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Tuesday Pile of Prep – What Trump ACTUALLY Saw On 9-11-01

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“In a real investigation, questions would have been asked. Somerset coroner Wallace Miller gave extremely conflicting accounts of the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania. He was all over the place, claiming either to have seen no blood or any evidence of a crash, to describing how something flashed at him from a tree, and it turned out to be a single tooth of a crash victim, with the sunlight reflecting off the silver filling. Now that’s some remarkable vision.” – Donald Jeffries, 9-11 Imploding The Truth

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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

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We ‘Muricans Have A Great Origin Story That We Stopped Telling

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Backwater Foie Gras’ Ross McKnight

Told Ya So: PizzaGate Is Real & The Wall Street Journal Is Confirming It

Are New UFO Reveals A Reverse Deception Or The Real Deal?

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

WATCH – TRUMP SAID THE WTC “MUST HAVE HAD BOMBS INSIDE”! -Most have forgotten this but the day of the 9-11 attacks, a much younger Donald J. Trump was interviewed on NBC News and told Tom Brokaw “how could a plane…a 767 or 747, possibly go through the steel [on the outside of the building…I happen to think that they had not only a plane but that they had bombs on the inside that exploded almost simultaneously.”.

CONSERVATISM INC STRIKES BACK! -Ever wondered how such accomplished war-monger losers like Mark Levin, Bill Kristol and Sean Hannity remain at the top of the “A-list” raking in tens of millions while dispensing lethal bromides to their brainwashed masses of foaming at the mouth ‘fans’? Well, it’s because Conservatism Inc. is the best funded, best kept secret in ‘Murican politics but they have been flushed out by Trump’s political success… and they are plotting their Pence-ian revenge.

YOU OWE UNCLE SAM $13,500 FOR THIS YEAR’S SPENDING -There will be another “funding” showdown in Mordor at the end of this month as the Leviathan wraps up the $1.7 TRILLION deficit it ran THIS YEAR. YOUR SHARE of the donation to Ukraine, Israel and the Biden Crime Family’s benefactors is $13,5000 per ‘Murican family. Read that again: $13,500
Secession, anyone?

Peter Schiff: Fed Isn’t Making Any Progress Against Inflation – While Biden’s goons brag about the increase in “consumer spending”, Schiff says that this spending was funded by people burning through their savings accounts

LIBERTY SAFE WAS NOT UNDER COURT ORDER! – “Liberty” Safe Co was NOT under a court order to crack open the safe of January 6th attendee Nathan Hughes, they just forked it over because the FBI demanded it!

WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH JAB? – Today’s Star guest, George Webb, has been on Dr. Robert Malone’s trail since the start of this year and those who have followed Malone as a good guy in the Pfizer death jab universe, will be shocked to hear the truth about Malone and what he has REALLY been up to. George is on at 7:30am CST this morning!

DONALD TRUMP MUST BE A MIKE CHURCH SHOW FAN – 2 weeks ago, on the Mike Church Show, TKD opined that Trump needed to come clean about the Death Jab and assure the MAGA faithful that he had “learned his lesson” from backing the Vaxx. Well lo and behold, Trump is now demanding that Pfizer disclose the REAL data on the Death Jab’s side effects!

From Wisdom Wednesday: Bishop Strickland’s August 22 Pastoral Letter, a Gift to the Church in Advance of the Synod on Synodality

MEMBAH “JOE THE PLUMBER?”! – Joe, aka has died but the question he asked Dear Leader Chairman MaObama has still never been answered because we are stuck with the communist evil Obama was pimping and then rained down on us. David Harsanyi recalls Joes 2008 saga

THE GADSDEN FLAG, “RAID” FOR PINKO COMMIE TEACHERS – A Colorado school boy showed up for the first day of school with a backpack gloriously festooned with a Gadsden Flag patch and was told by a tranny coddling “teacher” to go home because “that flag is a symbol of slavery”, when his mom arrives, hilarity ensues.

No wonder the Regime’s Cult of Death is working so hard to bury Trump under Levenworth, Biden would lose in an Electoral College landslide if honest voting began tomorrow!

