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Veritas et Sapientia-Libs Must Prove That Thomas Aquinas Was “Wrong”

Liberals and the enemies of tradition cannot be allowed to run their “woke” traps, making ridiculous claims about e.g. St Thomas Aquinas being “wrong”; they must prove their accusations.

Excerpted from David Breitenbeck’sA Brief History of Tradition

“Traditionalism fundamentally rejects the Whig interpretation of history, namely that mankind lived for age upon age in superstitious ignorance, which through the dawning light of reason, he emerged about the Renaissance and continues on an upward trend to ever-greater liberty and understanding. The Traditionalist would say that there would be nothing strange in reading Medieval thinkers and judging that they were actually correct and their successors in the so-called ‘Enlightenment’ were wrong.

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Now, Traditionalists do not necessarily say that, for instance, Thomas Aquinas is always right and Thomas Hobbes always wrong. But he would say that on any given topic you have to judge between them using the exact same standards of logic: the fact that Aquinas wrote in the thirteenth century and Hobbes in the seventeenth is simply irrelevant to the question. Moreover, if Hobbes disagrees with Aquinas, then, since he is coming after, he has to show how Aquinas was wrong.

The fundamental Traditionalist principle is that truth, which includes morality, is both knowable and unchanging. The Medievals were not necessarily right, but neither were they necessarily wrong. And the men of the ‘Enlightenment’ were not necessarily wrong, but neither were they necessarily right. They are both shown to be correct or mistaken on the exact same grounds.” – David Breitenbeck “A Brief History of Tradition

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