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Tuesday Pile of Prep-When Harvey Met Katrina

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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

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Sapientia et Veritas -All cultures are not equal. Or at least they are not equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy. The culture of the Plains Indians was designed for nomadic hunters, but is not suited to a First World, 21st-century environment. Nor are the single-parent, antisocial habits, prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-“acting white” rap culture of inner-city blacks; the anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among some Hispanic immigrants. These cultural orientations are not only incompatible with what an advanced free-market economy and a viable democracy require, they are also destructive of a sense of solidarity and reciprocity among Americans. If the bourgeois cultural script — which the upper-middle class still largely observes but now hesitates to preach — cannot be widely reinstated, things are likely to get worse for us all.” – Amy Wax and Larry Alexanderpile of prep



Governor Abbott: Light ‘Em Up! – Governor Greg Abbott of Texas remains hands on involved in the efforts to provide relief to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. You can follow his news feed here. Last night the Gov opened up Texas to unregulated power providers to enter the state and assist in getting power restored as quickly as possible. Note that government is told to stand aside in this instance so that dedicated and skilled help can be delivered. BRAVO governor, bravo.

LIVE Radar On Harvey’s Rainfall

Harvey Reminds New Orleanians of Their Disaster Nightmare, 12 Years Ago Today: Katrina – It was 12 years ago today that hurricane Katrina made landfall just south and east of New Orleans; the impending threat of TS Harvey is reminding all of us who were in that number what that was like.

DeceptiCONNED: A REAL ‘Muricah First Foreign Policy Would Look Like This – We have been chronicling the disappointing turn the Trump White House has made toward DeceptiCONS (neocons) and their impious push for never ending wars for our “national defense”, an oxymoron if there ever was one. The rare voice of reason has come from Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie both from KY. Pat Buchanan has been writing about this and I have been talking about it, to little avail. Now comes former Mordor on The Potomac resident Johnathan Tkatchuk with an actual, actionable plan to promote non-intervention which includes this gem:

The only way to neutralize the threat Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIL) pose to the United States is through smart and effective diplomacy. This diplomacy must contain the following features: A withdrawal of all U.S. military forces from Islamic countries over the next three years, prioritizing cooperation with all foreign governments in lawfully undermining these organizations, and aggressively promoting nuclear non-proliferation in accordance to international law (i.e. without resorting to the use of military force or implying the use of military force).

I will point out, again, that if KY (or any other state) had to pay gold and silver coins for these troop deployments, the for the burials of the KIA and the care of the survivors, Tkatchuk’s proposal would be in force by now.

Deliver Us From Evil – Upstate New York TV station sends reporter Tara Rosenblum undercover to investigate diabolical activity and winds up reporting on the growing coven of witches. John Horvat’s TFP and many others including Y/T have been warning of this and now the proof that it is actually happening can be known. Where there are those communicating and cooperating with the demonic their must be Rosary prayers and the faithful.

“News 12’s Tara Rosenblum spent four months exploring and gaining access to a mysterious, secretive world that most people don’t even know exist: a thriving underground community of witches.”

That diabolical activity is real cannot be doubted, that ‘Muricans are cooperating with it as an attack against the living, cannot be doubted as well.

FINALLY! A Christian Group Made Infamous By the Quacks At The SPLC, Sues For Defamation – D. James Kennedy Ministries has filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, the extortion group that “identifies hate” then warns all the good people of the world of “the danger” said hate poses. And what is “hate”? Well, e.g. going Carmelite and not all lgbqT-Virus is hate. From the suit:

“We embarked today on a journey to right a terrible wrong.Those who knowingly label Christian ministries as ‘hate’ groups, solely for subscribing to the historic Christian faith, are either woefully uninformed or willfully deceitful. In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, our lawsuit alleges the latter.”

The suit also targets Amazon because of their reliance on the SPLC to determine who can participate in their “SMILE” program.

