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Tuesday Pile of Prep – #Tweets Will Bring War to Nigeria, Thanks U.S.

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    Tuesday Pile of Prep – #Tweets Will Bring War to Nigeria, Thanks U.S. TheKingDude

Order the New republican T-shirt and show your SPARTA republicanism! Sizes MD-4X
Order the New republican T-shirt and show your SPARTA republicanism! Sizes MD-4X

Mandeville, LAMike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, brings you the sage, Christian minds of the 19th century, who saw our demise coming but could never have seen #GirlieMen & their Twitter chivalry. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “If, then, we hope for our country, it is always with fear and trembling. The heart is rotten, and the people will accept no remedy. Their minds and hearts are turned away from all that makes the true glory of a state, and they have nei­ther the patience nor the cultivation requisite to their conver­sion. They who see this can do little towards correcting it, for their lessons can avail nothing unless they are considered ; and who in these times will pause to consider ? Fail to flatter the people, fail to encourage their tendencies, or to sympathize with them in their delusions, and, however much you may be commended by individuals, you will be pronounced unpopular, admission at court will be denied you, and your influence, though you speak with the eloquence of an angel, the love of a saint, and the wisdom of a sage, will be null. Your words will bring no echo but the derisive laugh of the brainless and heartless demagogues who are urging the people on in a career of individ­ual and national ruin.Orestes Brownson, The American [r]epublic

NH Police Commish resigns after using the “n-word” to describe President Obama. This is an interesting case for the deniers of Chris Ferrara’s point on last week’s show that “evil has no rights”. If the term is harmful, thus “evil”, then Ferrara’s point is made but not in the manner and for the purpoose he was [corectly] making it

TwitterMad I: In the same vein as Kevin Williamson (below) the narcissism accusation for the TwitterMad #bringbackourgirls fetish is, I theorize, itself in danger of becoming a self-serving complaint

TwitterMad II: When I sugested on Friday’s show that those who want to “save” those Nigerian girls should fund their own mercenary ranks and do the job themselves I had no idea that the beautiful people would field armies on Twitter for the job. Well done, Justin Timberlake, real manhood stuff with your adorable little sign. Good grief folks…

TwitterMad III: Nigerians speak up. “Take your Tags and shove ’em”, you’ll expand military ops on this continent and that is not good for Nigerians. ”

“The US military conducted 128 separate “military activities” in 28 African countries between June and December of 2013. These are in conjunction with US-led drone operations in Northern Nigeria and Somalia. There are also counter-terrorism outposts in Djibouti and Niger and covert bases inEthiopia and the Seychelles which are serving as launching pads for the U.S. military to carry out surveillance and armed drone strikes. Although most of these activities are covert, we do know that the US military has had a destabilising effect in a few countries.”

So what is REALLY going on in Nigeria? This TakiMag writer has spent more than 30 years in the country and sheds some much needed light on the subject

Fatkins diet strikes back. A civilization that has to be led by the nose hairs to feed its own children in a land of plenty deserves to be force fed the lunch preferences of our Queen, FLOTUS, but the GOP says it’s CTA’s are striking back and they mean it when they say #FreeOurLunches

Phillip Giraldi suggests what a “founders foreign policy” might look like and unfortunately, you won’t find it for sale in any of the political establishments or parties that comprise the CTA and their faux monarchy I describe on the radio show

ObamaCareLess: John Hancock Life Insurance companies announces that its emulation of namesake John Hancock is over and that civil government has won so it is bailing on its retirement AND Health insurance programs for employees. Folks, unless we wake up and get about the process of rethinking the Union, THIS is all of our fates if you work for corporate America

FLASHBACK: The Ukrainian mess that all the cool kids with the less than heroic motivations want to send their Twitter demands for was instigated, orchestrated then coinducted by the U.S., Great britain and NATO

If you’re getting your economics news from the WSJ or Fox Business you might want to rethink that decision

The “Land of Lincoln” is now the “Land of Kentucky Fried Idiots” as IL is spending thousands of dollars it does not have to repopulate it’s prairies with “prairie chickens” which fled the state’s high taxes and …uhhhh… well, you know…. to the plains of nearby Kansas

If all the civil rights activism has doen for politics is make corruption an equal opportunity then what was the point?