TRUMP: BIDEN IS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE! – In his sweeping interview with Tucker Carlson, POTUS 45 demonstrated why he is the only man for the job of understanding what Regime Leader Biden hath destroyed & how to even attempt a repair.

CONGRATS FED, YOU KILLED REAL ESTATE – Existing home sales plummeted another 3.2% as the 18 month long slide continues. This is the worst housing crunch since Obama and there is no end in sight. ‘Muricah needs a Reaganite recovery or this is going to get very bad, very soon!

WOMAN TRIES ELECTRIC CAR FOR 1 WEEK-HILARITY ENSUES – Stella Morabito, one of my favorite columnists, decided to see if the Tesla euphoria was real or imagined. After 1 week with the Tesla, she is now lifelong committed to… The Internal Combustion Engine!

Big Government Has Come for This Small-Town Amish Farmer – The Biden Regime is The Obama Regime and is now assaulting small farmers who defy Big-Ag and sell their wares to locals who can’t wait to buy them…until the ATF shows up to shut the farm down

WATCH-TUCKER’S INTERVIEW WITH COLONEL MACGREGOR!Macgregor doesn’t go soft on the reality of what’s at stake in Ukraine: WWIII with ‘Murican troops drafted by the hundreds of thousands, on the front lines.

THE CORONADOOM 3.0 IS HERELionsGate Films goes first in restoring the useless torture device of the mask mandate while the Biden Regime prepares to reinstate the mandate at all TSA airports.

THE GOOD TRUE AND BEAUTIFUL HAVE NPT ABANDONED USMy latest Substack is a departure from demonic cynicism: Life Seen Through The Lens of An Actual Camera Is So Beautiful Not Even “Leftards” Can Screw It Up!

The Real Cause of the Maui Wildfire Disaster – It’s the wind stupid NOT the warming, here are the facts.

WATCH HURRICANE HILLARY’S PATH! – Someone put this animation together showing a screaming Killary making her way to destruction in Southern California. THE WEF IS

COMING FOR THE CITIES Did you know that the evil bastards at the WEF, NWO Cabal plan to eliminate meat, transportation and free association in 14 U.S. cities? Yes sir and this report from Evita Alonso has the shocking details.

IT’S TRUMP’S WORLD THE REST OF THE GOP JUST LIVES IN IT? – Trump has made it official, he will NOT take the Fox News/GOP debate stage this Wednesday and will instead sit down for an interview with Tucker Carlson flouting the fact that he is in complete control of the GOP. Is that a good thing? TKD will answer that question this morning, you should tune in!
KATIE HOBBS ‘GOT THE CALL’ TOO! – Fake Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Tuesday, called on the her Ag to “prosecute Trump” as Demoncrats pass “Get Donny Fever” between themselves like its Covid at a Fauci pool party.

YOU’LL PAY FOR UKRAINE’S DESTRUCTION AND LIKE IT! Biden’s insulting, $700, “bone”, he threw to the victims of Maui’s wildfires won’t even cover what their tax bill will be for his genocidal war in Ukraine!

GLORY DAYS” ARE GONE – In Bruce Springsteen’s hometown of Freehold NJ. Nestle has decided to close it’s coffee factory, the last manufacturing plant left in that area of NJ as ‘Muricah’s slide into banana republic, controlled demolition, proceeds under the Biden Regime.

Billy Busch Says He Will Buy Bud Light From InBev And…Make Bud Light Great Again!

After Bud Light’s epic collapse, Anheuser-Busch Heir Billy Busch tells @TomiLahren he wants to buy the company BACK from InBev, and Make Bud Light Great Again! pic.twitter.com/1vKUNoSJ5g

— OutKick (@Outkick) August 16, 2023

Dingbat Georgia Prosecutor Will Now Actually Give Trump His Day In Court!Just watch and know, THIS VIDEO presents evidence of the fraud POTUS #45 said had been perpetrated.