The Problem With Derek Jeter And ‘Muricanism – I’ve talked about today’s major sporting events and their military idolatry with Air Force flyovers, National anthems, ‘Murican flags plastered on helmets and jerseys and color guards presenting heroes who “defend our freedoms”. This is what should be properly called the First Church of ‘Murican Exceptionalism. This religion is obviously opposed to Religion (capitals intended) and the dominance of the former explains the paucity of the latter. Gerald Russello explains this while reviewing the new book by Phillp Gorski “American Covenant” and uses the example of Jeter’s induction into the NY Yankee Hall of Fame. “It is no wonder, then, that baseball has been a frequent subject of conservative commentators as an expression of the national mind. Even Jeter’s personal selection of the day for the ceremony—Mother’s Day—is an illustration of how public events are commemorated or valued. Religious and even civic holidays fade into the background; others rise to take their place.” Keep that in mind and look at the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, a noble attempt to recognize the labor of men in making a [r]epublic

What Happened To The “United” Part Of The United States? – Pat Buchanan, a leading voice in the alt-conservative movement (I just coined that term) is out making sense again meaning fewer people will read what he’s printed and even fewer will get anything out of it (and Rod Dreher will be accusing him of some atrocity he hasn’t committed). Buchanan puts into words something I’ve been talking about for over a decade:

“Neocons claimed America was an “ideological nation” a “creedal nation,” dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.” Expropriating the biblical mandate, “Go forth and teach all nations!” they divinized democracy and made the conversion of mankind to the democratic faith their mission here on earth. With his global crusade for democracy, George W. Bush bought into all this. Result: Ashes in our mouths and a series of foreign policy disasters, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq.”

That is a perfect description of the THEN neocon and the TODAY MAGA Trump warrior, sadly the neocons were wrong (and heretics) and the MAGA Trump boosters are as well. Yet the pied piper of the planet renamed an remade in our image have not only not backed down, they’ve doubled down. There is a tragedy of epic proportions brewing here and few see it, count Buchanan as one of them.

U.S. Secretary of State: North Korea Can’t Violate U.N. Prohibitions on Missile Launches, Only WE Can Violate U.N. Prohibitions On Missile LaunchesWhat hypocrisy.

The End Result of The Sexual Revolution & Canonizing of Sodomites? Lonely, Unmarried Women – This essay has a passage worthy of all our consideration although it is directed at yet to marry, young women:

“Offer it up”: God may, in fact, be asking us to suffer for the sins of the sexual revolution, which is the reason for the situation in which we find ourselves. We should offer up the waiting, heartache, and loneliness for the reparation of the sins against chastity, such as contraception and pornography. Fast for our brothers and for our future husbands.

Such is the plight of our vaunted, “free” society, it can no longer produce men as husbands in a large enough supply. Perhaps that helps explain the despair of resorting to so many yewts claiming they are lgbqT-Virus infected?

Sodomites Aren’t Born They Are Made And They’re Making More – When I revealed the statistic that teenage pregnancies are occurring in higher numbers among girls who claim they are lesbians than in their heterosexual peers, friends just stared at me, unable to disavow the obvious contradiction: lesbians don’t have relations with boys/men! Ahhhh, but they do and not only do they sinfully fornicate they do it with such abandon more of them wind up pregnant than their “straight” friends.

Bar Culture Does Not Make Men Masculine, It Makes Them Full Of Ma-CHEESE-mo – Joseph Pearce is a frequent guest on my radio show and today he muses about a subject I was just talking about with my friends: the stunning lack of masculine men, leading families and communities into community life guided by real, manly virtues. “The problem is that machismo is a mark of immaturity. It is the failure to grow into the fullness of what it means to be a man. The mark of machismo is the boast and braggadocio of the braggart. It is the mask of pride, worn by those who lack humility; it is the rant of one demanding his rights because he does not have the courage to face his responsibilities. It is the “manliness” of one who is not really a man.” This can be seen in father’s acceptance of their young children claiming to be homosexuals and transsexuals; the charitable, masculine father knows he must stand firm against these mortal sins for the sake of his child’s eternal life and not obsess over his life on Facebook.

