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War Isn’t Paradise, But This Caller Wants More Of It

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – Caller Aaron from Houston agrees with Mike on 95% of things but what’s the 5% he doesn’t agree on? War.  That’s a pretty big 5%. Aaron thinks we should be going after our enemies in foreign countries… but what if the situation was reversed and China was sending drones after people in our states?  What would we think and do? Listen to Mike and Aaron really get into it on this audio clip and the transcript is coming soon…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Aaron is in Houston.  Hello, Aaron.  You’re next on the anti-war monologues.  How are you?

Caller Aaron:  I’m fine.  How are you, sir?

Mike:  I was just fine until I got here this morning.  It’s been a rough day, but I’ll get through it.

Caller Aaron:  I guess I just have a couple questions for you that I’d like to have answered.  First, I like to consider myself conservative.  I agree with 95 percent of the things that you say.

Mike:  That’s a high percentage.  Let’s stop.  Why go for the other five?  Let’s stop.

Caller Aaron:  Well, the five percent gap that I don’t understand is mostly on the state of war.  War is something that struck very close to home for me because I’m the fourth generation of sniper-qualified infantryman that’s ever been at Fort Campbell.  I’m a Bronze Star recipient, a Silver Star recipient and a Purple Heart recipient.

Mike:  Wow.  That’s great.

Caller Aaron:  I can’t seem to grasp this terminology like — I’m pretty sure that I’m going to quote this, “assassinate, execute and murder anyone that stands in our way.”  I think that’s a complete far shot for any day when you deploy to a different country to not even come close to agreeing with that.  When someone poses a threat, you also swear that you’ll protect the country against enemies foreign and domestic.  When someone poses a threat, do you not have the opportunity —

Mike:  What does a teenager who is not in any way, shape or form involved, never to have been proven terrorist plot in Yemen that is taken out by a drone called?  I call that a murder.  If it happens in Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow by a stray —

Caller Aaron:  Can I give you —

Mike:  No, no, you can’t, because I’m talking.  When it happens in Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow by a stray Chinese drone shot, what do we call it?  If we call it murder, which I would say that it is, then who are we to morally relativize that it’s not murder over there?  This is the problem.  You can’t have it both ways, sir.

Caller Aaron:  Sir, what do you call an eight-year-old little girl walking up to a U.S. soldier, which was a staff sergeant, which I witnessed with my own two eyes —

Mike:  I call it tragic.

Caller Aaron:  This little girl walks up with a bomb.

Mike:  I call it tragic, Aaron.  I call it tragic, horrific.  I call it a scourge on the human condition.  You think if we just stay at war forever, we’ll eliminate these people from the human race?

Caller Aaron:  No, absolutely not.  War is something that definitely is something that’s known to the United States.  Do I agree with it?  Not most of the time.

Mike:  Why is it known to the United States?  You come on this show and you rattle off your list of military accomplishments.  Fine.  Thank you for your service.  We’re very proud to know that we have fine, honorable men like you willing to lay your life on the line for what you believe to be a patriotic endeavor.  I just happen to know, very intimately now, officers in your corps that disagree with you and wonder why in God’s holy name they have been deployed into a place where they are watching their enlisted men under them die, being blown to smithereens by IEDs for a reason that they cannot articulate, Aaron.  There’s something fricking wrong here, sir!  You cannot stop it until you are willing to confront it and say okay, if we’re going to do this as a we and as a people, all I’m asking for, sir, is a declaration of a damned war, an outright declaration that marries 309 million people as citizens of this country in a unified effort to accomplish it and get the hell out.

Caller Aaron:  I agree 100 percent.

Mike:  No, apparently it’s not, because we don’t have declarations of war.  We haven’t had one since 1942.

Caller Aaron:  How can you think even close to the nature when you have things like Geneva Convention which strictly governs the opportunities of soldiers, period, and monitor your complete progress in any wartime situation ever?  With things like that in place, you can’t accomplish anything.

Mike:  What are you trying to accomplish?

Caller Aaron:  . . . George Bush in the war.

Mike:  What are you trying to accomplish that the Geneva Convention is preventing?  And if the Geneva Convention is such a bad, horrific, rotten idea, then jettison the damn thing.  Repeal our participation in the treaty and move on with it.

Caller Aaron:  I agree, but these are things that can’t be accomplished.  Your standpoints are against the ground that can be accomplished and the things that we accomplish in war, when Geneva Convention is strictly to govern things in a wartime which no one operates by except us and our allies.  You can’t fight fire with fire there.  It makes no logical sense to have anything even close.

Mike:  Why participate then?

Caller Aaron:  What do you think our action should have been to retaliate against 9/11?

Mike:  You know, Aaron, it doesn’t matter what I say to you, buddy.  It’s not going to matter, so why should I even answer the question?

Caller Aaron:  I’m honestly asking you, what is it that you can propose we should have done after 9/11?

Mike:  First of all, I am not an elected politician, so I wouldn’t had to have propose anything.  I could have been asked whether or not I concurred by reelecting my senator or member of the House of Representatives.  An opinion poll is not a governing instrument the last time I checked.  The Special Operations forces that went in and neutralized the threat in November 2001 seemed adequate to the task at the time, but no.

Caller Aaron:  What did they neutralize, sir?

Mike:  I don’t know, Aaron.  I guess I’ve just been lied to.  I swallowed government propaganda.

Caller Aaron:  . . . in November of 2001.

Mike:  I swallow government propaganda, Aaron.  I’m just going to stop reading.  I don’t know what they do.  We haven’t done anything, right?  Nothing.

Caller Aaron:  We killed bin Laden ten years later.

Mike:  Aaron, since you have all the medals and what have you, I offer you my 14-year-old son under your command, sir.  Where shall he go to die?

Caller Aaron:  Oh, my goodness.

Mike:  Where can we go — let’s go and declare this.  Let’s go and declare it.  Let’s send every living soul that can carry a weapon.  We have the tankers to get them over there.  We will mobilize an expeditionary force unlike the world has ever seen.  We will spare no expense.  We will certainly spare no life because this is all about preserving life.  We will march across all of the Middle East until every bad guy has been purged from the face of the Earth, either by the act of war or that we can imprison them and conduct war trials.  Those that survive our effort, we can either imprison them or hang them or execute them.  We’ll do whatever it takes here.  Then when we’re finished, we can bring our survivors back home and we can live over here peacefully, listening to the birds sing off in the countryside, knowing that the world has been made safe by the American military.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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