“We ID Under 40” – Why Are The American Sheeple Okay With This?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The courts hold that you can vote and you can alter people’s laws, you can alter people’s tax rates, you can alter their retirement plan, you can alter their right to own private property, you can even vote to confiscate their private property from them without an identification of any sort just because you say who you are, but don’t even try and go purchase a pack of cigarettes, a can of Copenhagen, a beer, or a bottle of wine unless you look like you’re at least 40 years of age.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I wanted to tell this story yesterday, AG, and I forgot to tell it.  I wanted to ask if you have similar circumstances, while we’re on the subject of our spyfare, super surveillance and über regulatory state.  I strolled into the Quick Way yesterday morning.  Do you know why?  Because I forgot to go to Sam’s this weekend and stock up on low-sugar, low-carb Quaker Oats breakfast bars.  Quaker has the lowest sugar count and lowest carb count.  Did you know that, Mr. Gruss?  I can’t get my hands on a kale bar, but I can get a Quaker Oats bar that has less than 20 grams of carbs.

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AG:  I was unaware.

Mike:  If you’re ever in a pinch and you can’t find kale and you’re stuck having to go to an inconvenience store to grab a little snack for breakfast —

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signAG:  Are they gluten-free?

Mike:  They’re not.

AG:  I’m trying that for a week.

Mike:  They do have a gluten-free bar.  You can get one that’s gluten-free.

AG:  All right, I’d give that a try.

Mike:  So I go to Sam’s Wholesale Club.  If you don’t have that, up in the north there you probably have something similar to Sam’s.  Anyway, I ran out of oat bars, so I strolled into the inconvenience store, which is directly on my route to Studio D yesterday morning.  I thought to myself: Self, I bet they have some form of Quaker Oats bar or some kind of breakfast bar you can get in there.  I walked right in and found what I was looking for, or an acceptable facsimile.  I sashayed up to the counter at 3:35 a.m.  I’m always surprised at how many people are wide awake and doing up their coffee mugs and gassing their trucks up and what have you at 3:30 in the morning, but apparently we’re not the only ones.  I get to the counter and I get ready to plunk my one strawberry and one blueberry bar down on the counter there.  There is a brand-new sticker that is affixed to the counter now, a big, giant, bold, neon, with big, bold black print with neon glow around it.  Here’s what it says.  I should have taken a picture of it and posted it on one of those Facebook or Twitter feeds for your enjoyment.  I’ll go tomorrow morning and take one.  Here’s what it says: “We ID Under 40.”

Mike Church Show Transcript – The Sheeple Love Their Socialism

Stop and think about that for just a moment, ladies and gentlemen, while you’re on your way to work this morning, while you’re heading off to go pay your taxes, render under our American Caesars that which is theirs so they can send it off to Egypt on our behalf.  Think about that.  In the land of the free and the mobile home of the brave, our magisterial government — remember, we’re the freest, greatest people in the history of the known universe, yet we have to warn our citizens: If you even try to come up to this counter and buy a six-pack of Miller or Bud Light, buddy, and you look like you’re one day under the age of 40, we want to see every form of identification you have.  You’ve got to prove that you’re 21.  We’ll send you off in an airplane, then drop you into an armored personnel carrier, and put you in the middle of a desert somewhere and tell you to go shoot a bunch of people you’ve never met before because we’re at war with these people.  We are?  Yeah, all of them.  Shoot ‘em.  You can do that when you’re 18 years and one day old, but don’t you go home and think that you can go buy a beer to celebrate.  Something ridiculous with this here?  I’d say so….

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We ID under 40, so I cannot purchase a beer or a can of Copenhagen if I look like I’m one day under 40.  Aren’t they profiling?  Where’s the youth vote out there.  [mocking] “They’re generically profiling us.  They’re trying to ascertain whether we’re old enough to buy things.  That ought to be illegal.”  You have to present an identification if you look like you’re one day under the age of 40 years old.  That is just, I don’t even have the words to describe how ridiculous that is, especially when you put in that the store is located in the land of the free and the mobile home of the brave.  Under 40 we ID, and that’s because we have to have this regulatory state so we need agencies like the DEA to enforce this kind of a law.  You now see the point of the exercise here.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailThe courts hold that you can vote and you can alter people’s laws, you can alter people’s tax rates, you can alter their retirement plan, you can alter their right to own private property, you can even vote to confiscate their private property from them without an identification of any sort just because you say who you are, but don’t even try and go purchase a pack of cigarettes, a can of Copenhagen, a beer, or a bottle of wine unless you look like you’re at least 40 years of age.  My question to you guys: Have either one of you seen a “We ID Under 40”?  Is this a national trend or is this just something that our local yokel stores decided to implement.

