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Tuesday Prep: No, Glen, The Constitution Is NOT On Par With The Gospels

todayFebruary 16, 2016 1

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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “One of the oversimplifications by which social rationalism distorts the truth is that Communism is a weed particular to the marshes of poverty and capable of being eradicated by an improvement in the standard of living. This is a fatal misconception. Surely everyone must realize by now that the world war against Communism cannot be won with radio sets, refrigerators, and wide- screen films. It is not a contest for a better supply of goods unfortunately for the free world, whose record in this field cannot he beaten. The truth is that it is a profound, all-encompassing conflict of two ethical systems in the widest sense, a struggle for the very conditions of man’s spiritual and moral existence. Not for one moment may the free world waver in its conviction that the real danger of Communism, more terrible than the hydrogen bomb, is its threat to wipe these conditions from the face of the earth. Anyone who rejects this ultimate, apocalyptic perspective must be very careful, lest, sooner or later, and perhaps for no worse reason than weakness or ignorance, he betray the greatest and highest values which mankind has ever had to defend. In comparison with this, everything else counts as nothing.” – Wilhelm Ropke, On A Humane Economy

Glen Beck To Pope Leo XIII Defending THE Kingdom: Drop Dead – Fallen away Catholic, Glen Beck has injected the Kingship of Our Lord into campaign 2016, calling on ALL people of faith to A. KNOW that the U.S. Constitution is divinely inspired and B. That Ted Cruz was born to defend this sacred writ and C. Failing to go out and campaign then vote for Cruz amounts to paving the way for the Apocalypse. Leo XIII, witnessing the rise of the America and the European nation-states warned that those states as powers above the Kingship of Christ was the real threat to the Christian world.

If Gibson Guitars Can’t Trade With Countries Selling “Endangered Tree” Woods… – Then WHY should Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas or any other pro-life state conduct trade with New York. That state has now proudly, by super-majority vote, enacted legally protected, 3rd trimester abortions that can be performed by non-doctors! One method of execution is through the injection of heart-stopping poison into the baby’s heart. I call on the CCB and all Dioceses to formally denounce this law and counsel that Catholics should embargo trade with New Yorkers until they change this diabolical law.

Buchanan: Don’t Fill Scalia’s Seat – Now, Patrick J Buchanan reaches his conclusion politically not constitutionally but the result is similar to my proposal. Buchanan recalls the fight over one of LBJ’s nominees where Strom Thurmond and John Tower filibuster Johnson’s nominee until the election that brought Nixon to the White House. I think that the House should act with the Senate and pass a Judiciary Act that reduces the number of SCOTUS seats to 7, leaving the possibility that Roberts, Alito and Thomas will outlive Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan and THAT is the best case scenario.

The 3×5 Index Card On Capitalism vs Socialism – This essay is a typical presentation of the wholesome goodness of “capitalism” vs the evil confiscation that is “socialism”. The writer proceeds from the erroneous view that the 2016, Republican hack definition of the terms is correct and all that is needed to provide and enjoy the utopia of socialism is to free us from the shackles of “socialism”. I might suggest that the writer read and contemplate the work of Wilhelm Roepke, a Catholic capitalist and not coincidentally a realist (what was that thing about conforming the mind to reality). Roepke saw that capitalism by itself cannot provide the utopia the “conservatives” claim and in fact is as soul-less as its opposite. Roepke proposed a “Humane Economy”. Here is Roepke’s greatest living biographer, Ralph Ancil’s latest, at the Imaginative Conservative, on the Humane Economy and the Modern World’s need for it.

All Stop The Canonization of Antonin ScaliaLouie Verecchio brings up the finer points of my on-air dialogue with Chris Ferrara yesterday on the USA! USA! “Catholics” singing the “Catholic constitutionalism” of Justice Scalia. Verecchio points to Pope Leo XIII’s admonition that the Faithful must not elevate the secular state even into a state of parity with the State of Christ’s Church viz His Kingdom.

Congress Has The Power To reduce The SCOTUS to 8 Justices – After Lincoln was assassinated, Congress, fearing that President Johnson would appoint a justice or justices hostile their radical agenda, passed the Judicial Circuits Act of 1866 which reduce the court from 10 justices to 7, proving that the Article III Judiciary is under the regulation of the Article I Legislature.

If At First You Don’t Succeed In War, Call The Establishment And Don’t Worry About ItWilliam S Lind explains that what we call “The Establishment” acts with impugnity and recognizes no claim of failure when it comes to their actions especially their military actions. “The first is, don’t worry about serial failure. Within the Beltway, the failure of national policies is not important. Career success depends on serving interests and pleasing courtiers above you, not making things work in flyover land. As in 17th-century Spain, the court is dominated by interests that prosper by feeding off the country’s decay.”

