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Wednesday New Christendom Daily-Here’s Why The Censorship Industrial Complex Took Out Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson and Fox News

  • What makes and made him popular was YOU, the audience.
  • We went to his website daily to get audio clips for our show.
  • So is this firing truly about Tucker or is it about their hatred for YOU?
  • Your average Fox News watcher will not leave the network.
  • They will stay b/c it is EASY to get their ‘conservative’ news.
  • I don’t think the average easy cable viewer is going to seek out the alternative way of watching Tucker Carlson.
  • This isn’t me poopooing the future of Tucker Carlson.

HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson’s Prayer Talk May Have Led to Fox News Ouster: “That Stuff Freaks Rupert Out” by Gabriel Sherman 

  • You can’t mention our Catholic faith or Tucker can’t mention his Episcopalian faith or you get poop-canned. 
  • What are those million people capable of doing?
  • The fall out – 
  • Trump didn’t lose any popularity, he may have gained in popularity since Bragg.
  • That is not the total potential audience.
  • You start pissing off 8 digits of people and bad things will happen.
  • Tucker was the ONLY MSM host asking why we continue to send money to Ukraine.
  • We are protecting pedophiles, we are protecting war mongers
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