We Were Warned About Big Brother But We Didn’t Listen – 1984 Is Here

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – There is nothing that you cannot imagine now that the general government is not either A, capable of, or B, has not already done.  Whether it’s snooping, spying, eavesdropping, going through your mail, following you — especially if you’re a reporter for Fox News named James Rosen — or whatever the case may be.  For all I know, maybe I was tailed yesterday by an FBI agent on my way from Madisonville, Louisiana all the way to Metairie, Louisiana to go to the television studios.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  It’s my duty to try to be as nonpartisan and as constitutional and historical about this as I can.  Let’s just go through a couple of things.  What is it that necessitates this vast web of secrecy and spying and snooping and now we learn spying and snooping on the American citizenry?  It is this god-awful monstrosity that can be used to justify every act of federal tyranny that one can now imagine.  There is nothing that you cannot imagine now that the general government is not either A, capable of, or B, has not already done.  Whether it’s snooping, spying, eavesdropping, going through your mail, following you — especially if you’re a reporter for Fox News named James Rosen — or whatever the case may be.  For all I know, maybe I was tailed yesterday by an FBI agent on my way from Madisonville, Louisiana all the way to Metairie, Louisiana to go to the television studios.  [mocking] “Keep an eye on that clown.  We’ve got phone records here.  He’s been talking to some people.  We’ve got to find out whether or not he’s meeting with the bad guys.  We’ve got to find out whether or not this lead is going to pan out.”

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I would approach this from the standpoint and the point of view: What necessitated the original sin?  Where was the original sin committed?  The original sin was committed when the United States got so big, bad, and powerful that it began to entertain the wet dream fantasies of the elites that run things in this country who believe they actually could be James Bond villains and they could rule the world.  That’s right, a bunch of utopians that believe if the United States of America was only forceful enough, we’re going to shroud and cloak all this in our love for our fellow man, our love for mankind, our admiration and respect for all of humanity.  All of mankind must live and experience life and freedom the way people in the United States of America have.  That’s the original sin, the hubris and arrogance of being an American, believing that we have some God-given right to dictate to the rest of the known universe how, when, where they will live, under what government they will operate under, what natural resources they will have access to and who they may sell them to, where they may sell them, how they may transport them.  [mocking] “That government’s not amenable to the kind of natural resources we need to pilfer from your country, pal, so we’re going to install our own little shah there, Mr. Mosaddegh.”

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The original sin is our own humility, arrogance and hubris.  That’s the original sin.  Until Americans, until the American sheeple are willing to deal with our own arrogance and our own sense of God-given supremacy, expect more of this.  As a matter of fact, I really don’t have anything much else to say about this.  We get what we deserve.  You’re not going to be a world superpower and you’re not going to dictate to the rest of the free planet how they’re going to live their lives and how they’re going to manage their governments without a very powerful government knowing in approximate terms what its own citizenry is doing.  After all, you have to be counted on to fund the entire operation, don’t you?  There may be some in our midst that may be aiding and abetting.  Are they aiding and abetting because they were naturally born to aid and abet, or are they aiding and abetting because we have helped create them through our arrogance, lack of humility, and hubris?

Mike Church Show Transcript: Can You Hear Me Now? The NSA Sure Can If You’re A Verizon Customer

Someone said yesterday: I don’t know what the big deal is.  A government that spends $3.7 trillion a year, that spends over $1 trillion a year in “national defense.”  What do you think they’re doing with all that money?  We have over one million, I repeat one million, people with the highest level of security clearances.  What do you need one million high-level security clearance analysts for?  Are there even a million known currently agitating to wreck mayhem in the United States?  Does each terrorist have his own spook?  Or does it take 100,000 spooks to spy on one?

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailThe original sin is what engenders this.  It is what empowers it.  Some are going to say: How do you explain the Barbary pirates?  How do you explain the fact that Muslims have been crusading against Christians since the 8th century?  Actually, I don’t explain it.  That is a fact.  The fact that has been going on since the 8th century tells me that it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon, and that I doubt very seriously that a vainglorious self-constructed and dubious spying racket or set of spying agencies is going to put a dent in it.  I would hazard a guess to say that a thousand years from now, if Christianity survives the attacks upon it by “Christians,” if Christianity survives as a religion, and if it doesn’t then maybe humanity won’t either, but if it survives, I would suspect that we’ll still be having that ongoing friction with the Muslim world.  Does that necessitate the kind and the scope and the awesome expense, the awesome expense of civil liberties that we are witnessing in the early parts of the 21st century to “keep the American people safe”?  Is that kind of security worthy of a free people?  Really?

