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Veritas et Sapientia-Wine & Marriage Were Made Sacramental by Christ

Mandeville, LA – “The truth is that when Christ was born Pan for the first time began to stir in his grave. The pagan gods had become pure fables when Christianity gave them a new lease of life as devils.

Thus wine was a sacrament with Christ; but drunkenness was not a sacrament as with Dionysus.

I venture to wager that if you found one man in such a society who seriously believed in the personal existence of Apollo, he was probably a Christian. Christianity called to a kind of clamorous resurrection all the old supernatural instincts of the forests and the hill. But it put upon this occult chaos the Roman idea of balance and sanity. Thus, marriage was a sacrament, but mere sex was not a sacrament as it was in many of the frenzies of the forest. Thus wine was a sacrament with Christ; but drunkenness was not a sacrament as with Dionysus. In short, Christianity (merely historically seen) can best be understood as an attempt to combine the reason of the market-place with the mysticism of the forest. It was an attempt to accept all the superstitions that are necessary to man and to be philosophic at the end of them. Pagan Rome has sought to bring order or reason among men. Christian Rome sought to bring order and reason among gods.” – G.K. Chesterton, William Blake

Readers of G.K. Chesterton will also enjoy the Pearcing Truth series. Co-hosted by Mike Church and now available On-Demand!
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