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#EXIT-stage-[r]ight_3Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“The good, the true, and the beautiful came out of the Christian world.  The knight in shining armor came out of the Christian order.  Don’t you people get this?  Don’t you understand?  There is no remedy to restore knights in shining armor short of restoring the order under which knights in shining armor were created.  I don’t know why this seems so difficult for people.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I never thought that I’d be quoting Snoop Dogg on a program.  Never thought that the host of Animal Plizzanet would make it onto the Mike Church Show.  You’re about to be treated to some Snoop Dogg.  The good, the true, and the beautiful came out of the Christian world.  The knight in shining armor came out of the Christian order.  Don’t you people get this?  Don’t you understand?  There is no remedy to restore knights in shining armor short of restoring the order under which knights in shining armor were created.  I don’t know why this seems so difficult for people.  Back to Ferrara, et al.


It is crucially important that we recognize both the ultimate responsibility of this willful liberty for the destruction of our Christian and Classical culture as well as the role played by the idea that “incarnated” it historically in our midst. This is so for two reasons. The first is in order that we may attempt seriously to rid ourselves of their monstrous influence over our own minds, souls, and bodies. The second is because a massive attempt to masquerade the truth regarding their real character and practical alliance is being mounted in conjunction with the five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther’s devastating appearance on the public scene in 1517—and this for the sake of maintaining their nefarious impact upon believers and delivering the Faith its coup de grace as a meaningful social force.

1517 is not the source of our woe—any more, for that matter, than was 1962 with the opening of Second Vatican Council. In both cases spiritual, intellectual, political, and social diseases that had already long hovered about the Camp of the Saints had by those dates finally coalesced, and were ready for injection into the lymphatic system of Catholic Christendom as one “mega malady”.

All of these disorders ultimately reflected a revulsion over the need for the individual and his entire environment to be corrected, perfected, and transformed under the Kingship of Christ: with the aid of faith, grace, and reason on the one hand, and social authority, both supernatural and natural, on the other.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Anyone in 1516 looking for a simple explanation for why he should reject such aids thus had available to him an embarrassment of errors from a myriad of sources indicating that he could do so; and that relying upon his own unguided feelings and will was the pathway to pleasing God.

Nevertheless, the conflicted mind of the Late Middle Ages clearly needed a figure with the talent and rhetorical venom of a Luther effectively to inject this mega malady into Christendom. Christian man was too aware of the reality of sin to leap directly into an adulation of individual willfulness. Luther’s concept of the total depravity of the individual and the world in which he lived gave Everyman the apparently pious excuse for succumbing to the obsession with liberty that was required.

[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, it occurs to me, Snoop Doggers out there, it occurs to me that this phantasm that’s out there that we call “religious liberty,” what’s the operative word?  [mocking] “We believe in religious liberty in this country.”  Liberty is the operative word, isn’t it?  Do we believe in religious duty?  Do duties go with, maybe even supersede, maybe even come before liberties?  In the order of Christendom they did.  Your duty first to the faith, your duty first to carry out the teaching of the faith always came before anything that you would do in the material world, with material things, with material beings, always.  Today, not so much.

If you’re looking for ultimate causes here, you have to look at what it is – here, think of it like this.  Maybe I’m not making sense today.  I’ll try again before I continue with the Lake Garda Statement.  What do you think Dallas, Texas, for example, should have looked like on the day of the Dallas police killing?  What should Orlando, Florida have looked like?  As a matter of fact, it was what time on – what time of day was it that the maniac went into the Pulse Nightclub to begin mowing down homosexuals?  What time was it?  It was Sunday morning.  It was a Sunday.  Here’s a question for you.  [mocking] “Mr. Church, don’t go there.  Mitter Church, don’t do it.  Don’t go there.”