Wouldn’t it be easier to — I’m just throwing this out there for conversation’s sake.  Would it be easier to just pull the drawbridge up?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just say: We kind of know what country these people, for the most part, come from.  Yeah, there are some homegrown that come from former Baltic republics.  We have a pretty good grip on this.  Maybe we should stop importing them into our midst, maybe, just maybe.  Maybe we should leave their lands.  There’s a few of them have suggested we might do that.  Oh, but we can’t, no, no.  We have to secure the world’s petroleum supply that’s over there.  That’s the sad and sinister part of all this.  It’s all about oil at the end of the day.  It’s all about corporations.  It’s all about corporatism.  It’s all about the oligarchs getting their way.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Big Government Needs The IRS Like We Need The Sun

It could be about the citizens of these United States saying that’s the last straw and we’ve had it.  It could be about saying: We don’t need any of the Mideast oil supply.  We really don’t.  There is ample supply here in this hemisphere, as a matter of fact, in this half of this hemisphere.  This is depending on which way you bisect the earth.  If you bisect the earth north to south, then you say the hemisphere that we live in and occupy is North and South America.  That would be the hemisphere to which I refer.  Half of that would be hemisphere, a quarter-sphere.  There’s ample supply of petroleum products in the ground beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, beneath the surface off the coast off the eastern seaboard of the United States, beneath the surface off the coast of the western coast of the United States, in Canada in the oil sand, in Alaska off of Gull Island and the northern slope, Prudhoe Bay.  There’s more than enough petroleum to go around here.  If we had to, an ingenious people would figure out a way to continue our standard of living and continue mobilizing and ambulating about without the use of all the petroleum if we had to.

article-v-pamphlet-adThis is a war and this is eavesdropping and spying of choice.  Our exalted rulers have chosen, and we have allowed them to choose, the path of foreign petroleum security.  That is a choice.  That is a choice that was made.  It was not made out of necessity.  It was an option.  And, in the opinions of your most kind and gracious host, it remains an option.  If I have to trade domestic or hemispheric oil production and unleashing the ingenious and the ingenuity of the American sheeple in order to solve the energy problems or meet the demands for energy that we’re going to need, but to reclaim my civil liberties and to end this unbelievable — folks, you can’t fathom how large this enterprise is.  Yet we have people that are making excuses for it.  [mocking] “This is the way it has to be.”  Really, this is the way it has to be?  We have to have our own government basically spying and snooping on every solitary electronic transaction that every citizen makes?  [mocking] “We only do it so we can establish patterns.”  Patterns of what?

I don’t pretend to be a defense analyst, and I’m sure there are some of you out there listening going: I’ve got clearance.  I can talk this clown down off the ledge.  I’m saving your ass, buddy.  If that were explained, maybe some of us would be a little more predisposed to believing you, but right now I don’t believe you.  What I believe is that those that don’t want to do business the old-fashioned way, don’t want to go out and actually earn their duckies and instead want to use the awesome power of government and corral it to do their bidding for them, for their own business and monetary advantage, that is why all of this is necessary.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Community Is The Most Effective Tool For Fighting Terrorism

That’s the other original sin: corporatism.  As John Taylor of Caroline called it: protection.  Once you begin protecting any industry, doesn’t matter what it is, any industry, any activity, any commercial enterprise, then the protection goes from being no protection to partial protection and then complete protection.  Bastiat called it plunder.  Taylor called it protection.  It appears in different parts of history under different names, but it’s the same thing.  This has always been the goal of and the danger to large states and large governments and people governed over large masses, the corruption and the evil of designing men.  We can get into all the nuts and bolts about Prism.  AG, did you have any chance to read about what this Prism program is all about yesterday?

AG:  Yeah, it’s really interesting, scary but interesting.

Mike:  Reading from a story in The New Yorker by Amy Davidson:


“They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” an unnamed intelligence officer told Barton Gellman and Laura Poitras of the Washington Post. “They” are the National Security Agency, and the Post report reveals that an N.S.A. program called Prism has, for the past six years [Mike: This was begun under the aegis of the Bush administration.], been “tapping directly into the central services of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio, video, photographs, emails, documents and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Some like my friend Andy McCarthy say: Nothing to see here, move along, citizen.  This is necessary for you own security.  Really, Andy?  Come on, pal, it’s really necessary for the NSA to follow me from the bowling alley back to my house?  It’s really necessary for them to try and figure out what time of day it is that I’m hitting the Twitter?  For what purpose?  Why am I the subject of the eavesdropping?  What did I do?  Oh, I’m a citizen.  No, beyond that, I’m a revenue provider.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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