Bush Lied, People Died IS True and Donald Trump Refuses To Say It Is False – To his credit at Saturday night’s GOP Debate, Donald Trump was ganged up on by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for refusing to acknowledge that piece of Republican Dogma confirming George W Bush as the greatest Republican foreign policy President EVER; and that Bush’s lethal, catastrophic failure to resists invading Iraq, never occurred. As Daniel Larison points out, everything Trump says about the Bush years is true making Rubio and Jeb Bush attached to disastrous foreign policy but what’s even worse is the danger that the majority of the GOP electorate agrees with Rubio and Bush. If that’s true, then the time to leave the party has expired long ago.

Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Policy “Trumps” ‘Murica’s – Angelo Codevilla, author of “The Ruling Elite” essay from 2010 which explained what/who the Establishment was/is, proposes that Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy is far more successful and pragmatic for Russians than ‘Murica have been for ‘Muricans in decades. “The failures of this complexity, confusion, and half-heartedness—the opposite of Putin’s modus operandi—should lead the United States’ highly credentialed foreign policy establishment to audit the Putin school’s current semester, and to take notes.”

Take This 8th Grade Economics Quiz From 1889 To Prove How Ignorant Smartphones Have Made Us -In 1889, there were no calculators to figure out the fraction equations needed to study finances and simple economics. Take the quizzes and see how many questions you can answer WITHOUT google, electronic dictionaries with spellcheck and google to grab answers.

Buchanan, Can James Madison’s Republic Endure Never Ending Wars? – If you missed the news dump out of Afghanistan the other day, you missed outgoing commander General John Campbell’s assessment that 2016 “could be worse than 2015”. Buchanan notes that 15 years, that’s right FIFTEEN YEARS IN, the United States is no closer to “securing Afghanistan” than in was in November 2001, ditto that for the disaster we have created in Iraq. Buchanan is postively cynical in his final assessment: “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded,” wrote James Madison, “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”  Perhaps Madison was wrong. Otherwise, with no end to war on America’s horizon, the prospect of this free republic enduring is, well, doubtful.” This is what I have been saying on-air for years and continue to say. If DC won’t end the UnJust, unDeclared, not “winnable” wars, then it is time to leave DC. S E C E D E

Jefferson Heard “the knell of the union” in 1820, too bad he couldn’t act upon it“I thank you, Dear Sir, for the copy you have been so kind as to send me of the letter to your constituents on the Missouri question. it is a perfect justification to them. I had for a long time ceased to read the newspapers or pay any attention to public affairs, confident they were in good hands, and content to be a passenger in our bark to the shore from which I am not distant. but this momentous question, like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. it is hushed indeed for the moment. but this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence. a geographical line, coinciding with a marked principle, moral and political, once concieved and held up to the angry passions of men, will never be obliterated; and every new irritation will mark it deeper and deeper. I can say with conscious truth that there is not a man on earth who would sacrifice more than I would, to relieve us from this heavy reproach, in any practicable way.

I regret that I am now to die in the belief that the useless sacrifice of themselves, by the generation of $76. to acquire self government and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be that I live not to weep over it. if they would but dispassionately weigh the blessings they will throw away against an abstract principle more likely to be effected by union than by scission, they would pause before they would perpetrate this act of suicide on themselves and of treason against the hopes of the world. to yourself as the faithful advocate of union I tender the offering of my high esteem and respect. Th. Jefferson”

Wesley Allen Riddle: Wars Bring The Many Under The Domination Of The FewThis 1995 speech could be a monologue from a 2015 Mike Church Show. Professor Riddle was correct to predict the coming war-industry. “But whether we can reconstruct the bulwarks of liberty to meet the challenges of a post-Cold War epoch depends in part on our keeping out of unnecessary wars. Our first responsibility to the world should be to be worthy of emulation—like a “Shining City set upon a Hill.” Jefferson exhorted us in the same inaugural address to pursue what he termed an essential principle of our government, namely, “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

War IS a Racket But U.S.A. Led War Is An Enduring IndustryGeneral Campbell testified to Congress (see Buchanan above) and basically reported that the United States will be in Afghanistan forever; that we must ship more helicopters and planes there plus the ordinance needed to bomb the Taliban back to 2001 et cetera. You get the impression that the general is more describing the construction of a Wal-Mart styled military trading post in Afghanistan than conducting a war effort to “protect America”.