The Kentucky Derby – Looks like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is leading Slick Hilly Clinton by a whopping 4 points… in Kentucky according to preposterous polling being taken on the CTA’s equivalent to “fantasy football”

Ron Paul is not buying the latest GOP “tax reform” bill floating its way though Congress that is actually a tax hike

Did you miss the anniversary celebration of Brown vs Board of Education and our fake monacrhy’s matriarch, FLOTUS’s, pronouncement that there is still too much segregation going on!? Some can recall (and are willing to admit) the bad old days when segregation was viewed as a good thing to blacks by blacks

DEA first “saved” Americans from the dangerous hemp seeds headed for Kentucky (their rightful owners) but now DEA, after CO legalization is having to double its efforts to keep the drug-war-state fat and happy now that Mexican war-lords are ordering mary-jo farmers to slash production so their prices can rise. Who KNEW that the Mexican cartels were run by American Keynsians!?

Hypocrite much? Harry Reid promotes a Constitutional Amendment to… wait, Senator REID? You haven’t even read the Constitution you wish to amend! Which current Article, Section and Clause would Udall’s Amendment alter? Which… never mind, the GOP will never surrender its CAT’s access to the $3.8 TRILLION treasure meaning access to Them

Did the “Old guard” SCOTUS get the 14th Amendment and other cases right? Or did they set the table for the Progressives to come in and use it to “scientifically regulate the economy”? Find out in David Gordon’s review of Epstein’s new book on the “Old” SCOTUS

Dave Weigel picks up on the “Mordor is a monarchy that will defend to the death its ‘right’ to launder the $3.9 trillion yearly treasure”. Note the case of the Tea Party carrying water for Karl Rove’s American Crossroads in email fundraising schemes

The author of the first English dictionary, from which I have quoted extensively to prove the Founding Father’s definition of certain words, Samuel Johnson was a hero in his own right, before and after publishing his dictionary and even King George III though so

Watch what the Libs do not what they say: NYT Editor Jill Abramson quits after learning she wasn’t earning as much as the “boy” who had the gig before her. (wahhh, wahhhh wahhhh) Of course, when Drew Brees retires and a new QB is selected to fill his role, he won’t make as much as Brees, does that mean the team is “discriminating”?

Hard Work pays but government work, which is never hard, pays even better. “On average, for workers at all levels of education, the cost of hourly benefits was 48 percent higher for federal civilian employees than for private-sector employees with certain similar observable characteristics,” CBO estimates.

VIDEO: Folks this is NOT how [r]epublicanism is supposed to work but it is how democracies, all of them, descened into anarchy, chaos and eventually violenece as the Albequrque New Mexico city council is shouted out of its chambers by “protestors” angered by the acts of the Police Chief (a valid complaint)

Economists, the Alchemists for future historians to write about – Russell Kirk once wondered why in Dude’s holy name did anyone, EVER, believe that a measure of the economy is the rate at which GDP grows or shrinks? Wouldn’t a better measure, if we must have one, be the mean standard of living or purchasing power of the average citizen? How about the mean savings to earnings rate? How about the mean debt to earnings rate? My point is there are many ways to measure household well-being that do not comport with inaccurate, rigged measures of something no one can ever predict anyway.

Senator Rand Paul demands that President Obama an Majority Leader Harry Reid release the secret memos written by Obama’s latest nominee to the Federal bench, David J Barron. BArron wrote the legal brief that justified Obama killing Anwaw al-Awlaki with a droner strike in Yemen. Paul is correct to demand a full accounting of Obama’s “kill-list” power and just where it comes from

Glenn Greenwald warns the hoi polloi about the impending electioon of Slick Hilly (Hillary Clinton) as President “because she must be the first female President”. But wait, just as I have told you, Greenwald correctly identifies Hilly as a “neocon…f**ing war-hawk”. Proving the point again, that the “two party system” has produced ONE party and a monarchy.

