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HEADLINE: 12 GOP Senators Ditched Their Constituents To Allow For Government Persecution Of Speech In Deceptive LGBT Bill by Jordan Boyd 

HEADLINE: If Marriage Can Mean Anything, It Will Soon Mean Nothing by Stella Morabito

  • Last nights Senate vote was 62-37 passing.
  • HR8404 puts us one step closer to abolishing state recognition of marriage entirely.
  • Here are the 12 GOP that crossed the line and voted for this crap:
  • Blunt – MO
  • Burr – NC
  • Capito – WV
  • Collins – ME
  • Lummis – WY
  • Portman – OH
  • Romney – UT
  • Sullivan – AK
  • Tillis – NC
  • Ernst – IA
  • Young – IN
  • Murkowski – AK
  • Post-Christian America?
  • Was it ever really Christian? 
  • Once they’ve gotten to that point via HR 8404 and Republicans who supported the measure, congressional Democrats will doubtless push us to agree that marriage is a discriminatory institution.
  • There will be multiple Attorney Generals that go against this bill.
  • It will eventually got to the SCOTUS.
  • Much groundwork has also been laid by surrogacy and abortion laws that treat children as chattel to buy, sell, and dispose of at will. And why would the state have to recognize any other relationships resulting from marriage if it no longer recognizes marriage? It could ignore your blood relationships to brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or any familial bond. In this scenario, you’d likely need a license to raise your own child, an old communist goal that the so-called Respect for Marriage Act conjures up. 
  • But the destruction of bonds of affection and loyalty in the private spheres of life makes sense from the point of view of statists. Those loyalties get in the way of their ambitions for power and social engineering. They are invested in isolating us so that we become dependent upon them.
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