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Under What Congressional Authority Does Obama Bomb Syria-An Overt Act of War?

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the U.S. plan to bomb Syria into the stone ages without Congress’s authorizationplus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.  “No man, who is not inflamed by vain-glory into enthusiasm, can flatter himself that his single, unsupported, desultory, unsystematic endeavours are of power to defeat the subtle designs and united Cabals of ambitious citizens. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” – Edmund Burke, often attributed as “Bad triumphing because good men do nothing”

American History To GO From Writer-Narrator Mike Church

About Project ’76. – Popular radio talk show host & acclaimed writer/producer/director Mike Church (Road to Independence-The Movie) announced the launch of his latest initiative in American history based entertainment: Project ‘76™.

Patrick J Buchanan: Under WHAT Congressional authority will our Dear Leader lob Cruise missiles-an overt act of war-into the sovereign country of Syria?

WaPo music writer slams those offended by Miley Cyrus “just being herself” as “the ruling classes” who find such things “…unseemly” and not coincidentally…wait for it…RACIST! Of course, when “being yourself” requires you to end any speculation about your chastity, lack of grace or respect for the tender side of femininity, such cultural relativism is to be expected

Today’s Latin phrase of the day: “Cui bono”. “For whose benefit is it?” Was famously spoke by Cicero

Try our new "el [r]ey dude" cigars in 2 new sizes!
Try our new “el [r]ey dude” cigars in 2 new sizes!
From the near perfunctory lewd and profane acts of Viley Cyrus, The Atlantic weighs in that the VMA’s were actually CONSERVATIVE – I  am not making this up – because the show is all about conserving the star power of the miniscule percentage of stars that hog up all revenue and Klieg lights

All of those geeks that we see goofing off outside their cubicles on AT&T & GEICO commercials are the heirs of management’s desire to control workers and eliminate skilled trades and journeymen a century ago; only a REVIVAL of those skilled trades will rebuild a “middle class workforce”. “As the tech economy progresses, there is tremendous potential for a humane economy that encourages human flourishing and increases welfare across all measures. But it will require a theory of labor richer than those currently at hand to pervade our society, and guide what we build.”

Say hello to the newest scourge on the medical free market (if there is such a thing today) – BoehnerCare, an entity that will draw thousands of Tea Party protestors to the speakers office today

The “undeniable” and “little doubt” caveats that the world’s war mongers cavalierly employ to justify the West, led by the United States entering yet another conflict it cannot end and does not understand are, the same ones who left “little doubt” about Saddam Hussein’s WMD-WHY oh WHY should anyone believe them and escalate another war on their advice!? writer: Obama will bomb Syria because “…perhaps their most extensive deployment since Saddam Hussein killed thousands of Kurds in Halabja – mandates a response, no matter how ineffective or risky it proves to be.”

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: The Brits assist the U.S. in trying to establish that Edward Snowden is blabbing dangerous state “secrets” to the entire world’s media

The Ice Age Cometh: Fred Singer’s report on the hoax that is MMCGW and the denial of scientific evidence that points to an external factor -I believe it to be the sun- having more to do with dramatic climate shifts than Hummers and electricity

Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!
Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!
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