Nomocracy: Kevin Gutzman wonders why Congress will be wasting its time allegedly “getting to the bottom of the Benghazi coverup” when the biggest infraction of all was the President’s unprecedented use of military force without Congress’s ok. We also learn that this is not a folly of recent creation  but actually began in the earliest days of Congres back in 1793

Nomocracy II: Is Edmund Burke the “conservative’s conservative” that we should hitch our intellectual wagons to? H. Lee Cheek reviews 3 books on Burke to try and produce an answer

First they came for the Mozilla CEO, then they came for the NBA basketball owner, then they came for the home improvement guys, The Benham Brothers on HGTV? Now, Catholics & other Christians cannot renovate homes on HGTV before swearing an oath to Throuples, SSM couples and depravity in general. The Benham’s statement on the matter is measured, thoughtful and yet in the spirit of martyrdom’s beauty. ““We were saddened to hear HGTV’s decision. With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals. If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

So what exactly is the purpose of having a non-chaplain, chaplain in the military corps of chaplains? This is precisely what happens when you bring religious orders into the employ of the state without having the courage to proclaim that there is but 1 True God and his One True Church

THE FBI begins investigations of those who protested alongside Cliven Bundy in the now infamous Bundy/BLM land dispute. Of course, the boys at NSA will now happily provide all the “metadata” needed to connect dots and help the FBI assemble criminal cases against the “protestors”

Download this audio feature and listen to it when & where you like.
Download this audio feature and listen to it when & where you like.

Want the REAL, Constitutional based scoop on the BLM’s claims to NV ranch lands? My essay and audio feature will give you all the facts needed to learn of the abuse of power underway by the Federal government

DeceptiCONNED: The dreaded, “military gutting” Sequester of 2013 did exactly what I told you it would do to the Leviathan’s war machine & work force: NOTHING. Only ONE job was lost according to the GAO, ONE. Oh, but some makers of warfare devices had their hours cut and others had to carpool…. a small price ego pay to keep the planet at war and America as it’s War superstore

First they came for the agnostic in civil unions, then they came for the Knights of the Roundtable. Great Britain alters its code of heraldry to accommodate men marrying men in case they bring different swords and shields and family crests to the “marriage”

What has happened to the American entrepreneur? Well, he/she has decided that buying into the franchise version of the “mom and pop” is easier than opening a “mom and pop” meaning that laziness curve I am alsways talking about is hard at work.. again (wait, that’s an oxymoron isn’t it!?)

The Atlantic’s Noah Berlatsky (last time I questioned his work on Twitter he called me “mean”) tries to wade into the issue of O’Reilley’s condemnation of Beyonce of late but gives the O’ man way too much credit. There are genuine critiques of the singer that make age-old morality points about not just Beyonce but the entire flowing sewer that is our Anti-cult

One of the signs that the end is near is the coming of the Anti-Christ and his persecution. This statue of the Satanic “Baphomet” with smiling children looking up at him adoringly, fits nicely in that story arc. Will OK be forced by the Supremes to let the statue stand next to the Ten Commandments monument (see SCOTUS Incorporation Doctrine post above)

Even the Editors at the WaPo know what the real scandal over Libya is as now a new CIA report admits that the country is a haven for the terrorists McCain, Mrs. Clinton, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte et al said we had to kill Ghadaffi to expose!

VIDEO: Per my conversation about Beyonce’s lewd and pornographic music comes this lecture on Music and Its Influence On Culture – Few will listen and share because the indictment is near universal in these United States, that doesn’t make the lecturer wrong it makes the unrepenent viewer guilty

My Latest piece at the Daily Caller .”Robespierre’s rotting carcass and burning soul finally have something to smile about. Let’s hope it takes the Chinese a few months to mold, then sharpen, the blades on the guillotines they must surely be building for the American thought police who, no doubt, are already gearing up for another purge…”

“The conservative ‘movement’ has failed”, so sayeth Gerald Russello at Nomocracy in Politics. Mr Russello is making the the argument that Russell Kirk made and that I have been echoing: the project to halt then convert progressives into conservatives has failed. The effort to make all facets of life, market “based” and thus subject to the state’s omnipotence has failed. When will “conservatives” realize the field is lost, the solutions are aged and well known and get about the business of implementing them?

I post a lot of writings on this page that might not be so easy to digest, the following review of Sovereignty: God, State, and Self. By Jean Bethke Elshtain by David Gordon is worth slogging through as you will encounter my recurring theme of late: Our future lies in our past acceptance of mystery (albeit with iPads) and law subordinate to God’s Law.

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

Mike Church’s Founders Pass announces anytime, no limits discount program. Take 20% off purchases off most Founders Tradin Post purchases with your Founders Pass.