An “Education To Hate America” Would Not Have Effect On Children Taught The Correct Order – Joy Pullman has a provocative exposé on the recent iconoclasm that lawless, violent punks have taken up as what I think is a prelude to a war. Pullman for all that she gets right, blows the conclusion: these kids are being taught to “hate America and it is beyond time for lawmakers to stop enabling it”. While the “enabling’ part is spot on Pullman has misfired: WHAT is being taught is not the problem, what is NOT being taught IS the problem. Someone should endeavor to discover just how many of the AntiFa, SJW types were homeschooled and are practicing The Faith? What we should be taking away from all this is what 100 years of growing “public education” is producing. Francis Scott Key’s wisdom (posted above) is relflective of what this education must have as its goal.

What To Call “Jackson Square” After The History Scrubbers Remove “Jackson” From It? Just Take ‘Em Down wants ALL streets, statues, houses you name it that bears the name or likeness of a Confederate or a slave owner to be removed from N’Awlins.

UPDATE: The AmConMag site has removed the article from displaying on its front page. I Was Not The Only Person Rallied To Defend Pat Buchanan From Rod Dreher’s Scandalous Assault – Tom Piatak reacted the same way I did to Captain Contradiction’s (Dreher’s new, Delta Tau Chi name) hysteria driven assault on Buchanan as a “defender …white supremacy…straight up”. Piatak wrote of Dreher: “Dreher’s attack on Buchanan is an example of treachery and ingratitude, as well as Dreher’s customary hysteria. (Charen is an ingrate too, since Buchanan helped her in the Reagan White house and after). It is also false: Buchanan’s column merely points out, as suggested by its title, that if Robert E. Lee must go, so too must many other central figures in American and Western history.” [emphasis mine, M.C.] These were my sentiments on this morning’s show. Piatak also defends Buchanan on the same basis as I did that he is a fine, decent, devout man who surely knows the catechism on racism and has known it his entire public life but yet received no quarter for his analogous take on the illogic and danger of AntiFa’s demands from the dydumbic duo of professional war cheerleaders, Charen and Dreher.

How Star Spangled Awesome Super Corps Are Running the Internet – There is an adage we would be wise to return to: error has no rights in public. Salon magazine’s Matthew Sheffield has a lengthy expose of this epoch, worthy of reading but be warned, NSFW. Do nazis promoting national socialism and xenophobia have a right to a public square? Maybe. Do they have a right to a Christian public square? No, they do not. That sums up the problem at hand with secular, modern democracy doesn’t it?

Defend The Confederate’s Statues!! (Oh Wait, That’s Not AC)…Ummm, Remove The Confederates! But Stop There! – You have to marvel at the power the AntiFa and Corporate/Media Industrial Complexes have over anyone who dares to leave their home and venture into public. Case in point: Kyle Sammin, who on the one hand is kinda sure that Confederate monuments should all be removed to Confederate graveyards yet is quite certain that the removals must stop at Jackson, Beauregard and Lee because that would lead to questioning ALL human artifacts and then to madness. OK Kyle, how do you draw the moral and logical line between Robert E. Lee and R.H. Lee, author of the Lee Resolution which is the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the legal statement of secession it proclaims? Both were slave owners, both helped their state withdraw from a binding, legal government and both “levied” war against that former power. So why shouldn’t R.H. Lee, his pal Tommy Jefferson and the other white supremacists who made the Declaration meet Robert E. Lee’s, 2017 fate? But here’s the REAL, 800 ton elephant in the room: the legal case for the Southern State’s secessions is not a question mark. It is an open and shut case: they “had the right to secede” as their Fathers had done. This case is so unambiguous and clearly made in among other works Albert Taylor Bledsoe’s “Is Davis A Traitor?” (NO, he isn’t). Most of the revisionist hatred hurled at the South is because even though most weren’t slave owners they were ALL traitors e.g. ALL their artifacts that remain inside our sacred, post Confederacy temples of worship – government buildings of any sort – must go because the “flag of the enemy” can never be welcome. That’s funny, I see no prohibition on Britannica clothing which adorned with the flag of “our enemy” in not one but TWO wars. Of course, jeans with derriere placed Union Jacks are no elevation above the ‘Murican, sacred flag but give Sammin and the AntiFa time: the Brits were nearly all white guys.

