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Veritas et Sapientia-Our Lord Speaks: “Sinful Priests Wound Me”

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s note: the following is excerpted from the new book In Sine Jesu and contains private revelations delivered to a Benedictine monk from Christ himself, on the sex scandal currently possessing the Catholic Church. Our Lord’s remedy for this scandal is told to the receiving priest. I have cut and pasted the excerpts from Father Roger Landry’s review of the book to fashion a complete train of thought from the text.Ed. M.C.]

Even after two thousand years of Eucharistic presence in my Church, I remain unknown, forgotten, forsaken, and treated like a thing to be kept here or there. – Jesus Christ to a Benedictine monk, 2007

“All of heaven weeps over the sins of my priests… [they are a] grievous affront to my own priesthood. Every time a priest sins, he sins directly against me and against the most Holy Eucharist toward which his whole being is ordered. When a priest approaches my altar laden with sins that have not been confessed or for which he has not repented, my angels look on with horror, my mother grieves, and I am again wounded in my hands and my feet and in my heart. I am about to renew the priesthood of my Church in holiness. I am very close to cleansing my priests of the impurities that defile them. Soon, very soon, I will pour out graces of spiritual healing upon all my priests. I will separate those who will accept the gift of my divine friendship from those who will harden their hearts against me.”

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“Those who do not live in my friendship betray me and impede my work. They detract from the beauty of holiness that I would see shine in my Church. If priests lived in my friendship, how different my Church would be! Many of the sufferings and hardships experienced with my Church at the hands of her ministers, my priests, would not exist. There are priests who go into my church only when they have a function to perform; because they expect so little. Even after two thousand years of Eucharistic presence in my Church, I remain unknown, forgotten, forsaken, and treated like a thing to be kept here or there.”

“The sins of my priests call for reparation [and] the renewal of my priesthood in the Church will proceed from a great return to the adoration of my real presence in this the Sacrament of my love. … This is the remedy for the evil that has so disfigured my holy priesthood in the Church.”

“The great renewal of the priesthood in my Church will begin when priests understand that I want them to live in the company of my Immaculate Mother. {in a] privileged and sweet relationship with [Her].” – Excerpted from Father Roger J. Landry’s review of In Sine Jesu

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