The Big Sleazy Eats Its Young Under John Bel Edwards – The news is out that John Bel Edwards, who recenetly reneged on Governor Jindal’s prudent plan to cut welfare and Medicaid “benefits” to working age men, has torpedoed the TOPS program that funds in-state tuitions for college students who are Louisiana Residents. Of course the TOPS program is based upon the principle that Louisiana parents, having paid Louisiana taxes for the 18 years their kids are growing, have banked the $$$ for the TOPS program. A dubious assertion about as true as the $$$ banked in the Social Security, fictitious “trust fund”. 278 Constitution amendments, who knows how many “boards” and “councils” brought into existence by those amendments and 1974 Constitution and LA parents now face what some of us have been predicting for over a decade: This state’s financial system CANNOT survive as currently constituted. The Constitution of 1974 needs a repeal and rewrite convention. Sorry, levee board members and “police”, you are finished as are the hacks that make up the “BESE” board which has produced “LESS-ee” education. ‘Murican’s being arrogant ‘Muricans though, expect a bailout ala Greece and CA and no action until SkyNet launches…. *sigh*

LISTENER VIDEO: Now I’ve Found, That The World Is Round Flat – Listener, Andrew ffrom FL prepared this video which contains a call he made to me in November of last year, to try and prove that the planet Earth is actually flat and not round. Andrew’s evidence is impressive yet not conclusional but the subject is fascinating. Does anyone want to provide a counter video? Contact me here and load ‘er up!

Modern Wrong World Attacks St Augustine Center As “Hate Group” – The Southern Poverty Law Center has added Brother André Marie’s St Augustine Institute, the entity that produces the Philosophia Perennis lecture series and the broadcast home of our very own ReConquest Radio Show. Really!? Yes, really. If you need any more proof that modern ‘Muricah is irredeemably corrupt, uses the law to call the meek the proud and the loving hateful, I challenge you to refute this using this story and for extra credit, refute it citing the Harris County TX Grand Jury’s indictment on David Daleidan for filming Planned Parenthood’s human baby sacrifices to the almighty dollar. Brother was contacted by a TV station in Boston for comment, Brother was typically candid and meek.

“We’re not a hate group. We’re a love group,” said Brother Andre Marie at the St. Benedict Center, home to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Marie and his group are listed under “radical traditional Catholicism” on the SPLC’s Hate Map. A 2007 report on the SPLC website described the group’s religious beliefs to include “anti-Semitism, angry opposition to homosexuality and a desire to convert others to their hardline views.” The Diocese of Manchester told Fox 25 Investigates the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary doesn’t have any recognition by the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. “We want to make a Catholic America,” said Marie. “Does that mean we want to convert people by force? Of course not. We don’t have the means and we don’t have the inclination to do that.”


Lenten Memorial: The Way We WerePaul Lavin takes inventory of the pathetic state of spiritual affairs that ‘Muricah is currently suffering and sinning mightily under and it all officially begins (it was present before VII) with the regrettable event known as Vatican II.


The Fall of The Roman ‘Murican Empire – The Roman historian Livy predicted the fall of the ‘Murican empire in cataloguing the degrading state of the Roman Empire. Consider that Rome fell as an empire of licentious horndogs (how ‘Murican of them!) but became home of the empire of Christ The King, replacing orgies with Masses, gluttonous feasts with the modest yet filling Eucharist and banal columned temples with the majestic cathedrals that once made all of Europe’s skylines, beautiful sights to guide sailors and travelers home. Brad Birzer reminds us that not a single member of the Founders caucus believed their “republic” would be lasting, indeed: “[N]ot a single serious member of the founding generation believed the American republic was alive and well by the time of his or her individual death. Each thought the republic had already become a thing of the past.”


PUBLIUS-Ted Cruz is STILL Not a Natural Born Citizen & No Massaging Of “Precedent” Will Change ItNo matter the facts of the case, no matter tghe clear, unambiguous historical record, no matter the PURPOSE the Founders put the “Natural Born Citizen” clause into Article II of The Constitution, the rabid, vulgar and downright despicable tactics being employed to defend Cruz and distort if not outright deny “The Founders Original Intent” reveals what I have been telling you for years: The Constitution is D-E-D, Dead, and it is precisely her alleged advocates who have brandished their long knives and stabbed the old gal to death.


If_at_first_you_dont_secedeIllinois Election Panel To The Founders: “Drop Dead!”An IL Board of elections has sanctified the “natural born citizenship” of Theodore Rafael Cruz because “he was born of an American citizen mother and had to take no steps to achieve naturalization”. The board further ordered the history quoting and ratified intent abiding citizenry, all 18 of us, that “Further discussion on this issue is unnecessary.” Got that citizen!? If the Miracle Amendment (14) says what it doesn’t say because we need to validate current opinions and aspirations, then the Founders be damned. You people cheering this Constitution slander will get the “make it up as we go along” “constitutional government they deserve, unfortunately, so will the rest of us. S E C E D E. I am bringing back the “If At First You Don’t Secede, Try, Try Again.”

Trumpzilla Roars Into NH, Tedly Cruz Right “Is a Man of Insults” – One day after allegedly having his “nose bloodied” while suffering “blows to the body” that revealed the “weakness of his ground game”. Haha.  Trump,  in typical Trumpian fashion, roared with confidence at a rally in NH, all the points he previously hammered icnluding building walls and repealing and replacing ObamaCare but that’s just the warm-up….


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