War War War! We LIKE War! Trump Sends 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan – This is just sad and disappointing: President trump announced he would direct some 4,000 more troops be sent to Afghanistan to continue our endless nation building efforts. Regurgitating the same DeceptiCON propaganda we’ve heard since 2002, the President has now all but given in to the Deep State and the military industrial complex that acts as “muscle”. The dream that Trump would “put America first” through a slightly reformed and downsized federal monstrosity of a government is now all but over. “The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists – including ISIS and Al Qaeda – would instantly fill, just as happened before September 11th.” The old “vacuum” creating trick is as old as dogs eating homework but the fact that 4,000 souls are now in peril and heaven knows how many Afghans is sickening. But don’t worry, our President assures us “We will fight to win!” Win what!? A Trophy? First prize on Apprentice-Afghanistan?

DeceptiCONNED: Rand Paul To Trump “It Is Long Past Time To END Afghanistan” – Senator Rand Paul is continuing his heroic opposition to the MIC and all it stands for just as his father Ron did for 2 decades. It must be a thankless labour of love, true love because real people’s lives will be lost. Yes: WILL be lost.

The Afghanistan war going beyond its original mission has an enormous cost. First and most important is the cost to our troops. Deaths, injuries and unnecessary deployments causing harm to families are certainly the most important reason as to why you don’t go to wars that aren’t necessary.

Then comes the taxpayer. We have spent over $1 trillion in Afghanistan, and nearly $5 trillion on Middle East wars in the past 15 years. Would we not be better off with $5 trillion less in debt or using these funds in other, more productive ways?

Nation-building should not be our job, and it has consistently been a fool’s errand for us, particularly in this region. There is no reason to believe we can do it in Afghanistan, and certainly no reason to believe we can do it without a permanent, costly presence in the country.

Read the whole thing and continue to pray we may someday stop being a “war-like people.”

Kentucky Town To AntiFas: We’ll Take Every Confederate Statue in Muricah and Display Them – Meet the fine folks of Brandenburg Kentucky. ‘Muricah’s last, decent, brave Southerners.

90% Of Confederate Soldiers Were Not Slave Owners And Died For Defense Of Their Homeland – For the ordinary soldiers who fought and died, devotion to the Confederate army did not arise primarily from a devotion to the institution of slavery (just as most Union soldiers were not fighting primarily to end slavery) but from a devotion to their home states and a sense of honor and duty to defend them from what they considered to be an invading army. John Davidson makes a good case for why the majority of monuments that honor Confederate who were KIA’s are legitimate and we have a duty to the dead to preserve their sacrifice, regardless of what is fashionable to think of it today.

Dreher: Time Now To Shut Up pat Buchanan, Racist – When you accuse someone of a grave sin, it should be requisite that 1. The evidence for said sin is extant  and 2. Your accusation is made to bring about an end to the sin. Here is Rod Dreher’s accusation of Pat Buchanan over a column he wrote on Wednesday last:

“Buchanan is not meditating on the tragic nature of history, as any conservative worth the name must do. No, in this column, Buchanan is defending white supremacy, straight up.” But wait there’s more. “It is abhorrent, and must be rejected in the strongest terms by conservatives. If this is where the Right is going, it can go right off that racist cliff without me.”

No Rod, he’s not. Buchanan is making the much needed point that to take the irrational AntiFa protest over white supremacy to its logical conclusions, the insane will have to rebuke the colonization of New World nay the exploration of the New World. Here is Buchanan’s alleged crime.

