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Veritas et Spientia – Modern Rot: Yeah, You’re An Individual, So What!?

todayApril 15, 2016 1

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Mandeville, LA – The unify- ing preoccupation of that tradition is the condition of those who see in the social world nothing but a meeting place for individual wills, each with its own set of attitudes and preferences and who understand that world solely as an arena for the achievement of their own satisfaction, who interpret reality as a series of opponunities for their enjoyment and for whom the last enemy is boredom. The younger Rameau, Kierkegaard’s ‘A’ and Ralph Touchett put this aesthetic attitude to work in very different envi- ronments, but the attitude is recognizably the same and even the environ- ments have something in common. They are environments in which the problem of enjoyment arises in the context of leisure, in which large sums of money have created some social distance from the necessity of work. Ralph Touchett is rich, ‘A’ is comfonably off, Rameau is a parasite upon his rich patrons and clients. This is not to say that the realm of what Kier- kegaard called the aesthetic is restricted to the rich and to their close neigh-

bors; the rest of us often share the attitudes of the rich in fantasy and aspiration. Nor is it to say that the rich are all Touchetts or Osmonds or ‘A’s. But it is to suggest that if we are to understand fully the social context of that obliteration of the distinction between manipulative and non- manipulative social relationships which emotivism entails, we ought to consider some other social contexts too. – Alisdair Macintyre, After Virtue

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