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Wal-Mart’s Pride Promotion Deserves The Same Fate As Bud Light

todayJune 5, 2023 2

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HEADLINE: Walmart to Offer Pride Merchandise Despite Controversies by Naveen Athrappully 

  • Walmart is continuing to provide LGBT products as part of Pride Month, the firm said on Wednesday amid a consumer backlash against multiple brands aligning with such ideologies.
  • As part of its “Pride & Joy” collection, Walmart is offering LGBT-friendly trinkets and accessories like pins, flags, tote bags, and more.
  • A controversial product being offered by Walmart is a “breathable” chest binder aimed at “trans, lesbian, and tomboys.” The binder, offered online, features pictures of a young girl modeling the product.
  • SIDE BAR – MLB – meeting the home run hitter at home plate. If you hit a pop-fly to shortstop you ran to 1st base w/ all your might regardless. The game has lost it’s chivalry. The men act like boys now. The MLB should say this type of display ‘the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ isn’t allowed in our stadiums.
  • BACK to STORY – 
  • Do you know what chest binders actually do to the young girls body?
  • Binding = is the act of compressing chest tissue to make the chest area appear flat. Individuals can achieve this using various compression techniques, such as using sports bras or specialized binders.
  • Possible risks of Chest Binding – 97% of chest binders have at least ONE of these issues.
  • 1. chest pain
  • 2. scarring
  • 3. overheating
  • 4. shortness of breath
  • 5. a buildup of fluid in the lungs
  • 6. reduced exercise tolerance
  • 7. broken ribs
  • 8. back pain
  • 9. skin issues
  • 10. difficulty speaking
  • What if you think you are living in 2 dimensions? 
  • Do I get a letter in that Alphabet soup flag?
  • We don’t go around wearing clothing that states we have missionary hetero-sex!
  • That isn’t appropriate so why does the homosexual community think it’s okay?
  • We shouldn’t be defined by our sexual desires.





Pittsburg Catholic Diocese 

On the Feast of Corpus Christi – 

  • A Mass to celebrate a Mass for the LGBTQ?
  • You can’t do this father – you are putting souls at risk of going to hell.
  • It is always the most egregious offense to God.
  • The left hates the Catholic faith but they really hate our Lord and Savior! 
  • Father Tom Burke – 
  • The only heart that matters is the Sacred Heart of Jesus – you are shattering His heart!
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Written by: TheKingDude

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