“All men are created equal” is an ideological statement. Where is the scientific or historic proof for it? Are we building our utopia on a sandpile of ideology and hope?

Correct. How can it be historically or scientifically proven that “all men are created equal”? It can’t be save for the admission that all men have equally proven that we are fallen creatures. Buchanan has a 50 year career in journalism and public life, is a devout Roman Catholic, and certainly knows his catechism when it comes to issues of morality, equality and dignity of Men being one of them. To stand publicly accused by a denier of the True Faith of what amounts to a mortal sin, is an outrage. Recall that Buchanan was roasted by the National Review, which dedicated nearly an entire issue of its magazine to denounce Buchanan as an anti-semite. Dreher’s hissy fit at Buchanan (which is not his first) is scandalous. If he knew anything about The Faith, he’d know that’s a mortal sin and he’d seek a confessor.

Is Davis A Traitor? No And Neither Was Robert E. Lee – The usually reasoned Andrew Bacevich has joined the Robert E. Lee was a traitor club. This is sad:

“My complaint about Lee—I admit this to my everlasting shame—was not that he was a slaveholder who in joining the Confederacy fought to preserve slavery. It was that he had thereby engineered the killing of many thousands of American patriots who (whatever their views on slavery and race) wished simply to preserve the Union. At the beginning of the Civil War, Lee famously remarked that he could not bring himself to take up arms against his home state of Virginia. This obliged him to take up arms against the very nation that as a serving officer he had sworn to defend? No less than Benedict Arnold, Robert E. Lee was a traitor. This became, and remains, my firm conviction.”

No, he wasn’t. I republished an entire book on the subject Is Davis A Traitor – Was There A Constitutional Right To Secession Previous To the War of 1861? Andrew Tyler Bledsoe, as Kevin Gutzman pointed out in his blurb for the book, has yet to be answered, because the answer is no, he wasn’t [Davis] a traitor, therefore neither would Robert E. Lee be.

Mass Hysteria Among Us, Dilbert –

Imbecility: If You Praise Constantine You Have To Praise Luther – I’m not sure what’s more frightening: that this man is a PhD professor at Hillsdale College and is poisoning thousands of young minds with illogic and heresy dressed up as “history” or that he has read the history of his story, ignored it, then made up his own version AND for extra heresy credit, ties it to a blessed, holy event.

Another Day In Europe Another Mohammedan Rampage – The UK Daily Sun’s coverage has over 100 photos and videos, most of the gore has been blurred out. The Daily Mail has the pertinent facts including the orthodox Muslims identity, 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir, and the the names of those arrested in connection with the act of orthodoxy.

Horowitz Confirms My “The War Has Begun & Charlottesville Was It’s Harper’s Ferry” Moment – David Horowtiz has an essay at NewsMax that puts into words some of what Brother André Marie and I talked about yesterday. That the masked punks at the Charlottesville tragedy had malicious intentions, will have malicious intentions and that retaliation is all but assured.

What is taking place in the media accounts and political commentaries on this event is an effort by the left to turn the mayhem in Charlottesville into a template for their war against a mythical enemy — “white supremacy” — which is really a war on white people generally. The ideology that drives the left and divides our country is “identity politics” — the idea that the world consists of two groups — “people of color” who are guiltless and oppressed, and white people who are guilty and oppressors. This is the real race war.

That’s right and if you are in that “white supremacist” number, watch your back in close quarters with twenty somethings.

If At First You Don’t Secede… – CalExitboosters have a new angle, this one calling for a new Constitutional Convention to be called by Congress;  a move that is as likely to happen as a repeal of ObamaCare. This shows the lack of any real constitution knowledge and more telling, the lack of courage in CalExit boosters. California has all the legal powers it needs already to secede, save for the will to do so. Sad….