Extremist! Election Denier! BIGOT! Oh, evidence, wait…. https://t.co/KAC9BwhAOc

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) August 16, 2023

MEMBAH THAT WATER MAIN EXPLOSION ON ELECTION NIGHT 2020! – Thanks to the zealous, blinding hatred of Trump (and us), the dingbat prosecutor in Georgia now opens the door to Trump’s 2020 claims of fraud to actually be heard in court and VIDEO EVIDENCE LIKE THIS to be seen for the first time!THE NAVY KNEW THE TITAN EXPLODED – Did the U.S. Navy & Coast Guard know that the Titan sub had exploded on the day of its voyage? A review of the communication between the mother ship and the sub shows that the sub exploded that day, the crew vaporized and the Navy & Coast Guard heard it all.TOLD YA SO: MONEY IS RUINING COLLEGE FOOTBALL?TKD predicted that the new “Portal”, the NCAA created to basically trade football players between schools and permitting pay for play $$$ endorsements would kill college football. Now the PAC 12’s death is the first casualty with more destruction on the way as the NCAA becomes AAA football for the wretched, evil, NFL.WATCH Oliver Anthony’s Epic Smackdown of the Ruling Elite

This is a glorious warning anthem to the ruling elites and the usury slum they’ve conscripted us into. This is also what fake redneck Jason Aldean was trying to do. https://t.co/gxBFGr2WMd

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) August 15, 2023

ONE OF THE INDICTMENT CHARGES IS FOR PROMOTING A TV NETWORK! – 1 of the NINETY ONE counts “Fanny Not Tender!” charged Trump with was for Tweeting out the broadcast of a hearing on One America News!“AMERICA’S MAYOR” CHARGED WITH THE ACT HE CREATED – As DA of NYC, Rudy Giuliani helped create the RICO Act as a way to prosecute organized crime and it’s murderous criminals, Giuliana has now been charged under his own act for basically embellishing the description of vote counting fraud in Atlanta!THE PROBLEM WITH THE GOP IS THE GOP? – Witness GOP Congressman Max Miller call a female Trump campaign volunteer a “bigot” on Twattah for saying that “all our hope should be in Jesus Christ”!? See for yourself.Is Russia about to Roll-Out a Game Changing Weapon on the Battlefield – Demostenes The Younger, one of the few reliable sources fro news in Ukraine, explains why Russia rolling out its new tanks means the end of NATO’s war against the good people of The DonbasWATCH-TRUMP DESCRIBE THE ‘BIDEN CRIME FAMILY’! – It may seem to be expected from him but Trump now fearlessly DEFIES the Biden Regime & Deep State and their banana republic indictment witch hunts.THE PAC12 & SECESSION – PAC12 shocker: 5 Uni’s to leave conference in 2024. I have a question: if universities can leave the “Union of universities” whose constitution and by-laws they ratified and adopted, why can’t states leave the wretched Union whose crime HQ is in Mordor on The Potomac River?TAXACHUSETTS DECLARES EMERGENCY OVER ITS OWN STUPIDITY – The Bay State dubbed itself a “sanctuary state” for illegal alien, put up a sign and told The Biden Regime they could take in all the criminal, huddled masses. Now, Governor Healey has declared a state of emergency because the illegal squatters are bankrupting the welfare system!WATCH JUDAS-PENCE-HIDE BEHIND THE CONSTITUTION! – Trump VP Mike Pence is now out campaigning for POTUS and claiming that Trump demanded “I violate the Constitution” when all Trump asked him to do was what the Constitution says nothing about; therefore.TESLA PRODUCES BIGGEST TURKEY SINCE THE EDSEL – The upcoming “Cybertruck” is a hideous, rolling clickbait insult to the great ‘Murican pickup truck and outside of the faker redneck fairies who like Jason Aldean, no red-blooded truck owner would even ride in one/THROWING THE WOMENS SOCCER TEAM UNDER THE BUS IS AS ‘MURICAN AS APPLE PIE? – 2 days after their stunning defeat at the hands of Sweden’s soccer babes, the ‘Murica and woman hating skags of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team reap the whirlwind of heckles they have sown from WOMEN. See for yourself…Devon Archer, using the Biden/Garland/Smith definition of “to commit conspiracy against the U.S.”, tells Tucker Carlson that “The Brand” regularly, at least 20 times, committed the crime of “Conspiracy”, watch.