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The RAREST of Rare, 76 copies of the TENTH printing of SPirit of ’76, available NOW

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NEW, Founders Pass Feature! Today’s Pile of Prep LIVE! Audio:

NEW – Don’ t take anyone else’s word for what happened in the Federal Convention of 1787, read it for yourself in this online version of Farrand’s Records of the Federal Convention of 1787-Volume I

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    Tuesday Pile of Prep – #Tweets Will Bring War to Nigeria, Thanks U.S. TheKingDude

AUDIO – Masha Gessen, lesbian-polyamorous activist, tells us that the homosexual movement’s goal is to ELIMINATE marriage, altogether

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    Tuesday Pile of Prep – #Tweets Will Bring War to Nigeria, Thanks U.S. TheKingDude

Are agrarian [r]epublicans making a comeback? Dr Allan C Carlson seems to think so, here are some of his RARE lectures to listen to and watch

Well whaddayouknow, the NSA programs are carried out under an Executive Order signed by President Reagan in 1981

Donald Livingston explains the path that Lincoln took to subjugate the Southern States to the Northern with all the facts of the story in place. Take an afternoon and enjoy…

How were young boys taught American History “back in the day”? Read just 1 issue of the bi-annul St Nicholas Reader and you will understand what has happened

The works of William Graham Sumner include a brilliant essay titled “The Forgotten Man” published in 1883. You can read the entire collected works under this title here, or find the abridged version with only The Forgotten Man essay in it on this site here

Why is it a bad idea to have a standing army just laying around? CATO, the 18th century Whig, read by most of the Founders, explains as an Englishmen, meaning this school of thought comes from the conservative tradition the Founders inherited and defended

When you hear your “conservative” friends yodel on endlessly about the “Liberal Media” or the corrupt “MSM” as they are convinced this is a recent event, send them here to go read Mark Twain’s speech of 1873 about the “corrupt press”

Here’s an interesting work that I recently discovered “The Crowd” by Guztave Le Bron a fascinating study of how crowds control nations and what nations become control crowds. No, it isn’t a paradox, it is the study of how inertia in public affairs is almost always missing when “change” is lusted for

Albert J Nock’s: Isaiah’s Job (from Tuesday, 4 Feb, 2014 show-Ed.), the story of how the Remant is to be kept animated and active if Man is to survive perdition (our own path to destruction)

If you haven’t read Dante’s Inferno in a while, this site has the entire work broken down by segment/chapter, character and more

Murray Rothbrad delivers a brilliant history of the Progressive movement and the Federal Reserve it created

The Webster Hayne debates over the original intent of the federal union and the constitution got heated into high gear on 26 January, 1830 in the U.S. Senate. read the Webster-Hayne debates

Presenting George Clinton’s “Cato” letter, Number 3, sometimes referred to as AntiFederalist # 14. Cato explains why a large republic will never work and why smaller ones are preferred

This 1860 classic work details the type of manners and etiquette every young man should learn and live his life by. I just started reading the work myself and look forward to sharing much of it here and on-air. “THE GENTLEMEN’S BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS”

“Our Federal Government” by Abel Upshur is an 1833 demolition of Justice Joseph Story’s fabricated history of the United States and her Constitution. WARNING: Reading this will increase your resolve to secede!

The Historical Writings of John Fiske, The American Revolution. If you are prepping for the upcoming pop quiz from my friends at Franklin’s Opus, on Valley Forge, this is a good start

The  counter-argument presented by John taylor of Caroline AFTER the government’s lawyer, Wickham, presented his case for the tax. I did not include this in the Carriage Tax Pamphlet but have found it online. Begin reading on pg 423.


Fame of Our Fathers CD set
Mike’s Fame of Our Fathers tells the Compleat story of Daniel Shays & his “rebellion” get it on download or 3 CD set

Raimondo: Get ready for a nationalism that is sweeping the globe of the kind that started WWI

The Fame of Our Fathers: What makes a famous Founder famous and why are so many, once famous, now not known at all? The answer lies partly in the fickleness of any given age and what it needs to exalt itself, the rest comes from the Founders own pursuit of Fame as I chronicled in Fame of Our Fathers. Here’s an audio sample explaining “conditores imperiorum” and you can buy the 3 CD set there

VIDEO: My latest reminds Common Core opponents that public education MAKES Common Core possible so who/what is the real enemy?

LATIN PHRASE OF THE DAY: “Timor mortis, morte pejor” – The fear of death is worse than death

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