War Fever And American Communists

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It Doesn’t Have To Be ALL War ALL The Time

mordorMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript I reject this notion, because it’s false, that the only reason we’re having these discussions is because there are Islamic madmen cutting people’s heads off.  The warmonger out there doesn’t care who the war is waged against.  It doesn’t matter.  We live in a military state today.  Face it!”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Scheuer writes this as questions and answers:


And why are we getting involved into this war?

Because two U.S. journalists and one British journalist were beheaded by IS fighters? This is a national security threat to neither the U.S. nor the UK.

Because Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities are being persecuted by IS forces? This is not a national security threat to the United States.

Because Iraqi, Syrian, and other Sunnis are warring against Iraqi, Iranian, and Syrian Shia and Alawites? This is a clear plus for U.S. national security and should be encouraged.

Because IS forces will eventually threaten and destabilize o ur “allies” – most large oil producers – in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE? This is only a threat because Obama’s administration has not sprinted the final small distance to U.S. energy self sufficiency. And, by the way, most of our Arab allies and/or their wealthy citizens are sending arms, funds, and recruits to IS, as well as paying for the intolerant religious education of youngsters – who will become future jihadis – in the United States and its English-speaking allies.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Because IS is inspiring/funding/ordering local Islamists to attack in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia? This is a threat to those countries only because the insane leadership class in each believes in the fatuous and debilitating myths of multiculturalism and diversity, has made it easy for foreigners who cannot or will not assimilate to enter those countries, and has refused to fully secure national borders.

Because the fast-growing forces of militant Sunni Islam are threatening Israel? This is true, but it is not a national security threat to the United States. It is a threat only to the politicians in both U.S. parties who are on the take from AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations.

And why should we have refused to re-intervene in Iraq?

obama war manBecause IS is cutting the heads off Westerners to lure America into re-intervening. Why? Because U.S. military intervention in any Muslim country means more donations, recruits, and popular support for IS, al-Qaeda, and other like-minded organizations. U.S. intervention in the Iraq-Syria theater will, over time, make everything it is designed to stop much worse.

Because we will lose again, and so further add to the Muslim world’s perception that the United States is finished as a superpower, is unwilling to destroy its enemies; and can, with continued patience and sacrifice, be defeated. In addition, the U.S., UK, Canadian, and Australian militaries have proven themselves — in Iraq and Afghanistan — almost completely incompetent when it comes to defeating Islamist insurgents. Until they relearn the art of killing massive numbers of their enemies and their supporters those militaries should stay home and defend borders.

Because the recklessly lawless Barack Obama has again violated the Constitution by attacking in Syria without congressional approval. He also has created a coalition of Arab tyrannies that will appear to Sunni Muslims as a clear U.S. effort to insure the stability of the Sunni tyrants who oppress them, as well as to protect the hated Shia and Alawite dictators who rule Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Because we are BROKE as a nation; re-intervention will be prolonged and extraordinarily expensive; and the goal of IS and all Islamist groups vis. the United States is to complete its economic ruin.

Because we live in North America and our enemy has neither the naval nor air power to reach us. We also have the capability to incinerate them and their supporters if they find a way to hurt us badly at home. The Islamist enemy’s threat at the moment stems largely from the refusal of America’s bipartisan elite to control the nation’s borders and its willingness to tolerate the entry of enormous numbers of illegal aliens about whose location and intentions we are ignorant.

[end reading]

Mike:  Now we’ll segue over to Patrick J. Buchanan, who wants to know: Who gave Obama the authority to pledge U.S. military aid to Estonia?  So we could go and fight a war in Europe.  So for those of you that think the insanity is just limited to the Islamists and that war fever is just limited to Islam, you’re sadly mistaken.  Remember, when the whole episode with Vladimir Putin making gestures that Crimea should be re-included as part of Russia, that all Hades broke loose.  All you ultra-nationalists out there, you exploded.   You wanted war with Russia.  When we went in and destabilized Ukraine so that there could be a coup and so that a new illegitimate government could be installed, thus creating a civil war at our behest, when the Russians responded by moving troops to the border of what ostensibly appeared to be their enemy, who did we blame?  We blamed Russia.  If the same thing happened here and you moved troops to — if Mexico went destabilized (it already is) and you moved troops to the Texas border, we wouldn’t blame Texas; we’d blame Mexico.

I reject this notion, because it’s false, that the only reason we’re having these discussions is because there are Islamic madmen cutting people’s heads off.  The delicious warwarmonger out there doesn’t care who the war is waged against.  It doesn’t matter.  We live in a military state today.  Face it!  Our entertainment is overrun with militarism.  Our own minds are overrun with militarism.  For every action, there’s always a Second Amendment reaction.  This is not to say that self-defense is something that should not be practiced.  You’re missing the point.  It’s all we practice.  It’s all we talk about.  It’s all Hollywood serves up.  The people in Hollywood aren’t stupid.  We think they’re stupid but they’re not stupid.  They’re very sharp when it comes to what you can sell to the American sheeple.  The American sheeple love to see people blown to smithereens.  The American people love to see people mutilated.  See: Saw movies.  It only makes sense that ISIS would say: Hey, I know how to get these guys’ attention.  Did you see that Saw II?  Man, that guy was really despicable.  If we cut a head or two off, bammo!

When I say all we are saying is give peace a chance to be heard in public, that’s what I mean.  I don’t mean disarmament.  I don’t mean you don’t have self-defense.  I don’t mean any of those things.  It’s simply that we have become possessed.  It’s like we need an exorcism.  We need for an exorcist to come in here and exorcise the demon of war.  War is hell, someone famously said.  But you know what your first reaction when I bring that up is?  [mocking] “It might be hell, but it’s something that we have to do.  It’s something that every generation and every culture has ever had to do, you idiot!”  You obviously have not read the histories of Christendom.  You haven’t.  It’s impossible that you have read the histories of Christendom.  It has only been since the precious Enlightenment and the unleashing of this fake god called liberty that the world has turned into a place where there is now never-ending world war.

Success of nations is not measured by the peace that they emanate, by their own embrace of tranquility, it’s in the preamble of the Constitution.  You won’t find it out there amongst most American sheeple, though.


It’s now measured by how big our bombs are, how big the air force is, how big the navy is.  Go to a football game, a sporting event.  What’s on display?  War!  War, war, war, everywhere, the implements of war, the instruments of war, the people that waged the war, the politicians that order the war, the movies that tell us the stories about war.  This is not going to end well for us or for our kids, my fellow citizens, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Consider your way.  We are on a destructive, despicable, diabolical path.  That’s what it is.  Recognize it for what it is.  If another country were doing this across an ocean, you would be mortified by it.  Guess what?  The rest of the world would be correct to be mortified by our actions.

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It doesn’t have to be this way, yet it seems as though it’s predestined to be this way.  There doesn’t seem to be any force, person, or god left in the universe that can talk sense into otherwise reasonable men.  Why?  Just the mention of the word peace sets off strings of hate mail, my children being called names, me being called names because I mention the word peace.  I didn’t mention any war, just mentioned the word peace.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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