It’s a simple question using the Socratic method.  How many of those revelers in that club do you think or do you suppose were about to wrap up their frivolities and their mortally sinful engagements so that they could go attend an observance of the holy mass?  How many?  Let me give you my estimate.  Zero point zero.  What about the rest of Orlando?  Would we say that vast majority of Orlandoans were crusade_knightgoing to go to some form of a church service on that Sunday?  No.  Or a majority of any Americans on any given Sunday.  They’re more ginned up and animated about a football game than they are church.  Oh, but don’t worry, that doesn’t matter.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, religious freedom is all that matters.  None of these other things matter.  That’s where you get all of this wrong.  Freedom and liberty is more important.”  It’s an obsession we have with freedom and liberty, without any concept, without any homage that there may be some responsibility involved.


After all, a recognition of man’s total depravity seemed to foster such a humble recognition of each believer’s personal need to rely solely on God’s grace to save him; of his need to affirm that “freedom” from “enslavement” to the “despotism” of a Law built upon both Faith and Reason that permitted escape from a “hopeless” and ultimately spiritually “arrogant” attempt to bend his individual, lifelong workaday thoughts and actions into conformity with the commands of Christ.

It proved to be quite easy over the course of a couple of generations for this negative definition of “liberty”—a “freedom” from the supernatural and natural Law—to be transformed, in the Enlightenment, into the means for a positive new and redemptive order of things.

[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, those of you watching this show on the YouTube channel, welcome, first of all.  We are nearing the completion of a Roku channel.  There’s a listener out there that’s working on this.  Just thought I’d drop that in.  Those of you that may peruse the comments section on the official Veritas Radio Network channel, may have noted, seen that on Friday last, some libertarian crank that trolled his chirping sectary way into the – I think it was Friday’s video, I guess.  I’m not sure because somebody sent me a link to it and I went and read it and responded.  He had trolled his way into one of the chatrooms or message forums and had left this scurrilous message about yours truly being primarily a libertarian, a self-avowed libertarian who promotes libertarian ideals yet has this monstrous, horrible hang-up about imposing a theocracy, and that the two were irreconcilable.  I’m reading this going: Does this guy ever listen to this show?  Are we talking about the same Mike Church?  When have I ever said I’m a libertarian?  Never.  How many times has that ever crossed my lips?  Zero point zero.  Just thought I’d mention that.

While we’re on the subject of liberty, wait till you hear the Libertarian Party’s statement about the Dallas killing.  Folks, these thoughts cannot be reconciled.  The confusion that modernity has sown amongst the minds of far too many of our fellow citizens is palpable, and from a philosopher point of view, from someone that would look at this from the point of view that there is an alternative, it’s repulsive; it’s sickening.  We’ll get into it as the show progresses here today.  It’s the Mike Church Show here on the Crusade Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network.  We are live.  Today is Monday the 11th of July 2016.  I’ll prove it to you.  Back to the Lake Garda Statement, which I think sums up the modern, mad world in which we live.  If you’re looking for an answer, if you’re looking for reasons how and why the civil violence and discord that’s all around us these days, why I say, I predict it’s not going to decrease, it’s going to increase.  The seeds have already been planted.  The only way that it’s not going to increase is by a divine act of intervention.


In short, it did not take long for the freedom of depraved man in depraved nature from the restraints of a supposedly impossible Law—in the name of an openness to unmerited grace—to be seen as the providential tool for molding unbridled human thoughts and actions into the building blocks of a new Age of Gold. In other words, the more that a freedom from restraints actually ensured that the sinful passions of mankind were all released in order to allow flawed individuals to became truly totally depraved, the more that same depravity was now looked upon as something intrinsically good, and even pleasing in the eyes of God.

[end reading]

Mike:  Again, under what order did knights in shining armor come from? Where were they established to come and rescue our daughters? Under the order and the age of Christendom. Under what order do fairy tales like Snow White, for example, or Cinderella – I’m sorry.  We may need to remake all Disney films, too, all children’s movies into transgender movie titles.  We may need to do that one day here on this show.  It wouldn’t be Cinderella; it’d be Cinderfella.  Back to Ferrara, et al.



Unfortunately, this logical but sick development of “freedom” has not assured the “dignity of man”. Rather, it has led to nothing other than the triumph of the strongest irrational and materialist wills.

