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Tuesday Red Pill Diaries-The GOP IS About To Blow An Election So Easy “Even A Caveman Could Win It!”

todayAugust 30, 2022 5

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HEADLINE: Will the Republicans Really Win Back the Congress? by Victor Davis Hanson

  • The corporate leftist media does its part by glorifying a now dynamic “Aviator Joe.”  Biden in cool sunglasses is now constructed into a swaggering “Top Gun” Tom Cruise-like figure, rather than a cognitively challenged 79-year-old.  
  • Are you in favor of your state seceding from the union and forming your own government?
  • That is the only question that should be asked at this point.


HEADLINE: Republicans Don’t Get It by Julie Kelly

What are winning topics the Republicans should be hitting on?

  1. TrannyMammy stuff, stopping the pedos and the grooming.
  2. LGBTQ issues
  3. Drilling/Oil
  4. BidenFlation
  • These are all winning issues.
  • They run on these, they will win! 
  • Harriet Hageman – that is what happens when you do what Liz Cheney did.
  • Her specialty as an attorney was natural resources and water litigation. She also represented the federal government in many private property cases and eventually opened her own firm.
  • Cheney “betrayed Wyoming, betrayed the country and she betrayed me.” – Hageman
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