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Wednesday Pile of Prep-Our Man Bloom Reports From Mordor

todayJanuary 27, 2016

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Order Your hardback copy of Life of George Washington, out of print since 1920 but available now from Mike Church & Founding Father Films publishing
Order Your hardback copy of Life of George Washington, out of print since 1920 but available now from Mike Church & Founding Father Films publishing

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “What historians have come to call the Whiskey Rebellion was an armed uprising against the United States government in the latter half of 1794, which took place primarily in and around Pittsburgh in southwestern Pennsylvania. George Washington and John Marshall both thought that the Whiskey Rebellion was the single most significant event in the history of the fledgling United States in the 1790s, believing that “the very existence of government, and the fundamental principles of social order were involved in the issue.” The executive raised more than 12,000 militia troops and sent them hundreds of miles across the Appalachian Mountains, an army as large as any the United States put in the field during the Revolution. The President,  for the first time in United States history, acted in the field as Commander-in-Chief, organizing and disciplining the troops at the commencement of their march west.4 The powerful Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, then took effective command and stayed with the expeditionary force throughout its operations. The Rebellion seemed to melt away before the huge army, offering not a single musket shot at the troops. The government enacted violent, brutal reprisals nevertheless, brought back and tried a bedraggled group of captive rebels, then proceeded to downplay the episode in a manner echoed by most historians since 1795.5 Mainstream historians have either forgotten it, or have recalled it in a nostalgic and sanitized fashion.” – Historian Wythe Holt

The Cliven Bundy Saga Takes A Tragic Turn – I have been covering the saga of the BLM’s tyranny made possible by unconstitutional acts of Congress and Executive Orders from various Presidents beginning with Theodore Roosevelt. The Feds moved to intercept “militia members” en route to a meeting to discharge an “arrest warrant”. LaVoy Finicum, the spokesman for the unnamed group led by Amon Bundy son of rancher Cliven Bundy, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with yet to be determined law enforcement. Though I believe that there is no constitutional OR practical reason for the Feds to won and “manage lands” the actions of militia members, which are said to have been “a subject of a federal probable cause arrest” that led to a gunfight are not legitimate protests to Authority and must be characterized as such. I pray for the soul of LaVoy Finicum and pray even more for Peace.

Mrs Clinton’s War – Dear Leader, Chairman MaObama’s Offensive and unJust War Department must now “escalate” the “war” on “ISIS” in Libya. Again,  dear reader, where is the rebuke to Slick Hilly for beginning this lethal debacle back in 2011 with her signal foreign policy action: assassinating Mohmar Ghadafi, his sons and his government’s executives so the “Arab Spring” could work its Egyptian magic in Libya. If Libya is not a horrific, living example of why militarily intervening in the affairs of other nations despite the clear evidence the action is unJust AND unWise, then there is no hope for the people of the 50 ‘Murican states short of the solution employed by the 14 Soviet states in 1991.

You Say You Want a Revolution?The latest CNN poll shows that the “fluke” that is the surging candidacy and popularity of Donald Trump is NOT going away and the evidence shows that the more the usual suspects try and force him onto their 3×5 Index Card of Approved Thought (h/t Tom Woods), the more the corpus populi revolts

Canadian Government To Boys & Girls: You Are Now Free To Be Girls OR Boys – The madness unleashed by the Western fetish with trans-add your unwanted distinction here-ism has done what all heretical errors do: it perverted perverted thinking into silliness that has become diabolical and threatens the Good, True and Beautiful. Here’s a sample of the mad “suggestions”: “Some individuals may not feel included in the use of the pronouns “he” or “she” and may prefer alternate pronouns, such as “ze,” “zir,” “hir,” “they” or “them,” or might wish to express themselves or self-identify in other ways (e.g., Mx. instead or Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss, or no prefix at all)…. When creating student/staff lists, school staff ensure gender designations are not included either beside individual names or as a composite number for the group.” Good grief…

Abortion Mills Have Rights To Keep Their Butchery Private – It had to happen, David Daleidan, the Crusader for life and founder of Center for Medical Progress, has been indicted in Texas for “tampering with a government record.” Daleidan, acknowledging the authority of the Court, gracefully responded. “We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller, as well… Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.” CMP thus maintains the high-ground, keeps the focus on the diabolical acts PP commits and vows to fight this assault on Reason.

Are You a unJust War or a  Declared unJust War? – Give Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham and now Lawrence Kudlow some credit for actually admitting their 15 years long constitutional deceit in waging wars under the awful AUMF and now proposing a full blown, Congressional declaration of war.

The Heresy of Capitalism Cannot Be Disproved By an Episode of South ParkJoseph Pearce zeroes in on the “branding” of Mega-lo-marts like McDonald’s as being more analogous to propaganda than to advertising and wonders why so many of us won’t visit the neighbor who is a farmer but will visit and eat stuff prepared by the stranger in a Mickey D’s visor? “I have witnessed at airports long lines of people lining up at McDonald’s for breakfast, while a kiosk selling breakfast items twenty yards away had no line whatsoever. Is this because McDonald’s offers better or healthier food? Of course not. It is because people are creatures of habit, and often bad habit, and have bought into the McDonald’s brand, expressing their loyalty to it by their willingness to line up patiently for ten minutes to be served. They have been brainwashed by the megabucks that McDonald’s spends on advertising, which is really a nice word for propaganda, and have been branded by the brand, much as cattle are branded by their owners. It is not the quest for good food that unites those in the line for McDonald’s but the herd instinct. Is being the member of a herd, branded by our brand loyalty, a mark of freedom? Or do we express our freedom better by ignoring the propaganda and heading for the anonymous kiosk to take a look at its menu.”

