We Might Still Be Building The Railroads If Labor Unions Would've Interfered

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – You may have heard ithere, you may have heard it other places, you may agree with it to thefullest degree, you may appose it until wit’s end; but the bottomlineis that you’ve heard it, so know it isn’t going anywhere. Yes folks,it’s true, over the past fifty or so years we have gone from the envyof the industrialized world to the import capital of the millenium.

Whyhas this happened? Well, some hands may point to the introduction oflabor unions. You know, the labor unions that make sure labor isn’texactly labor anymore but rather a form of a social meet and greet group that enjoy donuts, coffee and clock punching every morning.

And if thatwasn’t enough they’ll be taking coffee breaks for fifteen minutes everythree hours with a thirty minute lunch in there, oh and don’t forget they get ten minutes on both sides of lunch in order to get to and fro their culinarydestinations. It doesn’t end here, when they get back from lunch there will be at least two more coffeebreaks followed by clocking out somewhere along the tune of 3:30 pm. Can you imagine how much actual work was accomplished with that hectic schedule of accommodations to the workers.

Listen to the KingDude discuss the socialistic atrocities that have become commonplace these days like an eight hour workday, having the weekend off, getting paid overtime and double time, forty hour weeks and collective bargaining. Even if you benefit from one of these you’ve got to realize somewhere that it attributes to the bottomline issue as apposed to helping it.


(transcript to follow)

Related Material: With all the unrest in Wisconsin and it spreading to other States facing budgetary issues, Unions are what keeps frequenting the news. So here for you is the KingDude’s take on why Unions are a problem here in this fiscal nightmare – enjoy this clip and many others from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel: 

Gov Christie Laid It On The Line With The Battle Between Us And Unions 

2011 Mike Church Show 


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Written by: TheKingDude

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