Ep. 12 Part 1. Devon Archer pic.twitter.com/ElEzAZtBcA

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) August 2, 2023

Fitch Downgrade Won’t Break Washington’s Tax, Spending Habits – This is SAD. So the revelation that the world’s financial elites may be souring on our reckless fiscal extravagance will have 0.0 effect on how Mordor on The Potomac conducts its bidness going forward…we are doomed.WATCH ! – Investigative reporter John Solomon destroys the Regime’s ludicrous case against trump in 45 secondsWATCH – TRUMP’S RESPONSE TO BIDEN’S LATEST ASSAULTDebt Tsunami Begins: US To Sell $1 Trillion In Debt This Quarter – This unprecedented and completely reckless borrowing comes on the heels of the alleged deal to stop the debt tsunami – see for yourself.THE KINGDUDE’S ADVICE: “TAKE TIME TO READ (slowly!), LOVE & LAUGH – You can start with this wonderful little essay on the folly of “Naming Generations” (Gen X, Boomer etc) and then this one on even humoring the greens by “Debating Climate Science“.Against Naming The Generations – This is a poignant little essay that wonders why each aging generation feels it necessary to belittle and “name” those that come after it?Are The DOJ And Hunter Biden Attempting To Commit Fraud In Federal Court? – This case is actually separate from the Biden’ selling Joe as VP i.e. “The Brand” of  corrupt influence peddlingGermans have ‘moral obligation’ to give up living standards and wealth, claims Green Party MP – “You will eat ze bugs, own nothing and be happy”! ‘Membah when I told you that these people are serious about killing many of us to “save the planet”? Here ya go….DOJ tries to jail key Hunter Biden witness Devon Archer on eve of congressional testimony – The Biden DOJ is “approaching Banana Republic status” with this schemem to stop Devon Archer’s testimony in the Hunter Biden probeRyan Maue on Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Submarine Volcano – The volcanic eruption you never heard of from January 2022 is what is driving the new “global boiling” heat this summer and its not going away anytime soon because water vapor stays in the upper atmosphere for a long timeLow-wage earners are 14 times more likely to lose jobs to AI, report finds – Of COURSE the middle class gets clobbered first by the Terminator Class’s war on humanityTHE LAPTOP CLASS NEEDS A LESSON! – Hannah Spier’s essay on “The Laptop Class” may be the most important work since Angelo Codivilla’s “The Ruling Class”, Mike will unpack and comment just in time for the weekend!.
TRANSTIFA IS COMING – The deranged young trans-woman who mass murdered 6 people at that Nashville School was just the first of many if the autopsy and hidden “manifesto” are indicators.
BARBIE MADE KEN AN ACCESSORY & WOMEN FOLLOWED SUITIt’s an interesting way to look at how Gal Queda turned loving housewives & mothers into arrogant , casual sex seeking, miserable, single and childless women.McConnell Strokes Out During Presser – During a presser the 81 yr old, Mitch McConnell basically suffered a stroke during a presser; meanwhile across town The Regime Leader forgets where he is, Diane Feinbang is 90 & incoherent & Pelosi is an 84 yr old case study in senility. These people have access to nukes, armies & trillions of dollars they can’t possibly, wisely or efficiently manage. It’s a threat to us all, indeed the human race, for them to remain in government instead of on porches sipping lemonade.IF JOHN PODESTA IS PIMPING UFO’s…PizzaGate journalist Liz Conklin reminds us that the biggest pimp for the UFO’s are here conspiracy is spirit cooking, PizzaGate pedo pimp, John Podesta.BIDEN’S PENTAGON ANNOUNCES WAR ESCALATION IN UKRAINE – But wait, we “have no boots on the ground” in Ukraine and are supposedly NOT at war with Russia but the Pentagon is announcing “a major offensive WITH Western forces”!? Meanwhile the Russians have said they’ve DEMOLISHED a column of tanks and hundreds of soldiers.HUNTER BIDEN’S TROUBLES ARE NOT OVERWatch Judge Napolitano explain WHY Federal judge Marilyn Noreika rejected Hunter’s plea deal. The KingDude will explain this in detail and WHY it matters to what’s going on in Congress.Russian Minister of Health Asks Women to Pursue Motherhood Before Career – AGAIN, the Russians shame the West in taking the necessity of a country having, healthy, growing, large families!McCarthy floats “impeachment inquiry” into Biden – This is loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg overdue but we’ll take it: the evidence of The Biden Crime Family’s corruption and bribery schemes run through the V-P’s office, State Department and U.S. Senate has been “clear and present” since at least 2019Biden’s DOJ Will Trigger A Major Crisis If Trump Is Indicted For Jan. 6 – John Daniel Davidson wonders what happens when/if Biden has Trump arrested for “January 6th conspiracy” and successfully removes him from the 2024 race, will the MAGA faithful go softly into Ron DiSantis or will they revolt because they”re votes will never count againAt Spotify, Podcast Cuts and Higher Music Royalties Deepen Losses – BUT the REAL story is that Spotify now claims 550 MILLION users per month! My question is WHY aren’t the number of TALK RADIO users increasing like that?Biden The Child Turkey Gobbler – You can’t make this stuff up. WTH is wrong with the Biden’s!?Yellow Truck Headed for Bankruptcy, 22,000 Union Jobs Go Poof, What It Means – Will Yellow Truck be forced into bankruptcy by the Teamsters Union it helped to make powerful? This is the REAL, ugly underside of our “retirement” based, fake eceonomy.Louisiana Bans Transgender Procedures for Children After Lawmakers Overturn Governor’s Veto – The Old South of the Confederacy is united yet again, this time in it’s opposition to the demonic, child sacrificing rituals of the pagan North with Louisiana now completing the map of the old ConfederacyFeds borrowing over $5 billion per day as programs face insolvency – But DON’T WORRY, the Congress and the Biden Regime have this under control because they’re not borrowing $6 Billion a day and that’s a win!Jim Caviezel, CRUSADER Knight and Pedo-Hunter. Watch:

