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UK Finishes Olympics In Statist Style-Feautures Lennon’s “Imagine”

todayAugust 13, 2012

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VIDEO: Would you like to see Red Sox vs yankees, Rd vs Blue, the putrid argument ad nauseum you will hear 5,000.000 times between now and Nov 7th? Watch these two cherub looking pundits Lowry and Maddow yell it out over $700 billion in Medicare cuts

Chalk up Fox News local affiliate #5 that is airing my “Johnathan Vilma-Federalist” series of video commentaries. Thank you Michigan!

“Mention the Medicare trustees’ report to Democrats, and they start accusing you of pushing grannie off the cliff. Math is kryptonite to these people.” – Tim Carney

George Will on Romney Ryan: It looks as though Romney will at least sound “conservative” with Ryan

L.A. Times: Ryan pick shows Romney will be trying to turn out party loyalists not Independents (if that’s the case then Romney could have a tough time beating Obama)

Larison at AmConMag: Ryan is bold alright but his voting record is a wasteland of bad votes on bad legislation (TARP is just the start)

If you want to talk about budgets Mr. President, lets start with talking about YOURS and the universe wide record deficits you are setting

Follow the comment string over my e-mail correspondence with Kevin Gutzman on the Ryan selection for VP with Mitt Romney. I remain unsold that Ryan is a game changer but I do hold out hope (it springs eternal!)

Ryan’s spin on his early voting record is the GOP Team made him do it… OK, so when did he get religion on conservatism and where can we see the votes?

James W Antle III weighs in on Paul Ryan pick with a 6 point list including the big Senate Primary in WI Tuesday – so who is Ryan’s picking there and do we know?

Tim Carney – the Liberal freakout on Ryan’s choice says a lot about the Dumbocrats and their lack of seriousness too


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