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We Like War, We Like War Because We’re Good At It-Romney Rumored to Favor Patraeus as Veep

todayAugust 8, 2012 4

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“We like war! And we like war because we’re good at it!” – Romney is rumored to be courting Gen. David Patraeus in the Veepstakes

“Veto the Farm Bill and watch drought take the farms!? NEVER!” How Grover Cleveland vetoed farm spending during a DROUGHT, preserved the gold standard and free markets 

TIC: The status of our “wars” shows just how sick the “Republic” truly is and we can look to German National leaders of the 1930’s-1940’s for some similarities

New book on Afghanistan War & Gn MacChrystal tells the terrifying truth of a war going wrong and going on for what seems like an unwinnable eternity for the men fighting it

One member of the INC goes to see a Sara Palin speech in the heartland and wonders why she dresses so unlike a “politician” and yet moves so many people to support actual politicians

TIC – M.E. Bradford-on the bi-centennial 1976-reviews Russell Kirk’s “Roots of American Order” and reminds readers that “We” the people are not “we” but are a continuation of traditions forged on the OTHER side of the Atlantic (talk about a dose of humility among the jingoists!!)

A Clintonista and former promoter of empire now sees the horrific results of his endeavor perverted by Bush and now Obama-heaven fofend another neocon/DeceptiCON is elected President

CNN is toppling records the only problem is they are the records of previously lowest ever ratings-CNN now watched by fewer people than watched it when it was the “SuperStations little brother”

Gas prices rise to over $4.00 per gal in Midwest as every bad luck turn that could turn bad turns to worst

Pride always comes before the fiat currency fall as the Swiss seem to believe in fairy tales, swiss cheese in the moon and valueless paper currency printed forever

Darn loud mouth actors make it impossible to watch or listen to almost anything! Zack Galafianakis bashes the Koch brothers “that’s not freedom” apparently not realizing that turning losers like him into millionaires is made possible by similarly made billions

DeceptiCONS reviewing DeceptiCONS books is something only true DECEPTICONS can benefit from but I do enjoy the laughter I glean from their discussion of “the founding”

HAHA! Someone else watched the Mars Rovers “team” cheer and chant in their g-men uniforms celebrating the boyhood dream use of other people’s money to play space explorer Buzz Lightyear or, Cap—tain-Kirk—mister!

Who was Marvin Hamlisch? He was a wildly talented musician.writer who made the transition from classic into pop when the world changed and produced classics like “The Sting”

Gun Control Fever: Libs see blood in the water and seize opportunity to gun grab while the public is sympathetic to surrendering the right to self defense-hey, maybe there IS something to the whole conspiracy killing chatter?

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