The United States Of America Is Now A War Machine Oligarchy

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – What I want and what reality is are two different things.  We are dealing with a political elite class today that has successfully, over the last 150 years, commandeered to themselves significant control, I’d say they have majority control, over the entire wealth and resources of the people of these United States.  We are no longer sovereign as a people because the government has too large of a role to play.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Will in Minnesota is first up this hour.  Hello, Will.

Caller Will:  Hey, how’s it going this morning, Mike?

Mike:  Good.

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Caller Will:  What I was saying, you just brought it up.  John McCain a couple months ago, remember, he was wanting to start the bombing back then.  Then all of a sudden we just found out the other day from that one guy that said they gave his son orders over two months ago that they were moving out to go over there.  We had ships in place.  For some reason, McCain’s got a hotline to the rebels over there and they’ve got his phone number.  They can talk back and forth anytime they want.  It just seems kind of ironic that he was doing that for two months and the war wasn’t moving fast enough.  He went over there and as soon as he got back, there was a chemical attack.  Don’t that timing seem a little strange?

Mike:  Are you saying that Senator McCain staged or helped stage the attack?  That’s very conspiratorial of you.

Caller Will:  No, it’s not.  John McCain is wanting war all the time.  Boots on the ground.  He wants to kill everybody.

Mike:  [mocking] “We’re gonna have 70,000 in there.  I’ll lead ‘em.  I’ll get on a horse.  I’ll get an elephant.  I’ll be Hannibal.  Screw ‘em all!  Let’s get in there!”

Caller Will:  I would say if he wants boots on the ground so bad, put a rifle in his hand and send him on an airdrop.

Mike:  I think he would probably do it.

Caller Will:  I don’t.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Rand Paul On Syria – U.S. Has No Reason To Interfere

Mike:  Of all the voices in the — I think not only would McCain suit up, I think Lindsey Graham would suit up.

Caller Will:  I say you send Rambo Kerry with them, Barack Obama, put a helmet on old Nancy Pelosi and Warbucks Reed and send the whole bunch of them.

Mike:  I know that Harry Reid wants nothing to do with actual hand-to-hand combat.  He could be described, and maybe previously could be described, as a bit of a pacifist.  Let’s just stick with McCain and Graham for a moment.  John McCain’s father was an admiral.  McCain was in the Navy.  I believe he was famously, something happened on the USS Forrestal, the ship he was on, and he was unceremoniously and very patriotically captured in South Vietnam.  He refused to divulge any information when he could have released himself.  Of all the people that are screaming out there to take troops into battle and do this, Senator McCain is the one that has actually been in that situation.  He has walked in those actual boots.  You can’t say that McCain has not actually walked the walk of the talk he’s talking.  I can’t tell you definitively, as I was joking, that he would play Hannibal and find himself an elephant and ride in from Turkey on an army full of elephants to take out Assad.  It certainly is amusing to think about.

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Caller Will:  There is something drastically wrong there, though.  He’s always the first one, like when George Bush wanted war in Iraq.  He was right there.  He’s pushing this war all the time.  If people would actually look on the computer, everybody is worried about that oil and natural gas over there.  Like I said, you can look up the name, Zapata Oil, transportation and refineries.  You’ll find out they’re involved with Qatar and all those places over there for oil.  That’s why the Saudis are pushing for us to get in there.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the Bushes are behind it, too.

Sidebar_ad_Secede_die_baseball_capMike:  I don’t think it’s conspiratorial or cynical at all to think of the situation in the entire Middle East as always being over oil or the petro trade.  That’s just a fact of life.  Hell, they dug an entire canal to make sure that the oil trade could proliferate.  That’s like the RSTLNE on Wheel of Fortune.  We’re going to give you that one.  There is always a concern there.  There’s always a concern, too, on the eastern coast of Africa where Al-Qaeda is making a concerted effort to install itself or grow its presence there, as Michael Scheuer has talked about here on this show several times.  That is a real concern because we have chosen to — this is something that has been a choice of our almighty federal overlords — we have chosen to forego domestic oil and gas exploration in favor of relying on the transportation of the substance from those quarters in the Middle East.

Caller Will:  Yes.  But Mike, now that we didn’t move quick enough, the Russkies have backdoored Obama.  They’re going to get Bush’s oil over there because Obama didn’t move quick enough.  They needed that explosion of chemicals over there to make us react to get in there.

Mike:  Without going all conspiracy, without going Alex Jones, I do think that there is at least the appearance of the attack being convenient to the wishes or desires of those that want to see the United States involved here.  If this backfires, though, if the American people — which we’re not to be consulted in all this.  Folks, you must remember, why do you think Obama and John Kerry ran out to the lecterns and went [mocking] “We don’t need to get the Congress’s approval.  We believe the president has the authority to intervene in this affair for national security.”  Obama repeated it last night, he doesn’t need Congress’s endorsement.  I say that he does, unless he is, as Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman propose in their book Who Killed the Constitution, that we no longer have an executive.  An executive takes orders from the legislative.  Instead we have a prince, royalty who makes his own decisions and goes off and fights wars and bombs whoever he wants whenever he wants.  That’s why there was the danger of the standing army and that’s why the framers of the Constitution chose to vest that power in the legislature.