The AntiFa Wackos: Demonic Anarchists Since 1902 – Peter Beinart has a exposé on the history of American Commies nowadays referred to as AntiFa that you should read. Beinart writes in part.

“Antifa believes it is pursuing the opposite of authoritarianism. Many of its activists oppose the very notion of a centralized state. But in the name of protecting the vulnerable, antifascists have granted themselves the authority to decide which Americans may publicly assemble and which may not. That authority rests on no democratic foundation. Unlike the politicians they revile, the men and women of antifa cannot be voted out of office. Generally, they don’t even disclose their names. [emphasis mine – M.C. Ed.]”

This is what Chris Ferrara and I talked about yesterday (listen to the entire segment here). The Enlightenment’s promise of pure democracy leading to pure liberty and freedom was and is a direct rebuke of the Church’s Teaching Authority and we are now witnessing the final, bloody, lethal chapter. Christians, by Christ’s teaching, cannot be a part of this in co-operation or in resistance except as a last resort of self-defense:

Earthly peace is the image and fruit of the peace of Christ, the messianic “Prince of Peace.”100 By the blood of his Cross, “in his own person he killed the hostility,” he reconciled men with God and made his Church the sacrament of the unity of the human race and of its union with God. “He is our peace.” He has declared: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”103

Those who renounce violence and bloodshed and, in order to safeguard human rights, make use of those means of defense available to the weakest, bear witness to evangelical charity, provided they do so without harming the rights and obligations of other men and societies. They bear legitimate witness to the gravity of the physical and moral risks of recourse to violence, with all its destruction and death.

No Virginia There Is No George Washington, Catholic – I was recently told by a friend that “George Washington converted to Catholicism on his deathbed”, news that shocked this biographer of the Great Man. After doing some specific research on the subject I stick with my previous conclusion based on extant accounts of the event AND Washington’s notorious life as a 32nd degree Mason: he died an apostate Mason. Here are the facts. This does not alter Washington’s signal achievements as a Founding Father and statesman, things he did as a duty to country and countrymen. BUT, there are some stories that purport that the Washington’s had a portrait of Our Lady in the living room at Mount Vernon AND that Washington’s slaves allegedly claimed he had converted. There is 0.0 evidence for the conversion claim but the portrait claim may be legit.

What We Can learn From The Faith of The 3 “Seers” At Fatima – On August 13th 1917, the “Tinsmith” (constable) of the town of Fatima Portugal, abducted Jacinta, Lucy and Francesco who were en route to the 4th apparition at Fatima Our Lady had promised them. The “Tinsmith” after a day of interrogation at his home then, on the 14th (today) took the children to jail and locked them up with other criminals. Here’s what happened next.

They were then interrogated separately, after which the Tinsmith threatened to boil them in oil if they still refused to divulge the Secret of Fatima. In the presence of the children he ordered that a cauldron of oil be heated, and threatened to put the children in the cauldron if they did not cooperate. The children believed the Tinsmith’s threat. A man in the same prison cell tried to persuade Jacinta to give in, telling her that she could avoid being killed by simply telling the secret. Jacinta responded, “I’’d rather die!”

Oh to have 9 year olds today telling public school bergermeisters “They’d rather die” than apostasize their faith by throwing in with the lgbqT-Virus infected’s demands or a clergy and parents to have inspired them to do so.


St. Paul, MN Catholics: Will You Go transgender or Will You Go Carmelite – I talked about this on the show today: where are the Catholic defenders of what is True, Good and Beautiful in the city named for The Apostle Paul? 1 FIVE YEAR OLD’s parents sued the Nova Classical Academy over their “bigotry” in not teaching their child the finer points of mutilating his body, doping with steroids and defying God’s choice to make him a boy. These social-media popularity seeking, child-busing whores, disguised as parents, won in court. Let that sink in: Won. In. Court. Now the remaining 959 students will be fed a “gender policy” heavy on instruction and removal of signs of bigotry and oppression like “Boys” and “Girls” signs on bathrooms and locker rooms. This madness now puts Truth on the side of error, up opposed to down and leaves children with nothing but confusion and disdain for the natural world and ultimately its creator: God. “In addition to committing to revise its gender inclusion policies to protect and respect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, Nova Classical Academy agreed to “pay damages of $120,000 to Hannah and David Edwards and their minor child, H.E.,” Gender Justice said in a press release.” See, now child mutilation PAYS. Is this a great country or what *sarcasm*!?