DeceptiCONNED, The Establishment Strikes Out Over Trumpzilla – “Intellectual conservatives” are feeling threatened by the existence and persistence of Trumpzilla and the even more terrifying, to them, persistence of the hoi polloi in their devotion to Trump. Rod Dreher explores the “meaning” of conservative as it applies to these people: “…at some point very soon they (again, we) should all ask ourselves why none of us saw Trump coming, and what that says about how out of touch we are with the conservative-leaning people of this country.” What is funny about Dreher’s woe is that he has woe over the fact that someone who is not on the 3×5 index card of approved political people. To put that in perspective imagine a “conservative”, catholic,  small town doctor in 19th century France, losing sleep because Jean Marie Vianney – The Curie of Ars – began performing miracles instead of Pierre Marie Faucout (a name I made up). The Doc should be focused on the miracle and not the person performing them. Similarly, it is “conservatism”, if there is such a thing anymore, that is at issue, not who is “conservative”.

Where Are Trumpzilla Supporters in NH? – Byron York reports from NH that he cannot locate a solitary supporter of Donald Trump, not one. But then again, York is hanging out inside the belly of the DeceptiCON establishment which has just excommunicated Trump and his supporters from their fake “conservative” club. Maybe York should have visited  a VFW hall instead of steak dinners at Ruth’s Chirs?

The Pagans Are Coming, The Pagans Are Coming! – The City of New Orleans, which should be one of the most Catholic cities in ‘Muricah, manages to prove the maxim that ‘Murican life is based on Catholic tradition that has become perverted beyond even the pagan perversions, pre-Constantine. Behold, the Krewe de Vieux, a Mardi Gras marching club dedicated to bringing XXX debauchery to the streets of New Orleans, my, how original, public sex acts performed by perverts in masks. note bene, Mardi Gras is based on the millennia old beginning to Lent. THAT’S how it got on the calendar and yet there is now no connection to it, publicly, whatsoever. How fitting that a government obsessed by the existence of bronze statues of fully dressed, gallant men, has no problem with undressed perverts “parading”.

The Real Roots of Mardi Gras or Shrovetide.

The Libertarian Party Has Produced A New Presidential Candidate, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Austin Peterson to the madness that is 2016

The Snow Mass of The March For Life – The March For Life might have been “snow blinded” but the snow could not dampen the spirits nor the Grace of Dowling Catholic’s bus full of students and a priest. The group built an altar of snow and had the priest perform a Mass and even distributed Holy Communion

DeceptiCONNED II – Fake conservatives launch THE fake conservative campaign to prove that Donald Trump is not a “conservative” opponent of Big Government, War mongering, ethanol subsidizing, Boeing apologizing hacks that they are. Oh and please, pedestrian reader-peasant, acknowledge that WE-The Editors- ARE THE Conservatives – YOU – have been waiting for and we can prove it, just read our writings that say so… for a mere $7.99 per month! Folks, the “conservative movement”, thanks to these self-exalted cranks, is now officially dead, and this is their Requiem Mass’s program. These turkeys have enriched themselves with hundreds of billions in the subsidy they hate yet love. If the enemy had plotted a coup, it would have had little chance of execution but with the friendly’s (these cranks) prideful war and nation lust, it was made real. The Beautiful, theTrue and Good remain, surviving these conciliar partisans. Don’t take them in without a confession.

Spirits_Having_FlownSpirits [of “conservatives] Having FlownGeorge Panichas reminds the Christian politico that the divorce of the soul from political life is THE fatal flaw of “conservatisms” assault on Modernity. “Such a conservatism, to be sure, has achieved institutional prominence and electoral popularity, and its glamor has even appealed to the electronics media. It is, in an organizational and popular sense, strikingly successful. But all these external trappings do not satisfy the higher spiritual demands and responsibilities that are inherent in the conservative metaphysic.”

Whoopi Goldberg Threatens To Leave ‘Muricah, Maybe She’s Onto Something? – Whenever a Hollywood celebrity threatens to leave the USA the knee-jerk reaction of “conservatives” is to shout “traitor” or some other pejorative and then raise funds for their airfare. Such will be the case with Whoopi Godlberg’s musing that “maybe its time” that she considers leaving the USA. But folks, in our zeal to SECEDE by withdrawing our consent, that is precisely what WE are advocating as well, isn’t it?

DeceptiCONNED II – Ilana Mercer wonders why the alleged über “conservative”, Glenn Beck has endorsed Theodore Rafael Cruz and slammed Donald Trump’s promise to repeal “executive orders” he thinks are “bad”. I didn’t hear what Beck said but I do know the constitutional principle that one Congress cannot bind another, save for amendments applies to Presidents as well. Good grief, where do these ridiculous ideas come from!?

Humility of Heart In Real Life – I pursue the Grace of Humility in everything I do. Note that I “pursue”, I never “attain” because as Augustine says (from Humility of Heart) ““The more man thinks he has reason to be pleased with himself, so much the more I fear his self-esteem will displease God, who resists the proud.” These words from my patron Saint echo in my mind as I read the mea culpa, mea culpa issued by our friend Joseph Pearce on the essay he wrote about David Bowie quoted today as Veritas et Sapientia. Let Pearce’s Humility be a chastising lesson to all of us in publishing and prognosticating: “Post Script: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I confess to Almighty God that I have gravely sinned. Upon finishing this essay, I read it to my wife, expressing my discomfort at the harsh and even uncharitable tone with which it seemed to have been written. She agreed with my misgivings, especially the final part in which I purported to know the state of Bowie’s “apparently atheist” soul at the point of death. Could I be sure that he died impenitent, taking his sins with him to the grave? Did I know for certain that he hadn’t made his peace with God before dying?”


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