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Tuesday Red Pill Diaries-Waukesha Mourns 5 Women Massacred By A Demoncrat Protected Class Of ‘Muricans: Criminals

 HEADLINE: Cops: Driver Meant To Mow Down Crowd by Rod Dreher 


  • Rashid Tlaib was asked again yesterday about her stance on the bill she endorsed to remove most Federal prisoners.

HEADLINE: AOC sparks fury by demanding reform of NYC’s ‘excessive’ bail laws – a day after Waukesha SUV driver out on $1K bond killed five: Rep. Tlaib defends bill that would close ALL federal jails by Ariel Wilber 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jonathan Swan interviews Rashida Tlaib – on her support of the BREATHE Act 

  • If there is no money for mental illness facilities, where will these people go?
  • There is no place or industry to help these so-called mentally ill prisoners.
  • These prisons aren’t rehabilitation places.
  • Alcatraz, Folsom and other prisons.
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