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We Have An Empire… Should We Just Face It?

todayApril 16, 2013 1

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    We Have An Empire… Should We Just Face It? ClintStroman

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    We Have An Empire… Should We Just Face It? ClintStroman


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    We Have An Empire… Should We Just Face It? ClintStroman

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – According to Daniel McCarthy’s post at the American Conservative, “How a Federal Republic Becomes an Ideological Empire”, little r [r]epublicans and localists need to drop our delusions, face the facts, and become good little nationalists ourselves, so we can form a more [r]epublican empire (lots of reading between lines).  Daniel makes many good points about HOW we got to this point, including how the Founders, especially James Madison, could not have predicted many of the things that were going to happen in the country in the coming years and the safeguards they were trying to create to keep us from having a national government, simply were not enough.

UPDATE 1: Daniel McCarthy Tweets…

But his conclusion that little r [r]epublicans are “delusional” and “quixotic” in their philosophy and must start thinking more nationally and Empirically is something that we believe is impossible.

“My suspicion is that attempts to rewind history and return to federalism as it was envisioned before late 19th century are worse than quixotic—they’re delusional to a degree that only exacerbates the worst tendencies in our large-scale ideologies. A more effective effort at reviving federalism will have to look at our national and international circumstances, as well as local ones, as they really are, and must provide substantive ideas at the largest level as well as the smallest, for a vacuum at the top will be filled by the existing, disastrously failed, ideologies. In short, localists need a philosophy of empire or nation, even as they strive for decentralism.”

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Written by: ClintStroman

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Duane Cunningham


Again, I wanted to thank you for picking a subject to get my blood boiling. I find that your show wakes me up better then any coffee or alarm clock.

As far as the subject matter, I want to add a few thoughts. I believe the culture is changing. Maybe I need to restate what you preach, to come to an understanding. I find that we as a nations are moving away from the founders, and godliness, or from the ideals of (r)epublicanism, slowly into an Orwellian abyss, with the citizen voting willingly for in ignorance. Daniel McCarthy is indicative of the supposed intellectual view of controlling the monster Leviathan for good, to which only tryanny will continue to grow from, as the monster takes root in everything in our daily lives. The growing culture of dependence is being educated by Leviathan itself, and the media for the most part is a culpable partner. Do we really need instant gratification of centralized government solutions pushed through Congress to make us feel better at the cost of our freedom? Why does commentary like this anger me so? The Founders made it harder to change, as they knew the reactionaries would use populism, to grasp for power, and to get the support of the electorate. And now that is succeeding more then I could have ever imagined.

It is those that stand up to irrational change like yourself, that make a stand for the common good, to fight to protect and “conserve” what the Founders made for us that should be emulated, not some farcicle “what are you going to do for me” mentallity that is becoming pervasive and changing this country into something I do not recognize.

Keep up the good fight!!!!

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