Mike Church Show Transcript – All-American, Cold, Refreshing, Thirst-Quenching WAR!

There’s another point there, though.  There are many points.  This is after all 2013, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m not breaking any news here.  We are 234 years removed from the implementation of the U.S. Constitution and life under it.  I think it is probably about high time that we recognize that the morality and the spirituality and the institutions and the customs and the traditions of the 21st century are not amenable to life under an 18th century document like the Constitution.  Does that mean that I don’t desire it to be so?  No.  What I want and what reality is are two different things.  We are dealing with a political elite class today that has successfully, over the last 150 years, commandeered to themselves significant control, I’d say they have majority control, over the entire wealth and resources of the people of these United States.  We are no longer sovereign as a people because the government has too large of a role to play.

I want to bring Mr. Gruss in here for a moment because I didn’t get a chance to read the entire rundown last night.  I got all the headlines and I’ve seen all the stories, but I didn’t get a chance to read them all.  What can you tell me about the story — I was just struck by the photographs as I was reading it — about how the Feds propose to make it so that dope dealers, marijuana dealers can legally transact their money through the Federal Reserve system.

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1AG:  There’s been an issue going forward that because marijuana has been deemed a criminal offense, the selling of it, on a federal level, that banks cannot —

Mike:  They can’t accept the money or launder the money.

AG:  Exactly.  It’s not a business expense.  It’s somehow not viewed the same way as say you own a small business like a restaurant or something like that.  You can’t go through the same channels.  You can’t enter that money into the banking system.  The Feds and the states are battling right now over, if we’re going to legitimize it on the state level, and states like Washington and Colorado now have legitimate medicinal marijuana and legal marijuana, we then have to allow banks and the federal system to then accept the profits and tax it as such.

Mike:  The photographs that are associated with this, this is what just blew me away.  You have old, lethargic Patrick Leahy.  You have old, lethargic Senator Grassley in some hearing over this.  You have the guys from the Federal Reserve that are giving the testimony.  There’s a panoramic shot of what the chamber looks like in the United States Senate with the witness table there.  You have the usual senatorial suspects.  They sit in judgment of — this is what just blows me away — whether or not a bank in Peoria, Illinois can transact business in a manner in which the citizens of Peoria wish to transact business.  Instead, they have to appear before what appears to me to be some kind of royal high tribunal council and go in on bended knee and beg the aged overlords, the lords of the ring, for permission.

That is not a representative form of government.  That is not a republican form of government.  That is not even a federal system of government.  That is, by definition, an oligarchy.  The oligarchs have control over all the wealth.  They have control over all the money.  They have control over all the wealth.  They have control over how the money and wealth moves.  You can’t move your items of money or wealth where you would like to, even in a legal transaction, like you pointed out in the State of Washington, unless they say so.  What is wrong with that picture that I just painted?

Mike Church Show Transcript – The State Is A Religion And War Is Its God

What is wrong with it is that in a federal system — this is why a federal government was desired.  In a federal system, this would have been left to the localities.  If the localities had to, they would have gone to their state governments and transact this.  This is not the business of the United States Senate.  They’ve made it their business.  It is not the business of the Congress. They’ve made it their business.  It certainly shouldn’t be the business of the institution known as the Federal Reserve.  If it is, because it is a private banking institution, then there ought to be those that invest in or turn to the Fed to use it as their banking system or their financial transaction service of choice.  They ought to be able to go to the Fed.  You shouldn’t have to go to a national body that exalts itself and acts as though it is a bunch of kings or lords that sit on elevated platforms looking down at people and going [mocking] “Let me think about whether or not we want to do this.”  Who’s we?  Where did you glean the authority to control this affair?

magnificent samWhy doesn’t anyone ever ask that question?  We don’t ask the question because this is 2013 and we have lost the capacity to even think in a manner that is congruent with 18th century freedom and liberty thinking.  It is nothing short of a shock.  You want to talk about a shock to the system, you may be witnessing the biggest shock to the system in the fact that the United States Congress has been made to heel the warlords, like McCain and Graham and their buddies, have been made to heel, as Senator Paul pointed out last night, by the American public that is sick and tired of war.  Most people don’t want it any longer.  They don’t want the body bags.  They don’t want the cost.  They don’t want the entanglements.  They don’t want their reputations being judged upon by their military actions instead of their moral and trade and commerce actions.

The Congress has been chastened, even if they defy the public and vote for this, [mocking] “We’re gonna wait a week, but after that, if Assad doesn’t do what we tell him to do, we’re gonna tell Obama to get in there and kill him.”  Regime change.  If anyone would have offered the idea that the United States Constitution came with the power to change regimes wherever the U.S. Congress felt it ought to change regimes, it never would have made it out of the Philadelphia Convention and it never would have been ratified.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Secretary Of State Kerry Explains How U.S. Trains Humanitarian Terrorists

There is one caveat for that, and that is to the victor go the spoils.  If there is an actual war and if there is a cessation of hostilities, then in the treaty-making power of the United States Senate, the Senate can say: You guys had this government over here that was really not conducive to free trade and commerce and amity between countries.  If you want us to cease all hostilities and reinstitute free trade with you, we’re going to have to ask that you don’t have any more Hitlers around.  Go read the treaty that was banged out between the United States and the other allied powers and the Germans.  Just go read it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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