Jim Caviezel in an Interview with General Flynn Responds to CIA “Suicidal” Tweet – I DO NOT FEAR YOU! And Reveals the CIA Already Tried

His (Jim Caviezel) Days are numbered 💀 They will make it look like an accident.

He is likely correct, the ClA does this and it used… pic.twitter.com/Z5ojgT7eci

— UltraMJTruth (@MJTruthUltra) July 14, 2023

Do GOP Presidential Candidates Live On The Same Planet We Do? Watch Tim Scott, for example, insist that it’s ‘Muricah’s most important duty to “degrade the Russian military”!

Wow. What ‘Murican imperative requires “degrading the Russian military”!? Note the applause at Scott’s first answer before he went #deceptiCON “NO ‘Murican boots on the ground in Ukraine.” Whither @RonPaul!? @VeritasRadioNet https://t.co/9soMQnJdyh

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) July 14, 2023

I’m a cop-turned-‘demon hunter’ — schools must protect kids from devil – Following the steps of The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes’ Ralph SarchieAmerica Is Running Out of Ammo – But don’t worry because Biden & Ol Cornpop have a plan to restock the 10’s of millions of shells the Ukrainians have lobbed at a non-enemy of the U.S.: Russia“Joe Biden is needlessly and dangerously leading us into World War III, which would be a nightmare beyond imagination—obliteration! We must stop this insanity, immediately end the bloodshed in Ukraine, and return to a focus on America’s vital interests.”Donald Trump Coming Up on today’s Mike Church ShowWhat Is A Cluster Bomb? – If ‘Muricans knew what a cluster bomb actually was and what it does, some may remove their stupid Ukrainian Flags from their social media or do we not care about “humanatarian” issues any longer?America Is Running Out of Ammo! -Did you know that our once great military said that it needed 1,200 long range missiles for mere “defense” and thanks to Ukraine we now have but “a few hundred left!?”THE “SOUND OF FREEDOM’S” SUCCESS IS THE SOUND OF PEDOS IN RETREATThe film has now made $40 million and is still selling out theaters as ‘Muricans learn the ugly truth Mike Church has been shouting about for 6 years now about the global pedo-sex cult.WATCH: WHY IS THER COCAINE INSIDE THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE? – Well, the easy answer is because the family’s crackhead son, Hunter, visits there often BUT the Crime Family Boss will probably soon reveal that the coke was brought in for a screening of “Cocaine Bear”.10 of the Best Cities in America to Raise a Catholic Family – It’s not shocking that the once great Catholic enclave that was New Orleans, LA, is not on the list, matter of fact, there is no great city in the old Confederacy (save for Knoxville) that makes the list so either the list is a tragedy for The South or it’s incompleteNumber of Brown University Students Identifying as LGBTQ Doubles to Nearly 40 Percent – What can possibly explain this civilizational suicide trend other than the enemy has conquered the institutions and is now using them to remake civilization in his own image?VERY URGENT: The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening – Reading this report on fertility’s continued plummet begs the question in my mind: if its that bad in “All men are created equal” is NOT in the Declaration, Joe!