AG:  Absolutely national.

Mike:  So you’ve seen it?  I’m wondering how long before they get to “We ID Under Death.”  If you come up to this counter and you’re alive, it doesn’t matter how old you look granny or gramps, we ID under death because we’re the United States.  Don’t feed me this crap of there’s nothing to see here, citizen, move along, and that our collective liberties have not been eviscerated, which means to wipe from the face of the Earth over the course of the last 50 years.  It all happens with the greatest of intentions.  [mocking] “We’ve got to keep drunk drivers off the road.  We’ve got to keep youths from buying beer.”  But we can send them over into wars to kill people, mind you.  No substance abuse, mind you, because we’re the government and we told you that’s not good for you.  I can continue in this same manner or continue discussing this same subject with how ridiculous it is for the next two and a half days.

Let me see if I understand this.  So because the government has determined that there are interests that must be protected and they can fabricate this story about how these things have been determined by the same government to not be good for people of certain age, then we can move to make them illegal.  We make them illegal because we don’t want our youth doing these things.  We care only about our youth.  We care so deeply, so solemnly about our youth that not only will we do these things, but we will enforce them with every fiber of our being.  We will enforce these laws with every resource that we have available.  Yet the same youths can obtain a driver’s license, can’t they?  What is a driver’s license?  It is a license to get behind the wheel of a 5,000-pound, careening, out-of-control, hulking assemblage of metal and rubber and other plastic substrates, is it not?  Can you kill somebody with one of those?  I’d say you can.  Shouldn’t we have programs, shouldn’t our government set up things to say we ID for driving under 40?

There are all kinds of activities we should be protecting ourselves from, shouldn’t we?  We all know that almost everything you can do in life is bad for you.  Why do we draw any age distinction whatsoever?  Don’t you think, if you’re going to make the case that something is destructive and unhealthy, shouldn’t every state, shouldn’t the national government just do what Mayor Bloomberg has at least partially accomplished in Manhattan, in New York City?  Shouldn’t they just, on our behalf, outlaw and ban these products outright?  When we go to the store, we should only have available to us to purchase that which has been determined by our almighty food overlords that is good for us.  We’ll just let Michelle Obama pick our menu.  No, you can’t drink any of that alcohol substance.  The only people that can drink these alcoholic substances are those that have curried favor with said elected and unelected federal overlords.

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All this is done and it is done with the approbation of the American sheeple.  This is the most disturbing part about it.  No one will stand up to, regardless of what liberty is at stake, no one will stand up to or say a cross word against anyone that campaigns against drunk drivers, because you just don’t do that.  Is it really still about drunk drivers?  Is it?  Would you care to go to the database and see what the jihad against the drunk driver has produced as far as traffic fatalities go?  Here’s what it’s done.  It’s had almost no effect on the percentage of people that are in fatal accidents with alcohol involved, but it has most certainly enlarged the size of the surveillance and police state.  It is, in many places and in some locales, the number one source of revenue.

Deputies are trained, sheriffs’ deputies and officers are trained to go out certain hours of the night and patrol the streets looking for people that are returning home from the Longhorn Steakhouse after having had one glass of wine too many, which is three now.  [mocking] “You are a menace to society, sir.” — “Wait a minute, I haven’t hit anyone.” — “Well, we’re precog cops here.  We’re gonna get you before you hit someone.” — “How do you know I was gonna hit someone?” — “Hey, I am the law, buster.  I know what’s good for you.”  There are all manner of distractions and things that can incapacitate your driving ability, like sleeping, like being weary from working too many hours.  Don’t you think we should have weariness tests out there.  [mocking] “Sir, I pulled you over because I saw you hit the yellow line.” — “Yeah, I just worked a 12-hour . . .” — “A 12-hour shift!  Did you pay taxes on that?” — “I think I did.” — “Well, I’m still gonna have to take you in.  You hit the yellow line.  You’re under the influence of hard work.”

So before I even get into the DEA story, just take a step back for a moment and think of what the governments, local, state and federal, do with our approval.  What I’m about to get into are things that are done, for the most part, without our approval.  Look at what they do with our approval.  Can we vote the DUI Stasi out of office?  Go ahead and try it and see what happens to your reputation.  Go ahead and try and say anything about this particular subject without being bombarded with, [mocking] “You inhumane, you inhuman, you cretin.  There are people that have lost loved ones to people out there on the highway that drink and drive.”  That’s right, you are correct.  There are.  I’m sorry for it.  As a matter of fact, my family has actually been one of those families.  Do you really think that all of this is necessary for that?

End Mike Church Show Transcript


A group of young adults drinking alcohol from a jug, ca. 1900

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