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Wednesday New Christendom Daily-We Have The Tapes! The Deep State Orchestrated The Biden Coup And Coverup That Was Jan. 6th

todayMarch 8, 2023 2

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on January 6th – I just spoke w/ Mike Pence, and I told him he has the authority to send the votes back to the states to re-certify.

  • I did see a Capitol Hill cop shoot a woman at point blank range.
  • I didn’t see a completely violent insurrection.
  • This was a mostly peaceful protest.
  • There were of course some hoodlums.
  • Why was there never a tape played during the Jan 6 Committee hearing of someone yelling “get him” to Senator Schumer?
  • It didn’t happen.

Hillsborough Disaster

97 people died that day and 766 injuries – now THAT is a riot

  • How many people died on January 6th?
  • How many people were injured that day?

AUDIO/VIDEO: McConnell on Tucker releasing video of January 6thI think it was a mistake for Tucker Carlson to say and depict it as not being a violent, deadly insurrection.

AOC Lied about January 6 –

  • She has repeatedly said she feared for her life b/c of the very close encounter.
  • What did her sexual assault have to do w/ January 6th?
  • Representative Katie Porter said she had plenty of supplies in her office to sustain them.
  • A Rep from California has supplies for a deadly insurrection?
  • If you really look into AOC’s story she was actually a block away.
  • She wasn’t even in the building where the people entered.
  • They have redefined what a man is, what peaceful protest is and now what a riot is.
  • When a crowd gets out of control and moves in a certain direction that is a riot.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson plays montage of corporate media losing their minds over the new Jan 6 footage he airedThis is just too hilarious to not assemble this montage.

  • Potemkin Village – the Germans didn’t build that you idiot!
  • That was 100% Stalin, who is Russian.
  • Then the Federal footage excuse – so we as the little American citizens we are shouldn’t have access to that?
  • Boondoggle – we don’t need industry we just need money. It failed and everyone left.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing TuckerI find it hard to understand someone that has never been put into harms way but has the audacity to attempt to rewrite history on the most consequential events in American democracy.

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