You’Ve Heard It Before But is It Imminent: Only GOD Can Save Us This Time? – We’ve all become experts in diagnosing the end of our once “Christian society” but solutions and the resolve to carry them out are harder to find than a heterosexual virgin on Prime TimeTV. Pedro Gonzales gives us another spot on diagnosis of the ailment. “Why the increased barbarity today? The dismantling of Western civilization by culture-war zealots has destroyed the resolve of Western man to defend himself. Western civilization has been gutted from within. At the core of this moral bankruptcy is a watered-down Christianity that lacks the conviction to defend itself, given its post-modern moral-spiritual duplicity. No doubt, radical Islam is abetted by post-modern deconstruction of Western culture and values. Radical Islam and communism—then and now—are ideologies that present the enemies of the West with alleged, viable alternatives to Western values.” All spot on and sadly true, Gonzales also asks the question I asked 15 days ago about the promotion of anal sex for 12 year old girls on the pages of Teen Vogue and Daniel Payne asked yesterday over the impending gubbmint orderede death of Charlie Gard. Gonzales over the murder of Father jaques Hamel in France. “We must ask: Where is the outcry from liberal Christians and progressive humanists?” The outcry is coming on the wind that brings about the New Cristendom… we must hope.

It’s August 2017 And The Immodesty Is About To Go Nuclear Because It WENT Nuclear – Venerable Bishop Sheen called out ‘Muricah back in the 1960’s while speaking to a group of young Catholics on “Youth and Sex”: “8:15 in the morning, the 6th of August, 1945, when we flew a military plane over this city, when we dropped that atomic bomb on it; that bomb on blotted out boundaries. There was no longer a boundary between the military and the civilian, between the helper and the helped, between the wounded and the nurse and the doctor, between the living and the dead. For even the living who escaped the bomb were already half dead. So we broke down boundaries and limits and from that time on the world has said we want no one limiting me. … You want no restraint, no boundaries, no limitsI have to do what I want to do. Now let’s analyze that for a moment, is that happiness?”

The MIKE CHURCH SHOW and the Veritas Radio Newtork’s CRUSADE Channel are 20 months old today. To see another 20 months of life, please support our crowdfunding effort, become a Founders Pass Member, place an ad or much more. Click SOS our Mascot for details!

The Tragedy of Post Christian, Philosophia Perennis Devoid ThinkingRead this piece from AmConMag writer Noah Millman to get a closeup view of why Philosophia Perennis is so desperately needed to corral the erroneous thinking Men are sure to engage in when NOT grounded in the eternal quest for True Wisdom i.s. Sapientia. The issue Noah, is not whether “only the Saints” can live by the Magisterial code, it is that by God’s Grace the Saints DID live the Tradition WHILE receiving the Graces needed to do so. You cannot approach Grace as zero sum, mathematics, as in if I do ______ I will receive ______ “Grace credits” but if I do ______I will have deducted ______ Grace Credits. Grace is present in the world and we are given the supply needed at Baptism, the suffering of the Christian Faithful is simply to maintain the state you enter at Baptism, using the Gospels and the Traditional Teaching as MEANS to that END. As Padré Gaetano tells us in Humility of Heart: “And has not a saint abundant reasons, from the thought of his own weakness, to live always in a state of great humility, when he knows that from one hour to another he may lose the grace of God and the kingdom of heaven which he has merited by years of laboriously-acquired virtues? “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”

For an audio version of Jefferson’s [r]epublicanism via Project ’76 Webisode, click here

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