “blast from the past”, gee, what do you do for the encore? Call for “increased funding of education”?

Are we all or better yet were we all Donald Sterling? (free speech is free speech, right?)

AUDIO: Fascinating lecture series challenging Joseph Pearce’s (a guest of the Mike Church Show) view that The Lord of The Rings IS Catholic literatureI think it is safe to say that Patrick J Buchanan has had it with the GOP war machine and their growing litany of outright lies used to justify the military expansion and muscle flexing across the globe, this time over Russai’s ALLEGED INVASION of George and Ukraine.

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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