Biden confuses the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence while accusing the Supreme Court of not “embracing” the Constitution.

He then says “we fought a war…in 1960.” pic.twitter.com/1rXKLdpfjC

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 29, 2023

Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Was Willing to Testify Before Grand Jury; Delaware U.S. Attorney Didn’t Answer His Calls – Tony Bobulinski was willing and able to testify against Hunter Biden but the DA’s involved never bothered to callPlanned Parenthood reports abortions up 54% in Illinois as bordering states enact laws protecting the preborn – As I said at the time of Dobbs, Roe only exacerbated the evil, ending Roe wouldn’t end the evil it would just change its geographical locationThe Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower Testimony – Reading this statement from the House Ways and Means Committee’s investigation into the Biden’s criminal activities should result in an avalanche of arrests, bookings, prosecutions and building enough jails to house them all.REVEALED: On Sunday, hours after it’s ill-fated launch, the U.S. Navy detected and recorded the implosion of the Titan submersible yet the Biden Regime allowed the world to pray for it’s rescue. WHAT KIND OF EVIL IS THIS!?- Mike Church on today’s Mike Church ShowHouse GOP votes to censure Schiff over role in Trump investigations – Schiffty Schiff gets what he dserves…finallyPilgrims Saddened by Bishop’s Traditional Latin Mass Restrictions at Walsingham Shrine – Our Lady of Walsingham is the patroness of The CRUSADE Channel and The Mike Church Show asHunter Biden’s Plea Deal Is A Coverup Disguised As Justice – Trump called this one correctlyThe “Climate Crisis” Can Be Explained By “Science!”

Yes! Please share my 2013 report on this and the work of William F. McClenney, P.G. R.E.A. in “The Nine Times Rule”: https://t.co/jD9DQF1izv

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) June 20, 2023

Trump Says ‘Secret’ Document He Described on Tape Referred to News Clippings – Trump tells Brett Baier what ACTUALLY happened during the now infamous “Top Secret” reveal, that the docs that were in his and were actually newspapers and printed news stories.SCARED HEART OF JESUS 1 – BROTHERS OF PERPETUAL ABOMINATION 0.0Watch….

DODGER STADIUM-The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are recognized for Pride night to a mostly empty audience.

Two Dodgers fan nearby begin loudly booing after they’re announced: pic.twitter.com/OO6NT5RIc8

— Savanah Hernandez (@sav_says_) June 17, 2023

God Bless Bishop Strickland! – Strickland will lead a procession and prayer vigil outside Dodger Stadium today!Time For The 6th CRUSADE To Liberate Christians In California From Sultan Newsommobad

Legalize grooming for pedo perverts. Do you “affirm” your child’s anorexia? bulimia? manic depression? IF there were to be a new CRUSADE, it would be to liberate the remaining Christians in California from these demonic strumpets. https://t.co/Qx7DF3JXRT

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) June 15, 2023

Julie Kelly nails the Trump Indictment“What the party-goers won’t realize—or maybe they will?—is that they are cheering America’s decline. A country once considered a beacon of hope and freedom, an escape from Marxist hellholes, will take one giant leap closer to banana republic territory. Charging and potentially jailing Trump isn’t the only accelerant; one could safely argue a retaliatory campaign of terror unleashed by Garland’s Justice Department involving armed FBI raids against mostly peaceful Americans who protested Biden’s rigged election ultimately resulting in outlandish criminal charges, circus trials before partisan juries, a political gulag in the shadow of the Capitol, and excessive prison sentences hastened the slide.”Indict Walt Nauta? Why Not the Biggest Liars First? – VDH lists the 6 Demoncrats including Killary who should have been indicted on the same charges Trump has been indicted on.

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