Sad to say, it seems absolutely certain that many of our ecclesiastical leaders are turning 2016-2017 into a year-long paean to the errors of Martin Luther and what the great English Church Historian, Philip Hughes, tells us lay behind them for centuries: “all those anti-intellectualist, anti-institutional forces”; “all the crude, backwoods, obscurantist theories bred of the degrading pride that comes with chosen ignorance; the pride of men ignorant because unable to be wise except through the wisdom of others”. (A History of the Church, Sheed & Ward, 1949, III, 529).

In face of this chorus of undeserved praise, it is our duty . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Then they give three – I won’t bore you with the pledge, the three tenets of the pledge.  Go to and you can read it for yourself.  There’s a blog post up there by yours truly from yesterday.  What does this have to do with the killings in Dallas?  What does it have to do with the killings in Orlando?  What does it have to do with madmen that are roaming our streets right now?  Look, I’m watching Fox News and CNN simultaneously.  There is as good a chance today as there was on Thursday last and two Sundays ago that sometime during the course of this broadcast, live breaking news is going to come on this television and we’re going to be regaled about another mass murder, about some other maniac, some other homicidal maniac that has taken to the streets and has begun taking and mowing down more innocent life.  We won’t be shocked by it.  We won’t be surprised, even though people claim that they’re shocked.  Are they really?  Again, if black lives mattered, if blue lives really mattered – what about the future police officers that are going to be taken out today in abortuariums?  What about them?

The Dallas shooting suspect stated that he wanted to kill white officers.  This is as shocking a statement as any that you will hear today.  Again, when you break people down and start classifying them by race and then saying that you want to kill them, you have done what?  You have not acknowledged their human dignity.  They have no dignity.  There is none.  This is why the culture of death is so dangerous.

Veritas_Radio_Nertwork_Bumper_Sticker_for_email_displayHave you tried the all new Veritas Radio Network yet?  You can listen to the Mike Church Show LIVE weekdays 8-11 CST.   The show is easier to access than ever before.  But Veritas Radio isn’t JUST Mike Church, try the exclusive shows by Brother Andre: ReConquest, David Simpson’s True Money, The Mark Kreslins Show, My Story of America with Michael T George, Reverse Deception with Gregory Carpenter and The Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman.  Help us continue our search for TRUTH by signing up for a Founders Pass Membership today!

Dallas cops have identified Micah Johnson as the lone shooter.  He was an army reservist.  That means you and I paid to have this maniac trained.  Got that?  Understand that pro-war, pro-bomb, bomb, bomb; kill, kill, kill; maim, maim, maim Americans, this is one of your guys.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, you can’t make a blanket statement like that.  We don’t train them to kill civilians.”  Yes, you do.  You train them to kill civilians, noncombatants in Iraq.  You train them to kill noncombatant civilians in Yemen, noncombatant civilians in Afghanistan.  You most certainly do train them to kill civilians.  Why do you think so many of our boys come home with PTSD and can’t deal with what it is that they’ve done?  Why do you think the suicide hotlines are clogged up?  The number increases every year.  The military maintains its own suicide hotline.  Go look at the statistics.  They go up every year.  Why?

Why are so many young men that served and went off to war, a war that many of you people think, [mocking] “We’ve got to get over there and fight them over there.  I’ve got my Pledge of Allegiance.  I got my American flag hat, American flag t-shirt.  We’s good.”  No, we’re not.  Young men are being trained to kill civilians.  Deal with it.  Drone operators are dropping bombs on weddings.  You don’t think there’s a civilian there?  As a matter of fact, I challenge you.  You people that are fleeing for the off button right now, go ahead, click it off.  Go get your Beck or your talk radio mafia worship in.  Before you go, remember the name Jeremy Scahill and the movie Dirty Wars.  Go watch it.  Go watch it.  One of the few documentary Oscars that was actually earned and merited was when Scahill won it for best documentary film three years ago.  Here’s an even better one.  Watch it and disprove it.  Watch it and shoot holes in Scahill’s journalism.  Go ahead, try.  We’re creating Micah Johnsons right now.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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